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2 O VERVIEW OF S ERVICES BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL Pre-Departure Preparation Documentation Collection Packing Pointers Procedures While on Tour Personal Safety Considerations Crime Awareness, Avoidance and Prevention Environmental and Health Concerns Crisis Management and Response Crisis Management Team (CMT) Crisis Management Procedure and Response 2

3 C RISIS M ANAGEMENT D EFINITION A crisis is an event that significantly disrupts Pony Club Australias normal operations, has caused or is likely to cause severe distress or have severe consequences for individual team members or Pony Club Australia, and requires out of ordinary measures to restore order and normality, thus demanding immediate action from Pony Club Australia Senior Management. Crisis can come in various forms, and can include events that threaten Pony Club Australias reputation, image, assets, financial stability or more importantly the safety and security of the touring team and support staff. With the touring team a crisis may be precipitated by a critical or serious incident. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 3

4 C RISIS M ANAGEMENT The aim of the Crisis Management Plan is for Pony Club Australia to have a response in place prior to any emergency, serious or critical incident. A critical incident or series of such incidents becomes a crisis when its nature, severity or broader consequences for an organisation warrant a response beyond the capacity of routine programme management mechanism, i.e. requiring leadership and coordination for Pony Club Australia management. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 4

5 C RISIS M ANAGEMENT Examples of an event or situation that would trigger the Crisis Management Plan include but are not limited to: Missing player/team Any serious illness or injury Incident causing multiple causalities and requiring urgent medical response (medical, operational evacuation) Arrest or detention Natural disasters requiring evacuation Terrorist event(s) or an extreme terror threat Political unrest Abduction, kidnap or hostage taking Other security situations or events causing a high degree of threat to Pony Club Australia, event, player(s), team and support staff BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 5

6 C RISIS M ANAGEMENT T EAM The Crisis Management Team manages a crisis situation at senior level (Pony Club Australia). A CMT is activated when a serious or critical incident or any other situation is determined to be a crisis by Pony Club Australia senior management. A Crisis Management Plan describes mechanisms, responsibilities and protocols to be activated by Pony Club Australia in the event of a crisis. Creation of a decision making structure and delineation of responsibilities prior to an incident will make certain that all involved are aware of their roles and are prepared. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 6

7 R ATIONALE & O BJECTIVES The objective of crisis preparedness is to mitigate the impact of an incident. Strong capacity for crisis response and preparedness is necessary in order to: Prevent (further) harm and ensure the health and/or safety of the player(s), team and support staff affected by the crisis. Assure families of team members and support staff of a responsible and effective response by Pony Club Australia. Ensure continued organisational management and output during the crisis. Ensure programme and event continuity (if deemed appropriate) Fulfil Pony Club Australias responsibilities to team, support staff and families. Safeguard the image and reputation of Pony Club Australia. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 7

8 C RISIS M ANAGEMENT P LAN Whilst every incident is unique and will require a tailored response, it is paramount that essential capacities are in place before an incident occurs, this will enable Pony Club Australia to adequately manage the situation in real time. These capacities are stipulated in the Crisis Management Plan, which outlines: Definitions of various types of crisis Decision making structures for activating (and terminating) formal crisis response mechanisms, illustrated by flowcharts for decision making and communications. Roles and responsibilities of the key people. Protocols and formats ( SOPs, guidelines, reporting, journey management, checklists etc.) BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 8

9 C RISIS M ANAGEMENT T EAM - CMT CMTs form the core of Crisis Management Plans. A CMT is automatically activated when a critical or serious incident is classified as a crisis by the President of Pony Club Australia. The CMT is exclusively dedicated to the successful resolution of the crisis, and will operate outside of the regular management structures of Pony Club Australia and its associates. CMT members report directly to the Head of the CMT rather than their regular line managers. The composition and functioning of the CMT will be defined by the following key characteristics: BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 9

10 C RISIS M ANAGEMENT T EAM – C ONT.. Due to the structure and management of Pony Club Australia the CMT will be small as possible yet will include the areas of expertise necessary to allow fast decision making and information flows, as well as efficient information management Diverse expertise, namely: Administration, Operations, Human Resources, Financial, Security and Communications. Input from other areas of expertise and disciplines should be sought as required, although these are not normally permanent CMT members. Ability to implement decisions; a problem solving, can- do attitude. All members are able to fulfil their respective roles and responsibilities (experienced, fully trained and available), which are clearly delineated BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 10

