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Behavior Management Pines Behavioral Health Services.

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1 Behavior Management Pines Behavioral Health Services

2 What is Behavior Management? Behavior Management is the use of therapeutic interventions designed to change a persons behavior. When the interventions used involve something that is restrictive, and therefore impacts the persons rights, a behavior management review committee must review these interventions

3 What types of interventions are reviewed? Intrusive techniques (observation during times which are generally private, or impinging upon personal space) Use of token economies (points, chips, etc. given to be exchanged for something else) Psychotropics used for behavioral control (meds prescribed to prevent harm, and not related to a mental illness) Restrictive programs/techniques including restraints (limits rights, movement, etc.)

4 What types of techniques are prohibited and therefore not reviewed? Aversive Techniques (infliction of negative stimuli such as water misting, mouthwash, etc.) Physical Management (physically restricting movement) Restraint (use of a device to restrict movement) Seclusion (placed in a room that one is unable to get out of

5 What happens during a behavior management committee? The case management/supports coordinator or plans author presents the behavior management plan to committee members History of problem – frequency and severity What previous interventions have been used Specifics of the behavior plan – what is the goal, what are the objectives, how implemented, how evaluated including timeframes The committee also looks for positive behavioral support to occur Committee either approves or disapproves the plan Committee determines next date of review – generally every 3 months

6 Who sits on the behavior management review committee? A psychologist with experience in applied behavior analysis A psychiatrist The recipient rights officer Community Members (families, advocates, consumers) Director of Community Support Services

7 How do you refer a plan to the behavior management committee Contact Vicky Petty

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