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Meet the UKZN LED Initiative 2013 ‘Champs’

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1 Meet the UKZN LED Initiative 2013 ‘Champs’
Project funded by:

2 The LED team has identified the Champions Programme as one of its Development programmes, aimed to attract and capacitate social entrepreneurs within KZN. The team acknowledged the need for an executive programme to assist the social entrepreneurs that are looking for an opportunity to not only develop their leadership capacity but also advance their knowledge, understanding and individual roles of initiating and engaging in LED. Ten individuals who are involved in community and economic development initiatives within KZN have been selected as Local Economic Development Champions and will be our 2013 'Champs'. These Social Entrepreneurs were selected based on their range, diversity and committed involvement in community development and enterprise development initiatives. Project Background

3 SIVUNO CONSULTING Project Mentor “Mr Vikani”
Mr Vikani is a Managing Director at Sivuno Consulting. He commands more than twenty (20) years of senior corporate leadership experience in the industrial, services, retail and process management sectors. Vikani’s Highest Educational Qualifications: BPhil in Sustainable Development & Management (University of Stellenbosch), Master of Business Leadership (University of South Africa), Honours in Business Studies (University of Zimbabwe). SIVUNO CONSULTING Contact details: (C) ( )


5 Mr Karabo Che Mokoape Areas of interest:
Community development, Journalism, Motivational speaker, Business support, Partnerships for economic development. Karabo is the Managing Director of the Ubambo Group. He also sits on the boards of several organisations including: Hilton College, Scripture Union Independent Schools (SUIS), World Changers Academy and LIV Business (Children’s Village). He is also the founder of the True Culture Project, a grass roots movement, promoting innovative economic and political solutions for social change. Mr Karabo Che Mokoape 1.Co-Founder: Catalyx Consulting, 2.CEO: Ubambo Group 3.Board Member: LIV Business (LIV Children's Village), World Changers Academy, Hilton College & Scripture Union Independent Schools

6 Areas of interest: SMMes, Entrepreneurial support, Mentorship, Business linkages, Management consulting for development Diane has dedicated a large amount of her career to business support and development. Her organisation, the BSC’s major project is Linking Micro Businesses to opportunities within the corporate supply chain – an Enterprise development initiative. Diane strives to develop new Black enterprises to participate within the corporate supply chain as part of the BBBEE scorecard. Mrs Diane Gaskin 1.General Manager: Business Support Centre (BSC) 2.CEO: Knowledge Consulting Training

7 Nomphumelelo “kitty’” Sokhela
Areas of interest: Education, Socio-Economic , community Development, CSI, Business development Ms Kitty Sokhela is the Managing Director and sole owner of Iwundlu Project Management Services. The company prides itself on its provision of efficient and effective project management services and solutions for the enhancement and maximisation of individual, community and business knowledge for leadership in the fields of Education, Training and Development, Professional Business Consultancy and Community Development. Kitty is also a project manager of the Educate-A-Child Campaign, Community Road Safety, Awareness and Education Project, South Africa meets Brazil through music and dance, Organic poultry farming and egg production, & Youth Debate Initiative Nomphumelelo “kitty’” Sokhela 1.Managing Director: Iwundlu Project Management Services

8 Educate a Child Campaign

9 Mr Brian Ligett Areas of interest
Capacity Building, Training, Lobbying and community advocating, Skills development A native of Northern Ireland, Brian has been living on the South Coast, KZN for 6 years, volunteering and working with various Non-Profit Organisations. He currently leads the Network Action Group, a network of 180 rural grassroots organisations meeting social needs in their communities. Brian has attained BA Honours in Human Geography at Queens University, Belfast and a Postgraduate Certificate in Rural Development at the School of African and Oriental Studies, London. Brian’s passion is with economic development and he is a founding member of the non-profit organisation Siyavuna Development Centre, which focuses on developing market access for rural farmers, amongst other initiatives Mr Brian Ligett 1. Project Co-ordinator: Network Action Group -Siyavuna Development Centre,

