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Hospitality Management

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1 Hospitality Management
An Overview Hospitality Management

2 The Hospitality Administration program is designed to provide students with the competencies necessary for success in the hospitality and travel industry. The program prepares students for a wide variety of management careers, including positions in hotels, restaurants, resorts, private clubs, catering operations, events centers, school and hospital foodservices, and cruise ships, as well as procurement and vendor supplies. Students may specialize in food and beverage, lodging or culinary arts management. Overview Lamar University President James M. Simmons and wife Susan

3 Hospitality Management Offerings
Curriculum Hospitality Management Offerings

4 Graduate Program

5 The Master of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCSC) allows students to customize their coursework to their field of interest. Students benefit from additional faculty in other areas of expertise such as Dietetics. Master’s Program

6 Master’s Degree Sendi Gardner, CC
All graduate students in the Department are required to complete: Research Methods Graduate Statistics course. Thesis Route 30 Credit Hours 6 hours - Thesis 24 hours - Coursework 6 credits may be from outside of FCS department Non-Thesis Route 36 Credit Hours 12 credits may be from outside of FCS department Comprehensive written and oral exam covering all coursework Sendi Gardner, CC Goal is to open a Bed and Breakfast and teach at Lamar Graduated Lamar: August 2010 Expected Masters: January 2013 Master’s Degree

7 Course Work Bachelor’s
Year 1 Year 2 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry Food Preparation and Meal Management Lodging & Property Management Public Health and Safety Management Introduction to Accounting Commercial Food Production I Menu and Service Management Organizational Behavior &Management Beverage Management and Wine Appreciation Human Resources Management Course Work Bachelor’s

8 Course Work Bachelor’s
Year 3 Year 4 Convention, Meeting, and Catering Management Hospitality Industry Marketing Hospitality Law Facilities Layout and Design Food and Beverage Controls Travel and Tourism Quantity Foods Management Operational Analysis for Hospitality Managers Field Experience Computers in Hospitality Course Work Bachelor’s

9 Certification Programs
The Certificate Program is embedded in the Hospitality degree plan. Successful completion of certificate requirements will qualify students for entry-level or first-level supervisory jobs. The Culinary Arts certificate is an accredited program. In addition to Culinary Arts, students may earn certification in Hotel/Lodging Management and Restaurant Management. Certification Programs

10 Students may earn an become certified (C. C
Students may earn an become certified (C.C.) through our program accredited by the American Culinary Federation. In addition to Hospitality Coursework, they must take: Chef’s Essentials Nutrition Baking and Pastry Advanced Garde Manger Purchasing for Food Managers Externships Culinary Arts

11 Hotel / Lodging Management
In addition to some of the Hospitality Course work, students wishing to receive Hotel/Lodging Management certification must take: Front Office Management Housekeeping for Lodging Properties Hospitality Industry Law Hospitality Industry Marketing Operational Analysis Managerial Accounting Hospitality Practicum Hotel / Lodging Management

12 Restaurant Management
In addition to some of the Hospitality Course work, students wishing to receive Restaurant Management certification must take: Purchasing for Foodservice and Lodging Public / Institutional Facility Management Facilities Layout & Design Quantity Food Systems Management Hospitality Industry Law Hospitality Industry Marketing Practicum I and II Restaurant Management

13 A Brief Visual Tour

14 Faculty

15 Molly Dahm, PhD Associate Professor – Hospitality
Program Director, Hospitality/Culinary Arts Education: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Houston Master of Science, Florida International University Molly Dahm, PhD

16 Chef Charles Duit, CEC, AAC
Instructor – Culinary Arts Food Service Director, Buckner Retirement Services–Calder Woods Education: American Culinary Federation Chef Charles Duit, CEC, AAC

17 Linzay Fontenot Adjunct Professor, Hospitality
Graduated of Master’s Program December 2006 Linzay Fontenot

18 Willie Broussard, Jr., MBA
Associate Director of Academic Partnerships and Adjunct Professor, Hospitality Graduated: May 2003 Projected doctoral degree 2012 Willie Broussard, Jr., MBA

19 Current Students

20 Chelsea Moses Sophomore
Assistant Front Office Manager with Holiday Inn Express Goal is to one day own her own bakery Chelsea Moses

21 Emily Garlock Senior Market Basket Foods
Goal is to one day work with Disney Cruise Lines Emily Garlock

22 Junior President of Alpha Sigma Beta (Hospitality Student Organization) Cook at Celeste Tamales and Ford Park Entertainment Center Jessica Flores

