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Solution Overview “All Satellite, All The Time”.

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1 Solution Overview “All Satellite, All The Time”

2 FMS Background Founded 2002 Privately held, profitable, growing…
San Luis Obispo CA USA Cliff Henley – CEO & Founder Privately held, profitable, growing… 25 straight quarters of record growth Serving 85+ countries today Single view across entire globe

3 FMS Difference “All Satellite, All The Time”
No cellular / GPRS data communication Reliable coverage all the time Track assets anywhere on Earth Iridium satellite coverage Extended coverage even in remote regions Easy to use powerful tools ASP Software used by all stakeholders Alerts, reports, communication

4 FMS Application Benefits
Lower Risk and Risk Avoidance Reduced Liability and Lawsuit Expense Safety and Security Increased Productivity Lower Operating Costs Improved Asset Deployment Greater Asset Utilization Reduced Theft and Capital Equipment Cost

5 Sound Familiar? “I just got at service call but I do not know which driver is closest to the job!” “My driver is out of cell range but I need to get a message to him now!” “My equipment has been misplaced, Again!” “I got a call that one of my trucks was speeding through a neighborhood!“ “Did Bob really spend 3 hours at that site?“

6 FMS Value to Clients Safety and Tracking in Remote and Rugged Locations, Pole to Pole Iridium satellite offering Strong price-performance value propositions All-Satellite Data Communication No GSM/GPRS dependencies Reliable and dependable anywhere Complete end to end solution Vehicle hardware, Sat airtime, hosted application Alerts, reports, two-way communication

7 Fleet Management Solutions
GPS technology + two way, all satellite communications Comprehensive Fleet Management Tools = improved asset utilization increased productivity safety and security anywhere in the world!

8 FMS Customers Include…

9 Client Testimonials “FMS was the only entity operating in our region that could deliver all the features we needed to implement our efficiency and security programs. We expect to see payback in less than one year.” “We have found FMS solutions to operate anywhere we are working, regardless of geography or topography, providing us with the critical asset operation and management information we need.” “Using FMS has strengthened the driver incentive program and implementation of the working alone policy, reduced maintenance and fuel costs, and enhanced overall equipment allocation.” “FMS enabled us to enforce our speeding policy and with detection of unauthorized use we are improving productivity and reducing vehicle miles traveled.” “Not only has FMS helped us maximize revenue under existing contracts, but when it comes to competing for new contracts, the competitive advantage has exceeded our expectations.”

10 Industry Recognition FMS Named to Inc. 500 in 2007
Ranked 32 of top 50 Logistics companies in 2008 FMS awarded again in and 2011

11 FMS Infrastructure All-Satellite solutions Network Operations Center
Unmatched in the industry Iridium Satellite Network Network Operations Center Dual mirrored Handles 500,000 simultaneous subscribers Software and Reporting Tools Access from any web browser, no software to install or maintain Powerful fleet management / maintenance tracking systems

12 How It Works 1.The modem system is installed in the vehicle or asset
2.Data transmits to a two-way satellite network in orbit 3.Information is sent via the Internet to your PC

13 MLT-400i Includes a GPS receiver, two-way satellite communications modem and built-in diagnostics Highly developed interaction with FMS Fleet Central MRM application Iridium network reliably provides mission critical data and alerts in seconds

14 Fully meshed network of 66 LEO’s
Largest commercial satellite constellation in the world Only provider of truly global satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth (oceans, airways and Polar Regions) Latencies average less than 5 seconds from ANYWHERE on the globe

15 MDT-PRO: Message Display Terminal
In-Cab Messaging Robust, field proven solution for sending, receiving, and storing messages. Large LCD display, multilingual fonts and variable backlighting for low light situations. 1 Button – Send Help Message Diagnose System prior to deployment

16 Panic Button – Send Help Alert
Push Button transmits Panic Alert a.k.a. Roadside Emergency Alert via or SMS message to a mobile device Iridium network transmits alert within seconds

17 Ignition Disable – Theft Recovery
Remotely disable the ignition… in the event of theft as a preventative measure in the event of a hijacking

18 Lone Worker Man Down Alarm
Ideal for hazardous environments Immediate notification of an employee in distress Motion sensor activated if worker becomes immobile or help button is pressed Audible Alarm is activated and alert sent via FMS modem (Iridium network) or SMS notification Internal sensor also monitors thermal inertia exposure

19 Fleet Director Global Key Features 30+ Reports Tracks all “events”
Two year data history Excessive Speeds and Idles Boundary / Geofence Violation Alerts Stop and Idle Durations with Landmarks XML data feed to 3rd party applications Time triggered alerts and functions Automated maintenance alerts Starter Enable/Disable Bread crumbing Much more…

20 Exception Alerts Automated alerts transmitted via or SMS message. Optional Alerts: Ignition on/off Excessive Speed (global speed limit 70mph) Maintenance (5k miles) Excessive Idle (8+mins) Enter/Exiting Boundary Speeding within a boundary Send Help GeoFence Violation – unauthorized or after hour use Trouble Code Engine Hours Accumulated Mileage

21 XML Web Services Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) provides a web service that allows a client application to directly access and retrieve history report data from database in XML format. Allows use of data in legacy software systems of all types.