11 CMT R ESPONSIBILITES Key responsibilities of the CMT include: Operational decision-making concerning the crisis and the effected person(s), team Defining and implementing a response strategy Authority to ensure implementation of the strategy Defining and implementing a media strategy (if needed) Managing team, family support and liaison Consulting with all relevant international and external stakeholders Managing all information during the crisis Defining the moment the crisis ends, dismantling the CMT, and handing-over to regular Pony Club Australia management. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 11

12 CMT C OMPOSITION CMT members are pre-identified based on their skill and competencies. Every CMT member should have at least one shadow/replacement to ensure presence when the primary CMT member is unavailable due to work commitments, personal commitments, illness, holidays etc. Replacements must also be pre-identified for the regular roles of CMT members, to guarantee continued functionality of Pony Club Australia during the crisis. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 12

13 C OMPOSITION OF THE CMT The composition of the CMT may vary depending on the type of crisis, but will always include: CMT Leader which will be the President of Pony Club Australia or nominated person Crisis Coordinator Crisis Assistant Human Resources Communications Financial Logistics BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 13

14 C OMPOSITION – C ONT ….. Depending on the type of crisis, input and expertise may be sought from: Security and Risk Specialist Head of operations in the country concerned Subject Matter Expert (SME) Bio security Medical specialist Legal specialist Human Resource specialist Government BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 14

15 Pony Club President Crisis Coordinator Business Risks International LogisticsFinancialHRCommunications CMT - Responsibilities CMT - Responsibilities Senior Management 24/7 On-Call Protocol Overseas Communication point of contact Reporting Incidents to managers Maintaining communication network throughout the club Administration Team Support Family Support Welfare Follow up support Preparation and control of the itinerary Maintain emergency travel and accommodation contingency plans Maintain necessary insurance coverage Emergency funding protocols C RISIS M ANAGEMENT T EAM Crisis Assistant

16 CMT P OSITIONS Senior Management Pony Club Australia President The decision maker of Pony Club Australia and determines the activation of the Crisis Management Plan and the direction and management of the crisis. Crisis Coordinator (this position can rotate but must always be filled) Liaison between CMT members and President Stays at crisis centre and coordinates all activities of CMT decisions. Crisis Assistance Reports directly to Crisis Coordinator and attends to any administration needs of CMT During CMP activation maintains crisis log with all discussions, occurrences, decisions and task allocation. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 16

17 CMT P OSITIONS – C ONT …. Security – Business Risks International Provides professional security, emergency and crisis management expertise and advice on request of Pony Club Australia. Crisis Management Team Members Communications Maintains communication with Team Manager and point of contact for family, stakeholders and media. Human Resources Maintain overall group well being and organise appropriate services Logistics Determine, prepare and maintain groups travel and prepare emergency travel/accommodation contingency. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 17

18 CMT P OSITIONS – C ONT …. Financial Maintain and authorises emergency funding Provide CMT with legal and financial advice Travelling Group Manager Coordinates all activities in Country Point of contact for CMT members Liaison and contact for event host BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 18

19 M EDIA M ANAGEMENT The following measures are sensible during most crisis (regardless of the level of media interest) Instruct all Pony Club Australia staff not to speak to media. Contain info-leakage by briefing staff on what information they can and cannot share with family members, Pony Club members, associations and stakeholders. Monitor local, national and international media reporting on the incident. Remain acutely aware, and try to influence, relationships between the various stakeholders and pony club associations and the media. Instruct all media inquiries to the Communication Manager. Communication Manager to deliver media briefings. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 19

20 C OMMUNICATING WITH THE MEDIA Provide information in a timely manner Never speculate on any aspect of the situation and be familiar with all current events prior to speaking with the media. Provide facts, sources and relevant material Decide if the issues are causing high concern locally, nationally or internationally and tailor your response accordingly. Be sure to safe guards Pony Club Australias privacy and that of the team members, support staff and effected families. Provide readily available points of contact Correct any information errors immediately Comment only on Pony Club Australias business Try to avoid answering hypothetical questions Maintain an open and positive demeanour BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 20

21 P OST -C RISIS F OLLOW -U P Although the extent of follow up is dependent on the incident type, all crisis interventions require some degree of follow-up Aftercare Pony Club Australia will ensure that effected team members, support staff, colleagues and family members who were effected or witnessed the incident, others who may be psychologically affected by the incident, crisis team members, all receive appropriate aftercare. The appointment of a case manager may facilitate and streamline coordination of the aftercare process. Information Management All relevant documents and electronic data related to the incident will be filed at Pony Club Australias head office. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 21

