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CompassLearning Odyssey Presenter: Blanca E. Peña.

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1 CompassLearning Odyssey Presenter: Blanca E. Peña

2 Overview Create Teacher Account Introduction to Odyssey Log-in Setup Assignments Assessment Reports Content Video Tutorials

3 Introduction CompassLearning Odyssey is a sophisticated instructional management system employing browser- based curriculum and comprehensive assessment. - Exciting graphics -Interactive animations -Creative sound design -Hands on activities CompassLearning focus is to provide students with highly engaging, interactive content that fosters their interest in learning! Click on the Tour

4 Introduction – cont Because it is web-based the activities are accessible anytime and anyplace so that learning can take place whenever and wherever the student has access to the Internet. Parent Involvement –Parent toolkit includes resources to help schools increase parental involvement. Purchased 999 licenses. Activities are designed to align with –Language Arts (English I, II) –Math (Algebra & Geometry) –Science (Biology & Physical Science) –Social Studies standards. (US History & US Government)

5 Introduction – cont Compass Learning Odyssey allows students to: Learn new information and build basic skills Reinforce reading, writing, and math skills. Improve performance in school and on tests. Become an active learner through exploration and discovery. Experience hundreds of engaging educational games and activities that introduce new learning opportunities

6 Purpose The purpose of CLO is to provide another solution to assist the teacher with student achievement. Used as a resource, CLO allows students the opportunity to build a foundation for learning. It is an excellent resource for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in that it can create an individualized plan of achievement for each student based on his or her academic

7 Secondary Curriculum Courses for grades 9–12 can be used for intervention, credit recovery, and remediation, as well as mainstream study and advanced placement, and offer superb flexibility that will work with any students schedule.intervention credit recovery Odyssey assesses each students understanding of key objectives. Based on this assessment, a student is automatically prescribed a personalized learning path filled with engaging activities. Measuring student success is made easier with Odysseys wide variety of reporting features.

8 Learning Path Specialized learning paths can be used for mainstream study, summer school, tutorial camps, core, and academic remediation programs, as well.

9 Log-in Screen Log-in to Pace High School Website Click on icon Enter user name Enter password Select ODYSSEY Click Accept Term and Condition Agreement

10 Launch Pad Menu

11 Set-up Setup – allows you to create and maintain district and school accounts. The tools section contains tools that enable you to transfer students, assignment, and assessments and perform end-of-year procedures Refer to handouts Lets create a demo class and assign demo students

12 Assignment Allows you to view a list of all assignments assigned to a student and a list of all students assigned. You can view assignment status – not started, started, completed, edit assignments properties, delete assignments, and unassign students and assignments. Refer to handouts Lets create a demo assignment and assign demo students

13 Assessments Gives you access to Item Bank and to Objective Builder, allowing you to create custom test items and standard sets. Track the progress of individual students or entire classes. Refer to handouts

14 Reports Enables you to display, save, and print relevant information in a variety of report formats. It automatically generates reports that provide the information necessary to plan effective and relevant future instruction. Easily customizable to the specific needs of a school or district. Refer to handouts

15 Content Allows you to browse through all the Odyssey curriculum and explorer tests available for building assignments, and allow you to access online users guides. This module also allows you to run the Curriculum Report and State Correlation Report. Refer to handouts

16 Video Tutorials Adding a Class and Adding Students Odyssey Assignment Builder Searching Assignments by Sequences, Skills, and StandardsSearching Assignments by Sequences, Skills, and Standards Odyssey Assignment Archive Odyssey Assignment Status Odyssey Reports Odyssey Assigning Objective-Based Test with Learning PathsOdyssey Assigning Objective-Based Test with Learning Paths Odyssey Resources The following videos are best viewed in 1024 x 768 or higher.

17 MathToolkit Video Tutorials Algebra Tiles Base Ten Blocks Calculator Coordinate Graphing Counters Data Representation Fractions GeoBoard Number Line Probability Solid Shaper Transformation

18 Resources CompassLearning Odyssey - Tutorials Compass - Tour

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