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BMAN10780 – Business and Management Skills: Role of Academic Advisors Simon French Anna Goatman

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1 BMAN10780 – Business and Management Skills: Role of Academic Advisors Simon French Anna Goatman

2 The Team Linda Whittle You all! Simon FrenchAnna Goatman

3 What is Business and Management Skills? A 10 credit 2-semester course A compulsory course for over 500 first year management students A structured means of academic advisors and students getting to know each other –A replacement for the personal tutoring system

4 Core course on: BSc Management/Management (specialism) BSc International Management (IM)/International Management with American Business Studies (IMABS) BA International Business, Finance and Economics (IBFE) BSc Information Technology Management for Business / with Industrial Experience (ITMB/ITMBIE) BSc Management and Information Systems (MAIS)/BSc Accounting Management and Information Systems (AMAIS) 4

5 Course Objectives To provide students with the knowledge to help them monitor, review, plan and take responsibility for their own learning and professional development. To provide a broad overview of business, management and professionalism. To stimulate interest in current developments of business and management. 5

6 Course Structure 3 strands of activity a)Lectures Simon French, Anna Goatman, + others b)Timetabled seminars Every other week (5 seminars in each semester) Given by you (academic advisors) to your group of 15 students c)Non timetabled small group work and some individual support Facilitated by you, face to face or electronically

7 Course Timetable – Semester 1 WeekLectureSeminar FreshersIntroduction to Course 1Introduction to Management 2Research and Library Skills Seminar 1 Introductions PDP Formative Essay 3 Multiple perspectives: taking a multi-disciplinary view 4Group Dynamics and Management Seminar 2 Report writing and essay skills Introduction of small group projects 5Ethics and Management 6Reading week – No lecture 7History of Management and the Professions Seminar 3 Presentation skills 8Management Processes 1 9Management Processes 2 Seminar 4 Students presentations (assessed) 10Directors lecture 11No Lecture Seminar 5 Exam/ Revision Skills 12No Lecture

8 Course Timetable – Semester 2 WeekLectureSeminar 1 Introduction to the semester Contrasting the Public and Private Sectors 2No Lecture Seminar 6 Reflections on Semester 1 PDPs 3 Management Functions 1: Operations Management 4No Lecture Seminar 7 Discussion of how to critique academic papers. Advisors academic interests 5 Management Functions 2: Marketing 6No Lecture Seminar 8 No seminar – One-to-one individual meetings 7 Management Functions 3: Human Resources Management 8No Lecture Seminar 9 Student Presentations (assessed) 9 Management Functions 4: Information Systems Management 10No Lecture Seminar 10 2 nd year options 11No Lecture 12No Lecture

9 Assessment and Feedback Semester 1 –Individual 1000-word essay (formative) –Group presentation on a current business issue (5 students in each group) (45%) Semester 2 –Group presentation of a critique of current management paper (45%) –Development of individual personal development plan (10%)

10 What do Academic Advisors Do? Advise a group of 15 students Meet their group on a regular basis –Lead seminars (every other week over both semesters) –Assign students to smaller project groups for assessed coursework –Hold one-to-one meetings in the second semester Advise their group on academic issues –Signpost and offer support Support and assess the coursework done by their group Provide feedback to their group

11 What do Academic Advisors Get? The opportunity to work with a small group A chance to get to know the students A reminder about what it is like to be a first year student!

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