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Steigers Corporation Compliance Management System.

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1 Steigers Corporation Compliance Management System

2 Introduction Steigers Corporation has developed a Compliance Management System (CMS) to support utility & industrial facilities operating under regulatory permits Flexible & versatile, readily accepts & supports multiple functional modules Air Quality module is currently available. Others are in various stages of consideration & development Custom modules may be readily developed to customer specifications

3 Values Provides process for recording accurate & timely operations data & documents Provides a user-friendly process for achieving complex compliance obligations Ensures the integrity & security of compliance data & documentation at all user levels Reduces companys resource costs for compliance

4 Password Secured User-ID & password protected User login provides an audit trail for all system transactions

5 Provides User level User ID Last login date & time of user System provides notification of impending reporting obligations & other compliance tasks Notifications made for corporate management & user-level awareness Home Page Supports multiple facilities Facility-specific configuration Permits, source inventory, fuel data, other applicable requirements

6 Modules Click on above buttons to review topic Air Quality module tailored to organize, track, & accomplish regulatory compliance obligations Corporate Administration module provides system support

7 Feedback Feature Provides an immediate email communication link for a user to interact with company system administrators and Steigers staff Provides convenient communication of comments, questions, and suggestions

8 CMS support features Direct support by telephone & email Product maintenance Select functional upgrades Training Training manual provided; with updates as needed

9 Added Values CMS has been carefully developed to assure integrity of data & calculated results Reinforces accountability for compliance tasks Reduction in compliance costs and use of company resources Built in expansion capability to accommodate emerging site-specific requirements

10 Contact Info Ms. Gauri Seshadri 1510 West Canal Court Suite 1000 Littleton, CO 80120 Ph: (303) 799-3633 Steigers Corporation

11 Corporate Provided for users to monitor reports & operations across multiple facilities

12 Corporate Administration Module Allows corporate administrators to setup and edit user profiles & user levels

13 User Profile

14 Air Quality (AQ) Module

15 AQ Module Record, browse, & edit source operations Archive & manage compliance & reference documents Manage & edit Alerts functionality Emission source reference & description Facility reference information AQ regulatory compliance & management reporting Click on above buttons to review topic

16 Facility Profile Provides facility reference information Points of contact Facility location Facility applicable NACIS codes Reference documents

17 Source Profile Provides source description and emission reference Sub-facilities – convenient grouping of sources Listing of Sources/Emission Units Source data/specifications

18 Emission factor equations are based on permitting requirements Emission factor equations are used to calculate air pollutant emissions Emission Factors/Equations

19 Post Combustion Controls (PCC) If installed, the use of PCCs may be readily accommodated Examples of PCCs Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Baghouse Electrostatic Precipitator

20 Operations Previous meter records presented for reference New meter records can be created at any desired meter interval One meter record per month minimum PCC data can be imported from instrument files Supports multiple fuels for any source

21 Record Validation Validation provides an immediate feedback method to the operator to evaluate if values entered are correct Dates & times of previous & current meter records Interval Hrs: elapsed time between the two meter records Metered hours, fuel, & energy Production efficiency Fuel consumption rate

22 Provides for meter discontinuity events such as: Initialization of meters for a new source Meter in-service failure Meter removed for maintenance/calibration System corrects for & documents meter attributes Multipliers Rollovers Meter IDs Remarks section is available for documenting meter issues & events An energy meter change out example is shown: Last Read: Last meter record entered in the system Estimated Read: Last meter record for the old meter before the meter change out is performed (estimated read in case of meter failure) Initial Read: Initial read of the new meter Multiplier, Rollover, & ID: Meter attributes of the new meter Meter Change

23 Browse/Edit All saved meter records can be reviewed by source & date & edited if needed

24 Documents Comprehensive document management system Facility/source-specific records can be saved & reviewed for any period CMS uses documents to monitor other compliance obligations such as: Duct inspection/Visible Emissions Observations alerts Sulfur-content limits on fuel deliveries Documents are recorded & displayed in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format Commonly provides as output format of image scanners Accommodates multiple page documents Minimizes stored size of the document image

25 Reference Document A readily available reference for permits & other key compliance documents

26 Reference document example

27 Reports are exported into MS Excel templates Excel is commonly available to users Allows user to make changes & save reports Saved changes do not affect the original templates provided by the CMS User can generate reports for any desired interval Minimum: 1 day Maximum: 12 consecutive months Air Quality (AQ) Reports

28 AQ Reports Presents source operation, fuel use, production, & emissions Exports data records for reference & further analysis User-friendly wizard to create semi-annual Facility Operating Reports Summary of source profile information Review/download multiple documents Summary of facility profile information Click on above buttons to review topic

29 Source Reports Provides operations results for all sources

30 List of Source Reports Hours of operation Energy production Details fuel deliveries received Fuel use, total or by fuel type Source emissions Operations summary by metered interval Click on above buttons to review topic

31 Emission Reports A review of an air pollutant by monthly or 12- month rolling total compliance requirement Click on NO x button for example

32 NO x Emissions

33 Hours of Operation

34 Energy Production

35 Fuel Deliveries

36 Fuel Use

37 Operations Summary

38 Data Export Review raw meter record data Makes all records readily available to user Used for reference, audit, or QA/QC analysis Provides a list of users with contact information Provides an auditable trail for each meter record Click on above buttons to review topic

39 Users Listing

40 Operations Data Export Details each meter transaction by: Source & meter record date/time Date/time of transaction User ID Presents both active (used for calculations) & inactive (edited/deleted) meter records

41 Facility Operating Report (FOR) Includes operations, emission results, & document images Utilizes a user-friendly Wizard for report set up Greatly streamlines creation of an FOR Readily adapted for other regulatory reports

42 Lock/Unlock FOR Once an FOR has been finalized, supporting data are locked against revision If corrections are deemed necessary, data records may be unlocked by a CMS administrator

43 Source Profile

44 Facility Profile

45 Documents

46 Alerts Alerts are configured to support specific compliance conditions Each Alert can be enabled or disabled Trigger values can be edited User may select who receives notifications & at what level Special alerts can be configured & implemented at users discretion

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