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Waste Recycling Management Reporting City of Swan Process.

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1 Waste Recycling Management Reporting City of Swan Process

2 In the beginning … City of Swan Waste Recycling Reporting has evolved since 2008 to accommodate the Business Unit Management and long term planning.

3 Reporting must follow on from the base operations and must highlight variations from previous reporting periods (monthly and annually). The report must be tailored to your Councils requirements.

4 Monthly Report 2012

5 Working Data The Sheet is where the detailed information is situated. This brings all data from varied sources internal and external into one place which then feeds into the monthly report. The Sheet contains data for the whole year with a YTD figure at the end of the spreadsheet.

6 Reading the Report The current Report is quite detailed and includes the previous year to date (YTD) comparison highlighting the increase or decrease from the previous year. This provides a direct comparison of our performance to date. Comments or small red flags are placed on cells to provide people with further information. For example the Recycling Services include 240, 360 and 660 litre bins. Additional Notes area provides an area is available to place further information or changes to data collection.




10 TIPS Discuss the reporting requirements and presentation with your Management. Determine what is relevant and required. Become skilled in Excel or similar to create professional reports. Tap into expertise around you. Create a process that is easy to compile and understand by all users.

11 Thank you Kathryn Petersen Business Support Officer Waste Recycling Management City of Swan

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