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Time Management McMaster Engineering Society Academics Week.

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1 Time Management McMaster Engineering Society Academics Week

2 Presented by: Emily Au Electrical and Biomedical Engineering IV MES President Erin Middaugh Engineering Physics V ESSCO AGM Chair

3 What if you received $24 a day, every day? How does this relate to time management?

4 What happens if we dont practice good time management? Stress Tasks take longer Illness/fatigue Disorganization Becoming behind in classes

5 What is time management? TM refers to a range of skills, tools and techniques used to manage events in your life in relation to time.

6 Strategies 1. Use Planning Tools 2. Set Priorities 3. Get Organized 4. Schedule 5. Ask For Help 6. Stop Procrastinating! 7. Avoid Multi-Tasking 8. Stay Healthy

7 1. Use Planning Tools

8 2. Set Priorities Urgent Not urgent Important Not important

9 3. Get Organized Time management experts say that we spend about 7 hours per week just looking for things or being distracted by clutter

10 4. Schedule When do you learn best? Plan to do something, then actually do it!

11 5. Ask For Help Ask your Professor questions! Go to TA/Prof office hours Academic Advisor drop in: JHE-A214, 1:30 – 4:00, Mon-Fri Thode Basement, Math help center (HH 104) Upper Years BLUE Lounge

12 6. Stop Procrastinating Do any of these apply to you?

13 7. Avoid Multi-Tasking - Multitasking does not save time, it limits concentration and restricts focus! - Avoid watching movies/TV/texting while you study. You will save time and study more efficiently

14 8. Stay Healthy In the transition to University, dont forget to stay healthy Schedule in time for runs, work outs, and remember to eat healthy Staying healthy helps to reduce stress, and helps develop a healthy daily routine

15 Activity – Time Management Please get into groups of 3 or 4 RED letters mark conditions that must apply – example: 8:30am – 6:00pm. The activity must happen in between those times. Blue items can not move Try to fit all items in your schedule!

16 The Calendar is you Planning Tool You must Set Priorities to determine which item is more important to complete Get Organized, which pieces are left to use? How many more do you have left? The task is to Schedule your week Were here to help you, so Ask For Help. Stop Procrastinating! Get off your phone/Facebook! Only focus on one block at a time Avoid Multi-Tasking Stay Healthy? Did you eat breakfast? Relation to the Presentation

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