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Contractor Management. Struggling with Contractor Management ? ? ? Getting purchasing on board? Specifically stating environmental compliance in contracts?

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1 Contractor Management

2 Struggling with Contractor Management ? ? ? Getting purchasing on board? Specifically stating environmental compliance in contracts? Senior leadership needs to commit? Departments and/or division leaders need to be aware of the policy? EMS implementation? Project managers understanding their roles? Do the people actually doing the work (sub contractors) understand what is expected of them? The list goes on and on………….

3 Why contractor Management??? Your organization needs to manage its environmental liability Communicating to contractors/vendors your organizations policies and/or procedures relating to environmental issues and concerns Ultimately, your organization is responsible for its suppliers and contractors when working for or on behalf of your organization ISO 14001 Standard 4.4.6 -c

4 Application to ISO 14001 ISO 14001.2004 section 4.4.6 - C Establishing, implementing and maintaining procedures related to the identified significant environmental aspects of goods and services used by the organization and communicating applicable procedures and requirements to suppliers, including contractors.

5 Chesterfield County Contractor Fun Facts County Wide approximately 3000 Department of General Services - > 500 Divisions have > 100 contractors

6 Chesterfield Countys Strategy Creating a county wide operational control Implementing the operational control with all active EMS teams and the purchasing department Phased approach starting with purchasing and moving through EMS teams Consistent documentation (0004, 0009, 0011)

7 Purchasing

8 Chesterfield Countys Purchasing Departments Role Grandfather Renewals when an environmental aspect has been identified by the project manager that is associated with a particular contract/purchase, the solicitation (i.e., IFB, RFP, Request for Quotation) shall include the following documents: Environmental Checklist Copy (PM) Environmental Guidelines (Con) Environmental Activity Statement (Con) Will develop language and place in the solicitation to: a) Require contractors to include in submitted pricing any costs associated with activities to ensure environmental compliance and minimize environmental impacts per Chesterfield County EMS requirements. b) Require all contractors/suppliers to complete the Contractor/Supplier Environmental Activity Statement and return with IFB/RFP/Written Quotation.

9 Contractor

10 Contractor Environmental Guidelines General Environmental Management Procedures Waste Disposal Equipment Decommissioning Water Discharges Material Storage/Spills Storm Water Management PCBs Asbestos Lead CFCs Environmental Activity Review

11 Water Discharges Discharge of materials to ANY sewer system, other than sanitary sewage, is prohibited without the prior consent of the Chesterfield County WWTP Plant Manager. Discharges of ANY material to outside drains other than storm water are prohibited under the established guidelines of the CLEAN WATER ACT. In the event that the WWTP Plant Manager approves discharges to sewers, the wastewater treatment plant must still be notified prior to discharges of any significant volume or any discharges that could affect the operations of the wastewater treatment plant.

12 Contractor Environmental Activity Statements Materials: What materials (chemicals, oils, etc.) and/or equipment will you be handling or bringing on site to perform the contracted work? Training: Your employees should be trained on the proper handling of materials and equipment, and the proper response to incidents involving these materials. Describe the training that your employees receive. Waste Generation: Will the activities or work you perform result in the generation of any wastes? YES or NO If YES, list the amounts and the types of wastes expected and the proposed disposal method

13 Project Manager

14 Environmental Checklist Building Maintenance Activities: Architectural Paint Removal (yes/no) Architectural Painting (yes/no) Hydro-blasting (yes/no) Sandblasting (yes/no) Surface Preparation / Treatments, such as floors and roof repair (yes/no) Purging or repair of distribution lines such as those for fuel, oil, or solvents (yes/no) Use of chemicals, solvents, caustics, acids, oils, etc. (yes/no) Use of herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides (yes/no)

15 Project Managers Role Will complete the Environmental Checklist for all projects/purchases identified as having potential environmental impacts. Will coordinate any activities needed to satisfy concerns relating to the Environmental Checklist. Will review and approve the Environmental Activity Statement along with the written recommendation for award and send to the Purchasing Department. Will assume full responsibility for contractor compliance with contracts that do not follow the purchasing process

16 Project Managers Role Aspect analysis is not only for EMS but for specific projects Aspects should be analyzed and your formal process followed for large projects

17 Communication

18 Communication Highways Contractor and Project Manager Project Manager and EMS Team Leaders Project Manager and Purchasing Purchasing and Contractors/Vendors

19 Chesterfield County Next Steps EMS education and awareness for all contractors working for or on behalf of Chesterfield County Contractor badges identifying those that have been EMS trained Contractor training video - linked to chesterfield environmental guidelines

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