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Planning for Practice Success Operations Plan Goal Setting SWOT Analysis.

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1 Planning for Practice Success Operations Plan Goal Setting SWOT Analysis

2 1–21–2

3 Facility Stand alone Strip mall Central Business District Old Town Service locations

4 Internal Business Layout Waiting room Front Desk New Patient room Adjusting room X-ray Physical Therapy Massage Acupuncture 1–41–4

5 Layout and Design How your location is laid out and designed is important, because it affects the image and productivity of your business

6 The Free-flow Layout

7 13–7 The Grid Layout

8 13–8 The Loop Layout

9 13–9 Product Layout in a Pizza Kitchen Insert fig 13.7 from page 414

10 13–10 Layout & Design – Home Office Layout Primary layout consideration for designing this type of space is to be sure that it is separate from all other home functions. If you dont do this, the IRS will not allow deductions for home-office expenses

11 When will you be open? Days of Week Hours per day Holiday closings? Consistency…

12 Equipment Did you remember everything: Think of: What services you are offering? What do your employees need to do be able to do their job? If you are selling something – do you need display cases? 1–12

13 Lets make a list: Waiting Room Front Desk area Doctors office Adjusting room(s) Xray room Bathroom Exterior Kitchen or breakroom Other? 1–13

14 3–14 Goal Setting & Strategies Written in terms of outcomes rather than actions Measurable Challenging yet attainable Communicated to everyone in the company Written with a time frame for achievement Quantitative!!

15 Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.3–15 Levels of Goals

16 3–16 Goals Lets write three goals for the first year of business: Breakeven by the 3 rd quarter of business I will meet with my employees for performance reviews each quarter. I will bring in 10 new pts/month.

17 3–17 SWOT Analysis Strengths WeaknessesOpportunities Threats

18 Operating Plan Should be 3-5 pages in length Coordinates with pages 3 & 4 of the template Did I mention? Remember your audience is the financial advisor/banker Remember to write in 3 rd person Remember to write in a clear and concise manner

19 Due next week: Aug 25: Individuals on teams (5,7,9,11,13,15) are to send their operating plan and template #3 & #4 to me. Aug 23: Blog: 1 per team (12,14,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24) Aug 25: Blog Summary - 1 per team (26,27,28,1,3) email to me and include that this is the blog summary in the subject line.

20 Any Questions? What was most helpful today? What do you need more clarity on? 1–20

21 Sources * Planning for Practice Success, Dr. Jean Wilson, Murray Small Business Management, 3 rd Edition, Hatten 1–21

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