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Global Programmes and claims management Welcome

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1 Global Programmes and claims management Welcome
The theme of our conference is “building the future together” But what is it that we are building; and do we have clarity and collective purpose around it? Why is it so important to always look ahead rather than to merely manage the current state? MOVE TO SLIDE 2 Niels de Kock, Client Services Director E: T:

2 Agenda An overview of a global programme
How international programmes are set up Differing cultures What do our clients want? Consider outsourcing claims How outsourced claims programmes work How can we help…?

3 An overview of a global programme
Sample Global Management Structure Local Client Operation Local Client Operation Account Management Treasury Management Risk Management Captive Insurer Broker Data Management Quality Control Local Client Operation Local Client Operation

4 How international programmes are set up (1)
Global Program Defined as a program structure involving a Master Policy in one country with one or more local policies issued in other country(s). The Master Policy typically contains a DIC/DIL clause which links the local policies to the Master Policy Speaker: Hans Mederer

5 How international programmes are set up (2)
Master Policy providing Difference in Condition (DIC) and Difference in Limits (DIL) cover either on a licensed, Permissible Unlicensed (PUC) or Financial Interest (FI) basis Master Policy Country A Local Policy Country B Country C Country D Country E

6 How international programmes are set up (3)
Master client Master broker Master Insurer Local Insurer Fronting partner Local broker Local client

7 How international programmes are set up (4)
EuroPass / Freedom of Services 30 EU and EEA Countries that can be covered on a “passported” basis

8 Differing cultures... Language Legislation Use of loss adjusters
In-house adjusters Use of consultants Subrogation procedures .....

9 Differing cultures... Coffee shop… USA Italy France

10 Differing cultures... Coffee shop… Amsterdam

11 What do our Global Clients want?
A trusted strategic relationship Robust local service delivery with global co-ordination Consistent approach to claims and risk management Delivery of promises made Reinforcement of brand and business strategy Meaningful data and portfolio analysis Professional account management Management Controls Improved Risk Management

12 Consider outsourcing claims...
Claims as a core competence Is claims handling core to your business or not? Do you have the experience in house? Do you have the geographical spread? How much can you rely on your offices abroad? Can you present your bosses with Claims Management Reporting that is meaningful and consistent? Can you quantify the added value of your risk management strategy And show savings in claims or insurance costs? How can you evidence added value in claims handling?

13 Why work with a Global Claims Manager (TPA)?
Direct involvement in management of claims Local claims management expertise around the world Flexible, scalable and attuned to your Risk Management philosophy Independent from Brokers and Insurers Insurance set-up can vary from country to country, and year to year Claims are handled in line with your Risk Management strategy Provides full control over claims services Claims processes can be tailored to Client’s proposition and philosophy Clearly established Service Level Agreements Client own all claims data and history Preferably with delegated authority to handle/settle claims locally Keeping your administrative involvement in the claims process limited

14 How to outsource...? Selecting the right partner...
Are there suitable claims companies on the market? With sufficient technical expertise in your line of business? That understand your goals and objectives for claims handling? Analyse claims and underwriting systems capability Consider the impact on customers, employees and reputation Legal implications and compliance Ability to manage an outsourced claims service Exit strategy

15 A TPA Arrangement TPA Contract / Agreement
Delegated Authority from insurer Service Level Agreements and Service protocol Programme and Account Management Regulatory compliance and Data Protection Systems, reporting, and frequency of meetings Payment of claims Relationship owner: Broker –v – insurer –v – corporate

16 Designing a global claims process
No tasks that do not add value to the claims outcome Workflow segmented by type and complexity of tasks Local vs. central relationship Proactive and flexible capacity management Clear responsibility towards the client Visible performance measurement

17 Designing a global claims process
Avoid redundancy! Wait Lack of synchronicity, Wait for documents, people 1 Execution in claims handling worldwide is typically different from home country Key is to design an efficient process, that works everywhere and reduces unnecessary steps Move Excessive movement/ handover of claims along the process Rework 1 1 Need to perform activities multiple times and/or to correct errors 5 2 Over-processing/skill 1 1 4 3 Execution of activities not strictly necessary Use of skilled resources for simple claims/tasks Leakage Errors Overpayment Missed recovery

18 Broadspire worldwide Offering claims services throughout the world
Specialisation in multinational claims programmes Consistent service delivery throughout the world. Dedicated, tailored claims services One on-line claims system used in all countries Including full online access for our client Focus on: Quality and consistency in claims handling and reporting Cost control Protection of Client brand Recovery of losses where possible High quality management information

19 Country (Head Office) - (P) for Partner
Worldwide Coverage Asia-Pacific Europe N-America / Caribbean Australia (Sydney) UK (London) U.S.A. (Atlanta) New Zealand (Auckland) Belgium (Brussels) Canada (Kitchener) China (Beijing) Bulgaria (Sofia) Antigua Hong Kong Czech Republic (Prague) (P) Barbados India (New Delhi) Denmark (Copenhagen) Jamaica Indonesia (Jakarta) Finland (Helsinki) Puerto Rico Japan (Tokyo) France (Paris) (P) Trinidad & Tobago Korea (Seoul) (P) Germany (Düsseldorf) US Virgin Islands Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Greece (Athens) Philippines (Manila) Hungary (Budapest) (P) Latin America Singapore Ireland (Dublin) (P) Argentina (Buenos Aires) Taiwan (Taipei) Italy (Milan) Brazil (Sao Paulo) Thailand (Bangkok) Netherlands (Rotterdam) Chile (Santiago) Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) Norway (Oslo) Colombia (Bogota) Guam Poland (Warsaw) Ecuador (Quito) (P) Middle East / Africa Romania (Bucharest) (P) El Salvador (San Salvador) (P) Israel (Tel Aviv) (P) Russia (Moscow) (P) Guatemala (Guatemala City) (P) Jordan (Amman) (P) Spain (Madrid) Mexico (Mexico City) Egypt (Cairo) (P) Sweden (Stockholm) Nicaragua (Managua) (P) Pakistan (Karachi) (P) Switzerland (Zurich) Peru (Lima) Saudi Arabia (Al Khobar) Turkey (Istanbul) (P) Venezuela (Caracas) (P) South Africa (Johannesburg) Ukraine (Kiev) (P) Panama (Panama City) United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Portugal (Lisbon) (P) Country (Head Office) - (P) for Partner

20 Potential lines of business
General Liability Employers’ Liability Product Liability Property and Recovery Motor Fleet Travel, Accident & Health Product recall Marine / Cargo

21 Local handling of claims
A local claims service in each country One main dedicated contact in each country Supported by a local claims team Local claim notification to Broadspire Directly from your customer, claimant and/or via your local office Handling procedures customized to each client One Service level agreement Regular local review meetings Broadspire handles claim on your behalf We set reserves, appoint expert, initiate recoveries and deal directly with any Third Party claim Follow-up proactively and pay claim through e-Claims (our proprietary global claims management system) within delegated authority

22 Global Claims management
Central claims control Central account management Single point of contact for all countries Accessible, customizable management information Covering all countries One contract and service level agreement Optimal control with automated Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreement reports Regular central review meetings Managing changes and feedback from countries Central billing and financial administration, treasury services on a global basis.

23 Our Global Claims system: e-Claims
Crawford’s global web-based Claims system Used in all countries to manage claims All English language Designed for multinational clients Online access and reporting, 24/7 Multi-currency Currently: - 400,000+ claims registered multinational client programmes

24 Grazie! Questions?

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