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Staff Attendance Made Easy with FingerTec Fingerprint Solution

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1 Staff Attendance Made Easy with FingerTec Fingerprint Solution
Introducing TA100C and AC100C Advanced, Automated, Affordable & Amazingly Effective Fingerprint System Copyright © 2013 FingerTec Worldwide Sdn.Bhd. All rights reserved.

2 The rising need for affordable automated time attendance system
One of the largest operating costs in any company is human capital. Hence, properly managing it is necessary for a company’s healthy growth. Effectively tracking employee attendance is not just an option; it has become a requirement, as ROI, discipline and cost have been made more measurable through computerization of data. Issues with conventional methods: Manual reporting, manual calculation, human errors, biasness, loss of information, loss of database, etc. As such, a fully automated system is highly sought-after to provide companies with the advantage of knowing that costs relating to staff attendance is taken care of effectively while giving the company more information to work with.

3 The trend is BIOMETRICS, here’s why.
Fingerprints have been scientifically proven to be unique to individuals. Thus, confirming identity is not a matter of chance as biometrics is a science. FingerTec fingerprint algorithm provides 99.99% accuracy – optimal FAR and FRR to ensure accurate enrolments and verifications. Data is accurate and honest – Buddy-punching is not possible with biometric technology. Hence, recorded data is honest, accurate and usable for other purposes such as payroll calculation. Completely automated – Minimizes human errors and frustration from manual data input and calculations. Secure data – When all data is kept in a centralized server, data security is guarded. Practical, state-of-the-art machine – Designed with sophistication for a better company image and durability to minimize breakdowns.

4 Introducing A Feasible FingerTec Solution:
TA100C & AC100C Advanced, Automated, Affordable & Amazingly Effective Fingerprint System. Powerful Specifications - 10,000 fingerprint templates per terminal to contain companies’ staff strengths regardless of its size. Speedy enrollment and verification every time with accurate data. Contain powerful features which includes viewing of individual staff’s detailed time sheet, shifts management, holidays and leaves management, duty rosters management, tardiness management and etc. Easy installations and communications. The Windows-based comprehensive time management software, TCMS V2, comes bundled with every hardware purchased. Link up to hardware in one copy of TCMS V2. Data is available anytime in the software for monitoring and reports.

5 Powerful specifications at a minimal cost!
10,000 fingerprint templates. 200,000 transactions (first in, first out). 10,000 cards capacity (for TA100C-R only). 3.0” 65k Full color TFT Screen. RFID card technology available upon request. Reliable optical scanner - verifications under 1 sec/scan! User-friendly icons for easy navigation. Various common methods of communication – TCP/IP, USB, R2485/RS232. Comes bundled with the powerful time management software, TCMS V2, and other free tools such as TCMS V2 Viewer, FTDP and BioBridge for user convenience.

6 Extra useful features without extra costs
Short Message Display communicate info to individual staff or a group of staff after each of their verification. Centralized staff information Input all staff information once in the system to be distributed to many readers and vice versa. Work Codes specify reasons of task attended by staff for detailed information of time attendance. Multi Verification fingerprint, password, card (optional for TA100) or any combination of the methods. Easy Installation User-friendly and straightforward Centralized Data Management manage attendance data easily with the bundled software, TCMS V2.

7 Customizable to suit your needs
TA100C series have a range to choose from. TA100C-R is loaded with card technology and TA100TC has touch keypad panel. RFID, MIFARE and HID card options are available to increase security and method of verification.

8 AdapTec TA Get more out of your terminals with
Pair your terminals with FingerTec AdapTec TA, our specially designed external power supply for time attendance terminals. Powers up to two time attendance terminals at one time. Prolongs you batteries’ life by almost twice its original rate. Comes built-in with a safety feature in the event of power failures. Supports Alarm Sirens to signal changes in shifts (perfect for factory environments).

9 TCMS V2 software Explore the powerful
Connects up to 999 units of FingerTec terminals. Offers comprehensive fields to input staff information. Supports variety of work schedules, shifts and rosters to accommodate all working environments. Job costing features are available for flexi-schedule workers. Leave, Tardiness, Holidays managements are available. Generates up to 30 types of reports in various formats for printing/integration. Employees can conveniently check attendance online with TCMS V2 Web Viewer. Easy integration with 3rd party applications (i.e.: payroll systems) via FingerTec’s SDK and FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP). Best of all, it comes complimentary with every FingerTec time attendance product.

10 Fancy some accessories?
Display with FingerTec Flexi Kit Don’t like to go for wall installation, opt for our Flexi Kit to display your TA100C or AC100C instead. Fix the terminal on the Flexi Kit and it’s ready to go. Coupled with Mini UPS, the terminals become mobile and can be used on-the-go to record attendance at sites. Enclosure Protect your terminal from dust, sprinkles of water and vandalism with FingerTec exclusive enclosure. Mini UPS A small power supply to give your terminal extra power in cases where power is not readily available or you want to travel with your terminal. You can charge it in the car while on-the-go as well. View for more detailed information.

11 Get more with FingerTec!
Powerful Software Bundled with TCMS V2 - the comprehensive time attendance software to centrally manage data, generate reports, integrate with 3rd party apps, etc. All-in-One CD Packed with various marketing materials, product manuals and guides in a variety of languages. High Quality Hardware Stringent Quality Control 28 month warranty on all FingerTec terminals. After Sales Support Round-the-clock technical support via various platforms: Teamviewer, Skype, MSN, etc.

12 Frequently Asked Questions!
What is the difference between AC100C and TA100C ? The AC100C device does not support card feature. These biometric systems are too expensive, why should I invest? Taking into account the hidden costs in labor and 3rd party payroll calculations, as well as the frustration and time spent on manual calculations, this initial investment will actually save you more money in the long run! Can these terminals be integrated with a 3rd party application? Yes. You can conveniently integrate them with a third party application (i.e.: payroll system) with our SDKs at no extra cost. Are these terminals weather proof? No, these terminals are not weather proof. However, FingerTec provides a range of optional enclosures that are IP-65 certified to protect your terminals from weather, dust and vandalism. Copyright © 2013 FingerTec Worldwide Sdn.Bhd. All rights reserved.

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