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2 Agenda System Overview Management Foundation Software Architecture Testing with Network Measurement System Summary and Future Work.

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2 2 Agenda System Overview Management Foundation Software Architecture Testing with Network Measurement System Summary and Future Work

3 3 System Overview Measurement Applications Vendor specific applications for specific platforms Not all applications are QoS capable Some require complex commands, scripts, procedural steps Manual measurement control (especially on different tools) Additional software and computations to obtain targeted results Tested Network

4 4 System Overview Our Solution Two Linux-based Applications Network Measurement System Management Console Measurement Agents Straight-forward user interface Infrastructure Console User focuses on scenarios, topology, test objectives Management Station Runtime operations performed by the computer Measured QoS parameters available automatically Software module used by both applications Measurement information communication Accomplish the task using a management protocol

5 5 Management Foundation NMS Management Structural Logic The user interacts with these items to perform a measurement Organizes measurement operations as a set of abstract items Sessions Groups Tasks Management Messages Identification messages relay information about agents capabilities Task control messages request agents to start a measurement task Data messages are used to collect QoS results from a set of agents

6 6 Structural Logic The fundamental QoS measurement scenario A data structure comprising the agents and parameters used in the QoS test Reusability: can be saved and later loaded Several sessions mapped with one reference Contain unrelated sessions distributed in time Based on a single session with a variable parameter A session or a group to be executed The start time can be user-defined The execution process done entirely by the management software

7 7 Defining Sessions Structural Logic Agent (s) involved Generation / Analysis Traffic type Packet distribution Protocol specific Desired results Session 1 Agent 1 Agent 3 Session 2 Agent 2 Agent 4 Agent 1 Agent 2 Agent 3 Agent 4 Task 1 Session 2 @ 1 oclock Task 2 Session 1 @ 3 oclock (pending) (pending) (running)(finished) (running) QoS Parameter Time Management Station Scheduling and Running Tasks CollectingResultsCollectingResults

8 8 Management Messages Access Procedures Set Request Request Response Get Request Request Response Get Request Response Structure of Management Information isoiso orgorg doddod internetinternet experimentalexperimental 1 3 6 1 3 connectionconnection systemsystem traffictraffic advancedadvanced 1 2 3 4 Object Classes The management infrastructure uses the Simple Network Management Protocol Management Station Agent

9 9 Software Architecture Measurement Services Communication Services Management Console Measurement Agent User Interface Session Manager Queuing Service SNMP Service Management Service Management consoles QoS measurement intelligence Enables user control through various windows and dialogs Allows creation of measurement sessions, groups and tasks Runs the measurement task; collects and stores results Synchronous service for asynchronous messages Message retransmissions, duplicates deletion, timeout Encapsulation of messages to SNMP PDUs SNMP data verification, buffer overflow checking A thread for each assigned local network interface Socket I/O operations with SNMP data

10 10 Session Manager Management Console The primary application that enables the users to perform QoS measurements GUIGUI Task Scheduling Queuing Service SNMP Service Management Service Service Control Manager Configuration Service Hardware Manager Message Wrapper

11 11 Running Core Services I want to schedule my first measurement task using Agent 1 GUI Session Manager Task PendingRunning Outbound Inbound Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 MessageMessageMessageMessageMessage ACK MessageMessage Queuing Service Management Service Message SNMP Service 220011 SNMP

12 12 Testing with NMS Installation & Configuration WizardsWizards DialogsDialogs StartupStartup AdvancedAdvanced ConfigurationServiceConfigurationService TopologyTopology IdentificationIdentification NetworkNetwork ManagementManagement SecuritySecurity FilesFiles ResponsivenessResponsiveness Queuing Policies TimeoutsTimeouts Agent Registration Agent Release

13 13 New Scheduled Task Dialog New Session Group Dialog Create New Session Wizard Setting Up Measurements Prerequisites Startup configuration set At least one agent registered Default or custom advanced configuration Create a measurement session Specify session parameters Session is saved but not executed Running multiple session at once Group of independent sessions Parametric group Create a new pending task Session Manager is now in charge Task may be deleted while pending

14 14 Data Availability Dependencies Task Type Session Type SingleSingle GroupGroup GenerateGenerate AnalyzeAnalyze BothBoth SummarySummary Last Data At a glance TimeTime Data Formatting ParametricParametric TableTable PlotPlot

15 15 Custom Scenario Management Station Cisco Catalyst 2950 Agent 1Gpbs SysKonnect Measurement Endace DAG Agent Objectives SysKonnect system performance Throughput Packet delay variation Packet loss 1000 Base SX Parameters Frame rate: 200 to 100,000 pps Frame size: 1500 bytes Test duration: 100 seconds Packet distribution: periodic

16 16 Scenario Results Series of tests vs. packet rate at 1500 byte frames Packet count Throughput Delay variation Packet loss ratio 6 million packets per 100 seconds test Almost 700 Mbps Up to 4 milliseconds Up to 6.5 percent Real-time failure

17 17 Summary and Future Work Faster experiment setup and results processing Advantages No human attendance during testing required Extra features to make network testing easier to perform User focuses on experiment target rather on implementation Greater availability of data after a test is completed Not fully portable on all existing Linux-based platforms Not optimized for local resources usage Does not implement a fine-grained analysis to conserve management bandwidth Drawbacks Future Work Extend support for other management protocols Improve communication control procedures between management console and agents Include support for other networking technologies

18 18 Thank You © MMVI Alex Bikfalvi This presentation is for informational purposes only. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, in this summary.

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