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Drawing & Document Management System or DMS

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1 Drawing & Document Management System or DMS
Introduction to the System and its Features

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Introduction Searching Click an image to go to that section or continue on for Introduction Management

3 Introduction Our Goal: To provide our clients with a simple user friendly facility that will allow them to find, print and maintain their documentation. This is achieved in two main ways: Removing the complications associated with owning and maintaining a software package. Providing a simple yet effective user friendly alternative.

4 What you might have Documents stored electronically on a server, hard drive, collection of CDs or s. Paper copies of original documents e.g. A0 drawings and plans, red line drawing mark-ups. Several revisions of files making it hard to keep track of what is accurate and up to date. Many different people all needing access to the same files e.g. planners, technicians and drafters. Little time to worry about such things!

5 What you need A central location to store all of the document types you want managed and controlled. Easy access for your planners, technicians, drafters and anyone else who needs it. Peace of mind knowing your files are up to date, secure and regularly backed up. Tools and utilities to make managing your documents simple.

6 What PLC Solutions can do for you
Set up an online or onsite DMS. This system will track revisions, record document history and also has the ability for you to add comments or attachments to your documents. Scan any paper copies to PDF format and manage them in the system (up to A0 in colour). Electrical drawing creation or mark-ups. Keep the software updated, send you regular backups of your files and provide phone or support. On site training as required.

7 DMS Features Close Up Different user permissions.
Basic Access User Search for and download PDF copies of files (no access to original files). Upload Contributor User + access original files. Upload documents for a Manager to approve. Export system data. Approve Manager Contributor + approve uploads. Edit or create users and their permissions. Run reports. Different user permissions. PDF versions of each file for easy viewing and printing. Add new or revised files in either single or bulk; or get us to do it! Export and import to the system in excel friendly .csv format. Generate reports straight from the system for uploads, downloads, users or documents under change.

8 Additional Features Available
Maintain a list of Critical Equipment (confined spaces, fire systems etc.) linking these to managed documents. Create Standard Jobs with inspection sheets and links to managed documents that can be easily printed out from the system. Manage Project Documentation with extra features such as contractor access, issue tracking and in-depth history for each document. End of Introduction

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Introduction Searching Click an image to go to that section or continue on for Searching Management

10 Searching The facility to search for and use documents is one of the most important for any document management system. Therefore the PLC Solutions DMS is primarily built around this purpose. The system can be tailored to match each site’s unique set up, meaning that different search methods will be better for some users over others. Before we have a look at the 3 searching methods we will briefly look at some particulars with searching.

11 The Dashboard The main page of the DMS where searches and downloads occur. There will be differences on the dashboard depending on your user level in the system.

12 Things to Know - Limits There is a limit on the results you will be shown after a search - to ensure the webpage is not over loaded with results. If you have more results than the limit the box to the right will be shown. You can either refine the search or increase your search limit.

13 Things to Know – Partial Searches
You can search on parts of a document number or document key words in the system. For example: Document Number: Good Number Searches: 123 , 45-7 , 789 Bad Number Searches: 345 (missing -) Document Keywords: CV101 Conveyor Single Line Drawing SLD Good Keyword Searches: CV101 , 101 Con , CV SLD , Conveyor Single Bad Keyword Searches: CV-101 (no -) , Con Singleline (needs space)

14 1. Document Number Searching
Every document in the DMS, whether it is a drawing, manual or work procedure, is given a document number. It could be a drawing number from a titleblock or a site approved naming standard for manuals and procedures. You can search on this number.

15 2. Keyword Searching Every document in the DMS can have up to 6 lines of description; these descriptions are used for Keyword Searches. They can include any information required, and naturally the more information stored in the system the more likely it is to be easily found. These descriptions are easily edited by someone with the right permissions.

16 3. Category and Filter Searching
Every document in the DMS must be given a Category and Sub Category, and can be given up to 10 Filters. By selecting any one of these drop down boxes the rest will reduce their contents to items only matching that filter. For example – select Plant Type Conveyor and Tag Numbers limits itself to CV numbers.

17 Typical Categories and Filters
Categories: CHPP Civil Sub Categories: MCC or Tag Numbers CHPP Electrical Process Areas CHPP Mechanical Document Types Raw Coal Train Loading Safety Documents Site Services Filters: Document Type Drawing Type Plant Type Project Tag Number Discipline Manufacturer

18 Combination Searching
As you experience DMS searching you might start using a combination of any of the 3 search methods: Document Number: Document Keywords: CV101 Conveyor Single Line Drawing SLD First Select the Category CHPP Electrical Then the Filter – Plant Type Conveyor You could then select the Filter – Tag Number CV101 Or perhaps the Filter – Drawing Type Single Line This sort of searching can be done in any order and can contain as much or as little criteria as you need to find the document. If the information is well set up simply selecting a tag number for example might get you where you need to be.

19 Listed Results Once you have a successful search you will see results listed like below. By clicking on the links on the right side of the page you can download a single document, either its original or a PDF copy (base users will only have the PDF option). You can also use the tick boxes on the left of the page to select multiple documents and then use one of the tools on the bottom of the dashboard (see next slide).

20 Downloading Tools You can download multiple original or PDF documents, create a PDF ‘book’ of them or mark selected as ‘Under Change’. You can also add documents to the Cart from multiple searches and then use the same tools and more on a larger amount of documents. End of Searching

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Introduction Searching Click an image to go to that section or continue on for Management Management

22 Management Management on the DMS is comprised of 3 things:
Management of Files Management of Data Management of Users A Base User on the system does not have access to any of the management functions. A Contributor can access some management functions but will often need approval from a manager. A Manager can access all of the management functions as well as reports.

23 File Management - Uploading
New Document Add a single new document to the system. A quick way to add a few documents to the system which allows you to add all the information needed (view next slide). Batch Import Wizard Add batches of files. Can be new documents, updated revisions or overwrites of existing documents. Documents can be uploaded easily with minimal information; to upload a batch of files with the same level of information you need to provide a CSV file full of information. PLC Solutions can show you how to do this.

24 File Management – New Document
Select your Files Select Approver and Categories Select Descriptions and Filters

25 File Management - Tools
Number Generator A tool to suggest document numbers available in the system. You can then reserve those numbers for future use. The number generator setup can be done by PLC Solutions or a manager on your site. Rename Documents There are two rename tools to that can be used to either rename a single document or use a csv script to batch rename. Also if you are using the Critical Equipment Register you can rename an item from here.

26 File Management – Cart Management
A number of tools can be accessed by first adding documents to the Cart and then selecting Cart Management on the Dashboard. Download or documents Delete documents Update Categories for documents

27 Data Management - Single
Add or change information on the spot by clicking on the document number in the results list. ‘click’

28 Data Management - Batch
The utility to export metadata from the system is available to both system contributors and managers. Contributors only have limited functions. Managers have more ability. Metadata includes information such as Descriptions and Filters. Once exported, it is edited external from the system using a purpose-built Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Only Managers may upload the edited data back into the system.

29 User Management Create or Edit Users by selecting Management Menu on the dashboard. ‘click’ ‘click’ End of Management

30 Thank you for your time looking into the PLC Solutions DMS Have a nice day☺

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