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Paul Roberts – Enterprise Mobility Specialist

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1 Paul Roberts – Enterprise Mobility Specialist
Managing mobile devices, apps and data Paul Roberts – Enterprise Mobility Specialist

2 How Mobile Feels Today

3 Need to Balance End Users and Enterprise
Mail, Browser, Docs Manage Devices Freedom Any App, Any Device Compliance Secure Apps & Data Control Network Access Log In Once

4 Any Device, Any App, Any Data
Citrix Redefines Enterprise Mobility with Complete Solution Any Device, Any App, Any Data Desktop & App Virtualization Collaboration Mobile Network Control Sandboxed Mail and Web XenMobile Mobile Device Management Mobile App Security Single Sign-on and Federated Identity Secure Mobile Data Sharing

5 New Features MDM Edition App Edition Enterprise Edition
Configure, secure & provision mobile devices One-click live chat & support Access SharePoint & network drives Secure mobile web browser App-specific micro VPN Secure mail, calendar and contacts app Enterprise-enable any mobile app Seamless Windows app integration Unified corporate app store Multi-factor single sign-on Secure document sharing, sync & editing Both cloud & on-premise data storage options



8 Life Work

9 Life Work

10 MDX Technology Secure app containers Inter-app communication
App specific lock and wipe On-demand micro VPN Conditional access policies Federated identity and SSO

11 You get the app & data control you need Users get the apps they want

12 Mail, calendar, contacts
Enterprise class security Beautiful native experience Secure mobile browser Internal web app access URL black/whitelists Secure file sharing & sync Mobile content editing SharePoint & network files

13 Any App Can Be a Worx App

14 An SDK to Worx-enable any app
Worx App SDK An SDK to Worx-enable any app

15 Worx App Gallery Where IT finds Worx-enabled mobile apps

16 Over 100 Worx-enabled apps

17 Citrix – The Most Complete Mobile Portfolio
Optimized Mobile Enterprise Mobile ROI MDM Enterprise Mobility Management Mobile Device Management Sandboxed Mail and Web Mobile App Security Mobile Data Control Mobile Network Control SSO and Identity Management Desktop and App Virtualization Collaboration GoToMeeting GoToAssist Podio MDM Edition Enterprise

18 The revolutionary way to mobilize your business

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