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Classroom Management Preparing for the First Days of School By J.O.

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1 Classroom Management Preparing for the First Days of School By J.O.

2 Teach Like Your Hairs on Fire This is the issue that overshadows all others in the world of education. It is the matter of classroom management.

3 If your class is not in order, nothing good will follow. There will be no learning. The kids will not read, write, or calculate better. Children will not improve their critical thinking. Character cannot be built. Good citizenship will not be fostered. --Rafe Esquith

4 Effective Classroom Management will Minimize Discipline Problems in the Classroom Effective teachers manage their classrooms with procedures and routines. (Wong, 2005)

5 Ineffective teachers discipline their classrooms with threats and punishment. (Wong, 2005)

6 A Classroom of Fear The teacher is afraid: afraid of looking bad, of not being liked, of not being listened to, of losing control. The student is even more afraid: afraid of being scolded and humiliated, of looking foolish in front of peers, of getting bad grades, of facing their parents wrath. Teach Like Your Hairs on Fire by Rafe Esquith

7 The Purpose of Education To Make the World a Better Place

8 We spend so much time trying to raise class averages

9 We push students to run faster and jump higher

10 Shouldnt we also try to help them become better human beings?

11 Replace fear with trust

12 Give a positive and patient response to all questions

13 Children depend on us, so be dependable

14 Discipline must be logical Once the kids see you as unfair, youve lost them.

15 You are a role model

16 I am considerate of other people If we can help kids achieve a state of empathy for the people around them, weve accomplished a lot.

17 I have a personal code of behaviour and I follow it A personal code of behaviour resides within the soul of an individual. Teach this by pointing out this behaviour in others.

18 At the core of classroom management is the culture of the classroom Display bright posters and student work Post your expectations

19 Create a positive classroom environment Develop clear and effective procedures and routines Clearly communicate expectations for behaviour Teach all procedures to your students. Rehearse and reinforce as necessary. Be consistent Be prepared

20 My Pledge to Students I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work. I will work with you to meet learning goals. I will offer extra help and alternative assessments should you require them.

21 Eeks! Its the first day of school! Relax. It will be a good day.

22 Plan your lesson Plan too much Photocopy everything you need before Labor Day Weekend Organize your materials Write an agenda on the board Write a script for what you will say to your students Prepare a seating plan Prepare a bell work activity

23 Its show time! Be sure you have used the washroom Greet students at the door Instruct students to find their seats and begin the bell work activity Close the door when the bell rings Discuss expectations TEACH classroom procedures

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