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Project Scope Management

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1 Project Scope Management

2 Project integration processes
Scope Management

3 The term scope refer to:
Product scope: Features and functions of the product, service or result Project scope: The work that needs to be done to deliver the result (product or service) with the specified features and functions This includes technical work, administrative work, training work, etc.


5 Develop standardized scope management procedures
Organizing the efforts of managing scope

6 What is Scope management Scope management includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. In order to get a cake what we need to do ? The steps required to do the cake only the cake it doesn’t include the steps to cookes

7 Managing the project scope is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is and is not included in the project.

8 WH Why: the process of defining the scope is the base of succeeding in defining it What: develop a clear workflow to in order to capture the scope successfully When: initiation and planning phase Results: SOPs (standard operating procedures) Who: project management and quality team

9 You need to have well-defined procedures, templates and roles to successfully capture project scope
Establishing standardized policies and procedures helps guiding the effort of managing scope and improves success potential It facilitates learning and experience sharing

10 Project Scope Management
Collect requirements Define scope Create WBS Verify scope Control scope


12 The scope management is preceded by a planning effort by the project management team.
The output is  the scope management plan. The scope management plan provides guidance on how project scope will be defined, documented, verified, managed and controlled.

13 Artifact: Scope management plan
The scope management plan provides guidance on how project scope will be defined, documented, verified, managed and controlled. You can reuse the procedures for certain category of projects, and adapt them as necessary

14 Artifact: Scope management plan - content
Templates used in performing scope activities Roles and responsibilities Well-defined processes: Requirement and scope definition scope review Scope verification and acceptance criteria Scope change management

15 Share The team needs to be involved in creating the procedures
Educate the team on how and why to use the procedures Templates are accessible to project team members

16 References: PMBOK® Guide, fourth edition.

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