10 Kumandi Uvongo Flea market: A Project of Iwundlu Project Management Services

11 Mr Trenley Tilbrook Areas of interest
Business Retention, Sustainable Economic Development, Business support, Enterprise development, Partnership venturing Trenley is a CEO of Ilembe Chamber of Commerce . For the past two years, He successfully run an entrepreneurship programme which has contributed to local development within his municipal area. The programme has included mentorship through social entrepreneurs, development of business skills and support, linkages, access to markets and expansion capital. Mr Trenley Tilbrook 1.CEO: Ilembe Chamber of Commerce Project Manager: “The entrepreneur”

12 “The Entrepreneur”: A project of The iLembe Chamber of Commerce

13 Tshililo Ruby Farisani
Areas of Interest: Community Development, Business set up and consultation services Tshi, is involved in projects that aims to make jobs accessible to disadvantaged communities; especially the uneducated people in the Durban ward 23 informal settlements. This project aims to make jobs accessible through training, information access/update and practical assistance to two types of groups; one group being the uneducated looking for jobs and related training while the other group comprises people who want to start small business but have obstacles that can be addressed by this project, such as how to write a business plan. Tshililo Ruby Farisani 1.CEO: TRF Security cc 2.Community Developer: EThekwini Municipality ward 23

14 A Project of Ward 23 community development
Business skills Development: A Project of Ward 23 community development

15 Mduduzi Amos Gumede Areas of interest:
Employment creation, Skills development, Building trust, Catalyse of change, Social development, Rural development Mduduzi is envolved in a number of business related forums and establishments within Hammersdale. He is also involved with a number of projects that focus on unemployment, poverty, crime, business tourism, women and youth empowerment, agriculture and skills development. Mduduzi Amos Gumede 1.Project Manager: uLwazi Learning Academy 2. Co-founder: Mpumanlanga Peace and development Trust

16 Sibusiso Wiseman Dladla
Areas of interest: Green economy ; Recycling, Environmental awareness educational development Sibusiso, is an entrepreneur and business developer who ‘fell’ into his line of work due to unfavourable situations. This has lead him into establishing a co operative that not only benefits the environment but has also created jobs within his community and also caught the attention of young up and coming entrepreneurs who now seek business development advice from him. Sibusiso Wiseman Dladla 1.Director and Founder: Mooi River Recycling Co-operative

17 The business premises of the
Mooi River Recycling Co-operative

18 Mbali Zikalala Areas of interest:
Entrepreneurial activities, Community outreach and development, youth activation, skills development ENACTUS (Entrepreneurial Action Us), formally known as SIFE, is an international organization that brings together the top business leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better and more sustainable world through the positive power of business. Mbali is involved in a variety of community uplifting projects. This includes the following: Environmental sustainability, Women Empowerment (Agricultural), Learn Entrepreneurship, & Ukukhanya (Social) Mbali Zikalala 1.President: Entrepreneurial Action Us (ENACTUS) (Westville Campus) Formally known as SIFE ( Students In Free Enterprise)

19 A Project of ENACTUS, SIFE (UKZN)
Learn Entrepreneurship Project: A Project of ENACTUS, SIFE (UKZN)

20 Malusi Mazibuko Areas of interest:
Project Management, Youth Empowerment, Monitoring and evaluation , capacity building, enterprise development Malusi ‘s leadership and Community Participation has grown over the years from when He started a movement of young people that encourage youth community participation. This enable young people to take control of their lives, families, community development. This movement gave birth to Malusi starting an organization called the KZN Youth Empowerment Project (KZN YEP), which was youth facilitated and youth managed, serving the community. Malusi Mazibuko 1.Founder & Project Director: KZN Youth Empowerment Project 2.Trainer: Activate Leadership and Public Innovation

21 A Project of KZN Youth Empowerment
Cato Manor Community Development: A Project of KZN Youth Empowerment

22 Project Leader LED Researcher an Tutor Graduate School of Business & Leadership Room 102, 1st Floor, GSB Building University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville Campus Ms Nolwazi Mthembu Contact details: (W) ( )

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