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Facilities Management

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1 Facilities Management
Overview for Resource Mgrs Paul Smith

2 Facilities Management
Background Information What is Facilities Management? Initial Impressions of Estates? Assessment of FM’s success so far? Plans going forward

3 Background Information
Resulting from SPR Go live 1 August 2011 Recruited FM’s Internally and Externally

4 What is Facilities Management?
The British Institute of Facilities Management says Facilities management is one of the fastest growing professions in the UK. Facilities managers are responsible for many of the buildings and services which support businesses and other types of organisation. At the University of Bristol we ...contribute to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day to day level, effective facilities management ensures Estate Operations provide a safe and efficient working environment...

5 What is Facilities Management?
Other key points of the FM industry Integration of the planning and management of a wide range of services both ‘hard’ (e.g. building fabric) and ‘soft’ (e.g. catering, cleaning, security, mailroom, and health & safety) to achieve better quality and economies of scale Cost-cutting initiatives of the 1970s and 1980s drove the requirement FM sector worth £40bn to £95bn to UK economy Formation of the BIFM in 1993, followed by the development of specialised training and a formal qualification

6 Objectives Objective To deliver the highest appropriate Facilities Management services to Academic and professional services staff within the University properties Deliverables Ensure that there is a proactive FM service Each building is properly managed with regard to H&S Estates are Customer focused Measurables Compliance with H&S estate responsibilities Project work delivered within Estate process Risks priced and evaluated Formal reports Occupier handbook Issues and complaints dealt with

7 Structure Bursar and Director of Estates Patrick Finch
Head of Facilities Management Paul Smith Facilities Manager Tim Ponting Senior Facilities Manager Peter Walker John Hammond Chris Kitson Jean Parr-Burman TBC Nicola Kerry Luke Calder Quality Services Manager Cheryl Beech 50% FM admin/Sec Natasha Watts

8 Capital Maintenance & Infrastructure Space & Asset management
FM in Estates FM Housekeeping Porters Maintenance Capital Maintenance & Infrastructure Health & Safety Capital Projects Sustainability Space & Asset management FM team the point of contact for occupiers Independent Facilities managers

9 Initial Impressions of the Estate?
Great properties with great work being done. But... Roof leaks, blocked toilets and “too hot” complaints are too common “poor responsiveness by maintenance” “Maintenance leave jobs unfinished”

10 Initial Impressions of the Estate?
a culture of questioning the need to complete statutory maintenance Poor housekeeping in some offices

11 Initial Impressions of Estates?
Service Levels for response and completion were not measured. Priority 1 - within 2 hours Priority 2 - within 24 hours Priority 3 - within 7 days Priority 4 - within 5 weeks

12 Assessment of FM’s success so far?
Focus on Customer service delivery Improved relationships with Estates and occupiers Greater transparency of Estates process Response of Reactive maintenance now meeting 80% for most jobs

13 Roles and Responsibilities
Plans going forward FM team start Interface with Users Roles and Responsibilities Reporting Review Internal team recruited Head of FM starts 15/8 Faculty mgrs meetings FM’s & Maintenance Zones Establish Performance targets FM Service Level Agreement Nov 2011 Langford FM start Nov 2011 Occupier handbook Dec 2011 Report management info to Users Helpdesk reports from Maintrix Compliance statement Review performance targets after 1 year Implement CAFM system Increase in Customer satisfaction

14 In other News Parviz Partow, Director Of Operations retiring in August
Recruiting a Head of Reactive Maintenance

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