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Icepay Payroll System Solution brief. Are You Automated? Ultimate Payroll Solution.

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1 Icepay Payroll System Solution brief

2 Are You Automated? Ultimate Payroll Solution

3 Manual Payroll Features Ultimate Payroll Solution Most Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are manual: More than 500 employees – including casual employees Excel payroll processing with manual reconciliations Payslips generation not automated – Excel or Word Repeated tasks are performed every time with no way to reduce repetition Easy to loose track of records and process flows – scattered files in one computer! Cumbersome tracking of records and staff details Work assignment insecure– One can only share the whole excel file with no much control on how it is used. Confidential data cannot be hidden – Its all in one file Statutory reporting done manually – Inaccurate and late remittances Delayed processing for organizations with more than 100 employees Impossible to split tasks – single user single file

4 Why Automate Ultimate Payroll Solution The ability to store employees data and process payments is a requirement that can no longer be ignored for any business that has more than 1 employee! The need for a system can be summarized as: Need to track employee records in real time Employees need for pay slips and other employment records on the fly Faster and automated processing of employees pay Reduce errors associated with manual and repetitive data processing Centralized control of payment parameters Confidential data access control Statutory deductions processing and remittance Leave applications and balances tracking Icepay offers all these and more, and can be tested two months for free! ( )

5 Benefits… Ultimate Payroll Solution End results: Major cost savings for the organization – seal revenue leaks through untraceable payments More satisfied employees – Avoid repetitive processing! Real time tracking of employment details On time wages payments On time remittance of deductions – avoid penalties More accountability to management and other stake holders – Dynamic reporting and data export Periodical processes are automated with less errors and labour Payroll staff can focus on key duties and not endless data reconciliations. Trace employee leave management – Enforce leave policy and reduce leave amortization costs Link to other operational parameters and systems!

6 Icepay Features Ultimate Payroll Solution Icepay offers the key functionalities required: Centralized and secure employee database – Ms SQL Server Multiuser support – Same system from different computers Automated processing and reporting Automated payment files – Cash (Coinage), Bank (EFT), Mobile money (M-PESA etc.) and Cheque Automated payroll summary for all processing periods Consolidation of monthly data and monthly reporting Secure login and responsibility assignment with group management and password encryption Handling of permanent and casual employees E-mail payslips to employees at any time – reduce unnecessary printing Manage employees leave – define leave types, track utilization and approvals Track payments through different cash accounts – Bank or petty cash Import bulk data from Excel – Employees, allowances, timesheet Export processed data to pdf, excel and other common files! Bulk processes - Allowances, salary adjustments and incomes

7 Icepay Modules Ultimate Payroll Solution Enables fluent flow of payroll data and settings General settings – One off settings Employee management Tax Benefits, fixed allowances and other allowances Payroll periods management User management Leave management Statutory deductions and reporting Other deductions and loans management Timesheet management Salary processing and reporting Cash book module for remittances management

8 Getting Icepay Ultimate Payroll Solution Based on the number of payees (Employees) Download trial version Request the appropriate license type EmployeesCostLocked at 1-1010,00010 employees 11-3020,00030 Employees 31-6030,00060 Employees 61-10050,000100 Employees 101-30070,000300 Employees 301-60090,000600 Employees 601- Unlimited120,000Unlimited employees

9 Who is using Icepay? Ultimate Payroll Solution CustomerSinceEmployeesContact Carnation Plants Limited Rose Plants Limited 2009 1500 500 Leah Mwagoh Kandia Fresh Produce Suppliers Ltd Tham Express Flytech BPO 2010 30 10 Lorna Atieno KK Kerosine Distributors Ltd2010 70Henry Wairindi National Cooperative Housing Union2012 30Jane Deche NusuNusu Productions2012 20John Bosco African Centre For Security And Strategic Studies 2013 10Peninah Some of our happy customers from diverse industries are:

10 Ultimate Payroll Solution Sample screens

11 Sample Screens Ultimate Payroll Solution Main screen

12 Ultimate Payroll Solution Common settings…

13 Ultimate Payroll Solution Payslip options…..

14 Ultimate Payroll Solution More Payslip…..

15 Ultimate Payroll Solution Others…

16 Ultimate Payroll Solution

17 Other Services Ultimate Payroll Solution We also offer professional services around Icepay! Payroll processing outsourcing Data migration and system setup Integration with other enterprise systems System and best practice training We will automate you!!

18 Contact Us Now For more information, visit Or Contact: Isaac: 0721 709 390 (Nairobi) Mathew:0720059397 (Nairobi) David: 0727 770 105 (Eldoret) Email: or Ultimate Payroll Solution

19 THANKYOU END Ultimate Payroll Solution

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