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Smarter Information Management Presenter: Dianne Macaskill Chief Executive Archives New Zealand.

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1 Smarter Information Management Presenter: Dianne Macaskill Chief Executive Archives New Zealand




5 Our Approach The outcome should support good information management practices that are consistent with good business practice and agency needs. Develop as knowledge improves Continuous improvement Based on risk to agency Support value for government

6 Some Archives Responses Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative – consistent message to suppliers of recordkeeping tools Archives New Zealand and the New Zealand CIO are working together with other Public Record Offices and CIOs on smarter information management A suite of products called Continuum has been developed to provide advice and guidelines e.g. managing email In New Zealand we are leading an across government digital sustainability project – working with all agencies to ensure that information survives for as long as it is needed - identifying practical, across government and value for money solutions Public Records Act 2005 – mandates good information management and is outcomes focussed - audits will start in June 2010 - audits will be based on standards, identify progress and be based on risk management

7 Future Focussed Responses A framework for managing information (Create and Maintain Information standard) Practical guidelines for implementing the framework (Recordkeeping Metadata standard) These can be applied to all electronic recordkeeping systems including EDRMS, business systems, shared work spaces

8 Framework for Managing Information – provides a comprehensive approach Principles Recordkeeping must be planned and implemented Full and accurate records of business activity must be made – where it is normal prudent business practice to do so Records must provide authoritative and reliable evidence of business activity Records must be managed systematically The standard has requirements for each of the principles based on outcomes

9 Just Good Sense Example of the Outcome Focussed Approach – these are supported by Archives New Zealand Continuum products Recordkeeping Must be Planned and Implemented -Overall responsibility – one person -Policies -Procedures -Responsibilities clearly defined e.g. managers, staff, volunteers, contractors -Monitoring and evaluation

10 Embedding a recordkeeping framework in electronic systems ( Recordkeeping Metadata) Drew on work done by the National Archives of Australia Based on International Standards ISO 23081 – Metadata for records Gives the same message across Australasia Supports product development Applies to business systems, desktop systems, shared work spaces etc Metadata Connects information to other information (context) Allows use of records through time Authenticity Integrity Reliability

11 Should be able to automate Name Date of creation Who created What is being done Version Dates of actions Person doing the action Action undertaken Management over time

12 BUT Our solutions are still based on paper methods We need to have more intuitive ways of managing electronic information – intelligent business records Mainly working agency by agency - next focus is assessing value for government through joint solutions


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