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Albania Good practices and Gaps 13 December 2013.

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1 Albania Good practices and Gaps 13 December 2013

2 Waste management in Albania is regulated by Law No.8025 date 9.11.1995,on Radiation protection from ionizing radiation, amended on 2008 Article 2 point f) define that Radioactive waste means all spent radioactive sources or materials contaminated with radioactive materials, which no longer serve a useful purpose. Article 3 require Every legal and physical person is subject to the provisions of this law, who …use and deposit radioactive waste. 13 December 2013

3 Regulation on safe management of radioactive waste No 8, date7.1.2010 Article 3 define the Responsable institutions a. Radiation Protection Commission (RPC) defines the policies related to the treatment of the radioactive waste in collaboration with other institutions. b. RPC support the process of return DSRS back to the producer c. Institute of Applied Nuclear Physics ( IANP) is the institution in charge for the processing of all radioactive waste produced in Albania. 13 December 2013

4 The main issues of this regulation are The obligation of the user of the source for the treatment of the waste The management of radioactive waste The management of the liquid radioactive waste The management of the solid radioactive waste The transport of radioactive waste Conditioning and storage of radioactive waste Cover of the waste treatment cost Limits of concentrations and the total activity of the main radioisotope for the liquid waste released into municipal sewer system Categorisation of the radiotoxicity group of radionuclides 13 December 2013

5 Albanian parliament on February 24th 2011 has approved the law on adhering in the Joint Convention. RPC has approved the document on National Policy for the safety radioactive waste management in Republic of Albania No.1319/3 date 25.03.2013 Radiation Protection Commission since 2004 is working toward implementation of "Code of Conduct on Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources" 13 December 2013

6 Policy and Strategy National Strategy is not established missing clarification on: waste characterization, clear schema of financing waste management facility, establishment of liquid processing option, establishment of time frame for the strategy implementation. 13 December 2013

7 The legal framework and regulatory infrastructure for safe management of DSRS. Establishment of a new regulation for safe management of DSRS in disposal. Guides regarding safe management of radioactive sources in the regulation on safe radioactive waste management are missing elements (Clearance to be in compliance with IAEA requirements) There is no enough attention in the decommissioning process. There are missing elements for final disposal (requirements) There are gaps on implementation of international obligation There is no full management system for regulatory body There is no clear way for promotion regulation and guides, as well as public involvement There is no written methodology for establishing a national strategy for regaining control of orphan sources 13 December 2013

8 New classification for radioactive waste Consideration to be given to no radiological hazards Establishing on time for periodic review of safety case Preparation and implementation on appropriate operating procedures Establishment and maintenance of safety culture Establishment of a new regulation for safe management of DSRS in disposal Establishment of management system Establishment of procedures for the processing of the radioactive waste in the storage facility Review of the document of the acceptance criteria Establishment and maintaining on guidance of safety case Clear requirements for location and design, construction and commissioning, operation, decommissioning Establishment of the procedures for the public hearing and public involvement 13 December 2013

9 Thank you 13 December 2013

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