22 Immediate Emergency Awareness and Response
Increased Safety & Security w/Iridium Solution Panic Buttons – Road Side Assistance Switch Send Help Alert – Message Display Terminal Ignition Disable Relay Lone worker – Man Down Solutions

23 Maintenance Scheduled maintenance alerts
Travel based alerts transmitted via & Fleet Central reporting Insures maintenance programs are carried out Maximizes life cycle on assets

24 Reporting Examples

25 Setting a Boundary Apply a boundary to you work and service areas
Assign assets, service vehicles and teams to the boundary Assign a speed limit within a boundary Easy point and click application

26 Geofence and Boundary Report
Set a Geofence around your equipment to aid against theft and misplacement Set Boundaries to know when an asset enters or leaves a site

27 Driver Behavior Search for the closest Service vehicle or piece of equipment to a location, landmark or boundary

28 Driver Behavior Search for the closest Service vehicle or piece of equipment to a location, landmark or boundary

29 Asset Proximity Search
Search for the closest Service vehicle or piece of equipment to a location, landmark or boundary

30 Most Recent Location Report
At a glance – see where any of your assets are by group, type, or all plotted on a map

31 Maintenance Alerts Program for general maintenance, by hour, my mileage

32 Idle and Emissions At a glance – see where any of your assets are by group, type, or all plotted on a map

33 Maintenance Alerts – Reporting Options

34 Fleet Director – Updates Fourth Quarter 2011 / Coming Soon – Q1 2012

35 Analytic Reports New report types Graphing of fuel consumption
Harsh Driving Seatbelt Graphing of fuel consumption

36 Analytic Reports Custom Row Highlighting in Excel Reports
Applies to all Analytic reports Stackable rules to control Row highlighting in Excel

37 Event Monitor – Fleet Monitoring
Shows last event, location and messages for selected assets Automatically updates on 60 second interval

38 Event Monitor – Route Playback
Animated playback of selected vehicle routes

39 Coming Soon – Trending Dashboard
Watch trends for assets/groups/fleet Custom configurable – each login has it’s own dashboard User defined widgets Speed Violations Most recent Speed Violations Top 5 speeders Most recent location Harsh driving Windshield time Fuel consumption

40 Coming Soon – Trend Analysis
Plot and compare trend data Configure x-y axis to correlate trends Compare trend data between groups

41 Coming Soon – MLT4001 Configure J1939 code development in final testing stage, reporting strategy defined, rollout in October/November 2011 For OBD vehicles supporting fuel level, it is now reported with ignition off messages Added OBD DTC detection from multiple control modules (engine, transmission, etc.)

42 Coming Soon – MDTPRO w/ Speech Module
Speed zone development close to production release. Updated speed zones for customer specified routes Different speed zone algorithms for schools, city, freeways nearing completion In-Cab Coaching auditory modules developed for initial roll-out; production scale roll-out Q

43 MDTPRO w/ Speech Module Features
Integrated with MDT Pro Increases driver awareness Adjustable volume 50dB - 90dB Canned Voice prompts Login Required - Excessive Acceleration Excessive Deceleration - Speeding Fasten Seat Belt - Emergency Help Requested You have mail - Entering Boundary Leaving Boundary Automatic ambient noise volume level adjustment Languages English - Spanish - Bahasa

44 Coming Soon – Fleet Director Global
Speed zone development deployed in MDT and in trials Different speed zone algorithms for schools, city, freeways. Analytic Excel report downloads now include colored graphs with data labels. alerts now feature address location hyperlinked to Google maps. Fuel Consumption Report now available from analytic reports, new “Fuel Theft” alert. Seatbelt Report now available from analytic reports (for vehicles with connected seat belt switches). Driver Pin can now be 1 – 7 digits long, Driver ID is still 4 digits, new “Unauthorized Driver” alert. Man-down devices are now supported with alerts.

45 Thank you! Cristian Said Montiel Geocom Peru

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