23 José Perales Senior Suga’s Deep South Cuisine and Jazz Bar
Goal is to own his own restaurant José Perales

24 Senior Prep Cook Sodexho/Christus St Mary’s Hospitality Louann Walker

25 Rachel McGee Ashley Kingsberry Junior Rao’s Bakery
Senior Culinary Lab Student Assistant & Cake Decorator Goals are to be a Chef and Restaurant manager Junior Rao’s Bakery Wants to open her own bakery Ashley Kingsberry Rachel McGee

26 Jessica Boulos Toni Alvarado Senior Goals to work in hotel in Lebanon
HEB Produce Department Toni Alvarado

27 Some of Our Alumni Where they are now

28 Casey Gates, CC Tim Simeon, CC Executive Chef
Sous Chef Sodexo/Christus Saint Elizabeth Hospital Graduated: December 2004 Executive Chef Sodexo/Christus Saint Mary’s Hospital Graduated: May 2005 Tim Simeon, CC Casey Gates, CC

29 Chuck Harris, CCC Cheddar’s Restaurants Beaumont / Port Arthur
Graduated: December 1999 Chuck Harris, CCC

30 Emily Stewart, CTE Director of Sales Holiday Inn Northwest Arboretum
Austin, Texas Emily Stewart, CTE

31 Aaron Wells Guest Services Manager
Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol Aaron Wells

32 Trenton R. Marshall, Esq. Director Office of Special Appointments
Texas Governor Rick Perry Trenton R. Marshall, Esq.

33 Christie Randall Food Service Manager
Beaumont Independent School District Graduated: May 2008 Christie Randall

34 Christina Pileggi Concierge Atria Collier Park
Event/Wedding Coordinator Pileggi Weddings Graduated: May 2010 Christina Pileggi

35 Katie Dupuis Front Office Manager Candlewood Suites
Graduated: December 2007 Katie Dupuis

36 Crystal Alexander Purchasing Agent Aramark
George R. Brown Convention Center Graduated August 2008 Crystal Alexander

37 Darrin Luebe Garland Tong Computer Software Analyst Houston, TX
Graduated: May 2001 Leasing Consultant Post Properties, Austin, Texas Garland Tong

38 Sara Guidry Josh Srader Sales Associate Sysco Foods
Graduated: August 2004 Sales Associate Glazier Foods Graduated: December 2005 Sara Guidry Josh Srader

39 Kimberley Wade, CC Line Cook Holiday Inn Beaumont Plaza
Graduated: August 2010 Kimberley Wade, CC

40 Lisa Blake Annika Bloch General Manager Assistant Manager Jason’s Deli
Graduated: August 2009 General Manager Texas Cattle Company Graduated: May 2005 Lisa Blake Annika Bloch

41 Yvonne Salazar Nathanael Deem Floor Manager Pappadeaux Restaurant
Graduated: August 2009 Kitchen Manager Pappadeaux Restaurant Graduated: May 2008 Nathanael Deem Yvonne Salazar

42 Courtney Williams Customer Service Representative
Delta Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel Graduated: December 2009 Courtney Williams

43 Bryoni Prentiss Culinary Arts Teacher Galena Park, Texas
Graduated: May 2008 Bryoni Prentiss

44 Program Support

45 Jairo, Ashley, Toni, Oliver
Our professional student group is Alpha Sigma Beta Jairo, Ashley, Toni, Oliver Emily, Rachel, Jessica Professional Affiliations

46 Professional Affiliations
We are fortunate to receive significant support from our local professional organizations. The Sabine Area Restaurant Association has provided a $250,000 endowment and over $300,000 in scholarships and equipment. Professional Affiliations

47 Professional Affiliations
The Golden Triangle Chefs Association includes many program graduates. Members of the association judge our salon competitions and sit on the Advisory Board of our accredited culinary arts program. Program Graduate Chef Duit Current Students Professional Affiliations

48 Professional Affiliations
Dr. Dahm is the Vice Chairman of the local Convention and Visitors Bureau Professional Affiliations

49 New Partnerships Bring New Opportunities
November 1, 2010 Dr. Ming-Yuan Wang of Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences and Dr. James Simmons of Lamar University sign Memorandum of Understanding. The two universities will work together to develop: 1) Study Abroad Program 2) 2+2 Bachelor’s Program 3) Online Master’s Program New Partnerships Bring New Opportunities


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