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Plant Management Network Enhancing the health, management, and production of plants and the commodities they produce.

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1 Plant Management Network Enhancing the health, management, and production of plants and the commodities they produce.

2 Plant Management Network What is PMN? The Plant Management Network is a collaborative, multidisciplinary, electronic-only resource that provides credible, hands-on applied information to practitioners, researchers, educators, and other key stakeholders in the plant science community, worldwide.

3 What Does PMN Contain? Peer-Reviewed Journals Image Collections Field Trial Data Soybean Rust Information Center Searchable Databases Education and Training Center Internship Posting Service PMN Update Newsletter New Features in Development Lets Take a Look... Plant Management Network

4 PMN Home Page

5 PMN Peer-Reviewed Journals




9 Plant Management Network Plant Health Progress

10 Plant Management Network Sample Article

11 Plant Management Network Color Usage

12 Plant Management Network Color Enlargement

13 Plant Management Network Crop Management

14 Plant Management Network Forage and Grazinglands

15 Plant Management Network Applied Turfgrass Science

16 Article Types Peer-Reviewed Articles – Management Guides – Reviews – Applied Research – Diagnostic Guides – Briefs Non-Reviewed Articles – Industry News – Perspectives – Letters Plant Management Network

17 Indexed in Major Databases Indexed in AGRICOLA... and CAB Abstracts AGRICOLA – NAL Catalog

18 Nonprofit Journals Group Part of the N ONPROFIT J OURNALS G ROUP A consortium of the highest quality journals published by leading nonprofit scientific societies

19 Author Benefits Peer-Reviewed Publication Permanent Citation Timely Publication upon Acceptance Worldwide Readership No Page Charges Free Use of Color E-Mail Links to Corresponding Author Linkable Literature Citations Free PDF Copy of Completed Article Plant Management Network

20 PMN Call for Applied Papers Plant Health Progress Entomology, Plant Pathology, Nematology, IPM Crop Management Production Agriculture, Soil Science, Weed Science Forage and Grazinglands Forage, Range, and Conservation Management Applied Turfgrass Science All Areas of Turf Management

21 Plant Management Network PMNs Electronic Resources

22 Plant Management Network Extension Search

23 Plant Management Network PMN Cross-Journal Search

24 Plant Management Network Plant Science Database (DB)

25 Plant Management Network DB Product Listing

26 Plant Management Network DB Publication

27 Plant Management Network DB Publication

28 PMN Image Collections

29 Agricultural Information Center

30 Education and Training Center

31 Internship Posting Service

32 Plant Management Network Field Trials

33 Plant Management Network Variety Trials

34 Plant Management Network PMN Update News

35 PMN Resources and Partners: Complementary, not competitive Plant Management Network

36 What Sets PMN Apart? PMN is Totally Electronic PMN is Truly Multidisciplinary PMN Publishes Hands-On Information PMN is Directed to Practitioners and Educators in Applied Agriculture PMN Is a Cooperative Endeavor of Partners Plant Management Network

37 PMN Is Electronic-Only Electronic Submission, Review, and Publication Real-Time Publication as Each Article is Ready Both HTML and PDF Formats Color Expandable Images Interlinking Searchable Databases Email Contact with Authors Electronic Notification of New Articles

38 PMN Covers the Field Agronomy Crop Science Ecology Entomology Forage Management Forestry Horticulture IPM Plant Management Network Natural Resources Nematology Plant Pathology Range Science Seed Science Soil Science Turf Management Weed Science

39 PMNs Focus Is Practitioners Consultants and Managers Crop Advisers County Extension Personnel Extension Specialists Industry Field Representatives Golf Course Superintendents Pest Control Advisers Producers Researchers Educators and Students Plant Management Network

40 PMN PARTNERS Providing Science-Based Solutions in Agriculture Scientific Societies Professional Associations Land-Grant Universities International Research Centers Government Agencies Industry

41 Current Nonprofit Partners American Phytopathological Society American Society of Agronomy American Society for Horticultural Science Biopesticide Industry Alliance Canadian Society of Agronomy Canadian Phytopathological Society Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Crop Adviser Institute Crop Science Society of America Plant Management Network CropLife America Entomological Society of America National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants National Plant Diagnostic Network Plant Health Initiative Potash and Phosphate Institute Society of Nematologists USGA Green Section Weed Science Society of America

42 Current Industry Partners Plant Management Network

43 Participating Land-Grant Partners Current or Committed as of 2007

44 PMN: Gaining Access Worldwide

45 PMN Partners: Definitely Part of the Network Their Logo, Descriptive Profile, and Internet and Email Links Are Displayed throughout the PMN Site Their Own Web-Based Resources May Be Indexed in PMNs Plant Science Database Their Employees Receive Access by Personal and/or Library Subscription They Provide Strategic Input through the PMN Advisory Council They Join Other Stakeholders in Support of a Nonprofit Resource for the Applied Plant Sciences Plant Management Network

46 PMN Access Includes: Crop Management Plant Health Progress Forage and Grazinglands Applied Turfgrass Science Fungicide and Nematicide Tests Biological and Cultural Tests for Control of Plant Diseases Arthropod Management Tests Commodity Variety Trials PMN Image Collections Agricultural Information Center Education and Training Center Internship Posting Service PMNs Plant Science Database Partner Information PMN Update Newsletter... and All New Subscription Content as Developed

47 PMN Library Subscriptions Now Available To Learn More, Click Subscribe on PMNs Homepage: or Email: Plant Management Network

48 An Invitation from PMN Please Consider Participating as a Plant Management Network: Author, Subscriber, or Partner Plant Management Network

49 For More Information Miles Wimer Director 651 / 994-3860 Contact: Phil Bogdan Partner / Subscriber Relations 651 / 994-3859

50 Plant Management Network Title Slide Photographs Courtesy USDA / ARS

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