22 P OST C RISIS F OLLOW U P – C ONT …. Debrief and Evaluation A thorough operational debrief will be had with all involved in the crisis and the management. This will allow for a proper analysis of the incident, and a review of quality in the crisis management. The debriefing will be documented, and lessons learnt will feed into the review of the Pony Club Australia crisis response planning. Follow-Up with External Stakeholders Pony Club Australia will make provisions for the extension of gratitude to all relevant parties for their efforts in helping to resolve the incident. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 22

23 P OST C RISIS F OLLOW U P – C ONT …. Operational Implications The crisis or incident is likely to alter Pony Club Australias risk profile in the context in which the crisis or incident that occurred. Perceptions, organisational image, relations with key stakeholders and associations, and potentially organisational risk thresholds in particular contexts, may have shifted. Thus, a review of the risk analysis maybe necessary. Pony Club Australia will liaise with Business Risks International to review the implications and best course of action(s). BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 23

24 C RISIS M ANAGEMENT - T RAINING AND D RILLS Training and drills are essential to have an effective response during a time of crisis. Pony Club Australia will train each CMT member in their roles and responsibilities. Exercises, drills and tests will be utilised for continued best practice once the CMT had been trained in the proper procedures and their respective roles. As part of best practice and ongoing standards Pony Club Australia will conduct training scenarios and drills to maintain standards and operational readiness. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 24

25 C RISIS M ANAGEMENT O VERVIEW Pony Club Australia has provided an overall Crisis Management Plan to handle any unforseen incident or emergency involving travelling teams. Included in the plan are: Creation of a framework for CMT members responsibilities. Creation of specific Pony Club Australia procedures for travelling teams. The implementation of a Travelling Team Manager and their responsibilities. Provisions to call on the experience of outside resources. Implementation of training sessions and drills to ensure the Crisis Management Plans readiness. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 25

26 C RISIS R ESPONSE F LOW C HART Club President declares emergency No Yes, CMP Initiated Contact Risk Consultant Compile Incident Report and Debrief Arrive at Operations Center Return to Business as Usual CMT Contacted Team Manager Briefings and Situation Reports Plan of action determined and operations coordinated Return to Business as Usual Incident or Emergency HRLogisticsFinance Prepare for release of emergency funds Confirm Insurance Policies Determine and prepare travel and accommodation contingencies Notify families as necessary Welfare Communication Regular Reports for CMT Keeps group appraised of developments Assess immediate response requirements Liaise with Pony Club CMT Deploy Incident Coordinator Place additional resources on standby as needed Liaise with Emergency Authorities

27 M ISSING T EAM M EMBER ( S ) F LOW C HART Activation of missing team member(s) procedure by Team Manager Pony Club Australia Management notified Security Consultant notified Team Manager to obtain all necessary information and make initial inquiries to locate member. Brief Pony Club Australia - President Commence Preliminary Investigation Obtain all information from Team Manager Liaise with President Pony Club Australia Contact Hotel security manager or billeted family Contact any other persons whom the team member had contact with Contact Australian High Commission and DFAT Member/Team located Yes No Travelling Team Manager to de-brief with Senior Management Senior Management activate CMT Return to business as usual

28 C HECKLIST GENERAL Crisis response plan updated and distributed to relevant persons. CMT members, including shadows/replacements identified. CMT training/workshops conducted at regular intervals and roles and responsibilities of CMT members clearly identified and well understood. Mechanisms in place to ensure the presence of at least one CMT member of each discipline at all times. 24 hour access to a suitable office. Office should have all necessary equipment available. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 28

29 C HECKLIST C ONTINUED Human Resources Management Have all necessary personnel information available. Have contact details for next of kin and emergency contact details. Insurance policies and travel documentation available. Health information (subject to privacy issues). Contact details of all stakeholders. Contact details for welfare support. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 29

30 C HECKLIST C ONTINUED Protocols, Flowcharts and Formats Crisis Management Team Composition Decision making flowchart. Crisis response protocol. Operations Human Resources Communications Logistics Security Financial Travelling Team Manager protocol and communication Missing team member protocol. BUSINESS RISKS INTERNATIONAL - COPYRIGHT 2011 - ORIGINAL 30


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