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Implementing NRCS Pest Management

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1 Implementing NRCS Pest Management
Posting “No Spray Zone” signs in all environmentally sensitive areas!

2 Targeting Pest Management
High Priority Areas Environmental Monitoring USGS, State Agencies, Agrichemical Companies Modeling NAPRA Regulatory Requirements TMDL SMP SDWA

3 Targeting Pest Management
The scope of NRCS pest management activities will vary widely across the country Variance based on: natural resource needs agency resources available state or local regulations

4 Targeting Pest Management
Environmental Monitoring Modeling Results Vulnerable/Sensitive Resources Special Use Resources Rarity of Resource District Priorities State Technical Committee Priorities State Government Programs

5 Targeting Pest Management
Cost Share or Incentive Programs Availability of Technical Assistance Areas of Low IPM Adoption Pest Outbreaks Expanding Commodities Commodity Group Support Crop Protection Industry Support

6 Partnerships We cannot succeed alone. We need to develop and maintain very close ties to: Extension Crop Consultants State Agricultural Agencies Commodity Groups Agrichemical Dealers Anyone else who influences recommendations

7 Partnerships “They” focus on Efficacy and Economics.
“We” focus on Environmental risks and appropriate mitigation strategies. But all three of these must be integrated into final pest management decisions. Together, we must deliver an integrated message and provide appropriate incentives for implementing reduced risk alternatives.

8 Pest Management Certification (NRCS)
Anyone can develop the pest management component of a conservation plan. Certification is only required to approve the pest management component of a conservation plan. NRCS certification is for Conservation Planners not Pest Advisors, although there may be some overlapping requirements.

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