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Alberta Library Conference 28 April 2012 Patron Driven Macewan

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1 Patron Driven Acquisitions @ Macewan
Alberta Library Conference 28 April 2012 Patron Driven Macewan Richard Hayman & Sandy Stift Grant MacEwan University Library

2 Overview Collection Management Collection Development
Rationale Implementation Logistics Outcomes Budgeting Challenges Collection Development Assessment method Analysis Findings Conclusions Future Directions

3 Collection Management
Richard Croft, CC BY-SA 2.0 Collection Management <div xmlns:cc="" xmlns:dct="" about=" _5d jpg"><span property="dct:title">Books books books</span> (<a rel="cc:attributionURL" property="cc:attributionName" href="">Richard Croft</a>) / <a rel="license" href="">CC BY-SA 2.0</a></div>

4 Collection Management: Rationale
Why MacEwan Expand collection with new ebooks Patron discovery before purchase

5 Collection Management: Implementation
Selecting a vendor Coutts Library Services Developing a profile LC class & subject parameters Non-subject parameters Price

6 Collection Management: Logistics
Funding a deposit account $22,000 for pilot project Loading content MARC records for initial 6000 titles Additional records loaded monthly Catalogue record does not indicate anything unusual about these titles

7 Collection Management: Logistics

8 Collection Management: Logistics
What triggers a purchase? Content must be viewed twice Beyond ebook description and ToC Content viewed once only? Free!

9 Collection Management: Logistics

10 Collection Management: Outcomes
Purchases 541 purchased titles (April 2011) 1193 purchased titles (April 2012) Free use 572 free single use titles (April 2011) 1448 free single use titles (April 2012)

11 Collection Management: Outcomes
Books are being used, repeatedly! High: 899 uses (atypical) Low: 2 uses Average: 6 uses Median: 3 uses

12 Collection Management: Outcomes
And more… Average # of pages viewed per title: 91 High: pages Low: 2 pages

13 Collection Management: Outcomes
Are we victims of our own success? Some subject areas purchased more than others Ran out of money, 3 times in first year alone! Find other funds to complete the pilot

14 Collection Management: Budgeting
Some budget numbers for 2012: Average expenditure: $4800/month Vendor anticipated $ Feb. 2012: already expended $43,000 budgeted for 2011/12 March 2012: $54,102 spent Year end: June 30, 2012

15 Collection Management: Budgeting
What happens if we overspend again in 2012/13? Tighten profile Reduce maximum price Reduce maximum number of titles purchased Counterintuitive? These titles are being used.

16 Collection Management: Challenges
Acquisitions Discovered MARC records did not ID purchased vs unpurchased titles NEOS now: shared catalogue Can’t have holdings added to unpurchased title records Now manually remove PDA flags from MARC records for purchased titles

17 Collection Management: Challenges
Selection Patron Plan titles appear in our primary selection tool Selectors want to purchase (print or ebook) Could open title twice to trigger purchase Librarians concern re disappearing records If unpurchased title goes O/P, then what?

18 Collection Management: Challenges
Maintenance Duplicate title records if book is in catalogue within and outside of Patron Select plan When (and how) do you weed? Can we add new title records indefinitely?

19 Collection Development
Glenn Fleishman, CC BY 2.0 Collection Development

20 Collection Development Method
What can we tell our liaison librarians about… what subject areas are popular? Unpopular? how much are we buying (and spending) in key areas? what we are missing?

21 Collection Development Method
Model Primarily a collection-centred approach Vendor data for examining purchases Some client-centred analysis Vendor data for examining use High-level analysis Relies on primary LC classification only See: Sivak, A., & Hayman, R. (2011). Interdisciplinary collection assessment model. In S. Hiller, K. Justh, M. Kyrillidou, & J. Self (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2010 Library Assessment Conference (pp ). Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries.

22 Collection Development Method
Purchase ≠ Use 1193 purchased titles Sept − Apr (two hits trigger purchase) Use = purchased titles where hits ≥ 3 At least one other legitimate user after purchase 783 is new total

23 Collection Development Analysis

24 Collection Development Analysis

25 Collection Development Method (again)
Collection areas identified by LC classification B (excl. BF) Philosophy & Religion BF Psychology D-F Classics & History H-HJ Business & Economics HM-HX Sociology J Political Science L Education P Language and Literature Q Natural Sciences R Health Sciences Valdes & Rauber, CC BY 3.0

26 Collection Development Analysis

27 Collection Development Analysis

28 Collection Development Analysis

29 Collection Development Analysis

30 Collection Development Analysis

31 Collection Management: Analysis
Case study History: What’s missing?

32 Collection Management: Analysis
What’s missing? FC > Canadian History Why? Our liaison librarian is that good There are no ebooks in this subject area No ebooks on this platform

33 Collection Management: Analysis
FC > Canadian History Canadian convention (LAC) LCC uses F1001-F1144 Our vendor is US based Result: We need to revisit our profile with the vendor Only 1 purchased title, 14 unpurchased titles

34 Nick Koudis, http://www. gettyimages
Future Directions

35 Future directions Using PDA to compensate for titles lost from elsewhere Force university press titles removed from another ebook subscription package into our Patron Select profile

36 Future directions Big Questions
How to manage PDA across multiple vendors? How much of our collections budget can be (or should be) allocated for PDA? Is PDA the future of collection development, or just a trend?

37 Thank you Richard Hayman Sandy Stift
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License.

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