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Building an Excellent School, takes Teamwork.. And We Have a GREAT Team! Rocky Mount Faculty & Staff Rocky Mount PTA Rocky Mount Foundation.

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1 Building an Excellent School, takes Teamwork.

2 And We Have a GREAT Team! Rocky Mount Faculty & Staff Rocky Mount PTA Rocky Mount Foundation

3 But what does each team do? And How Can Parents Get Involved? Rocky Mount Faculty & Staff Rocky Mount PTA Rocky Mount Foundation

4 Our excellent teachers and staff interact with our students and provide extra-curricular opportunities, including: Student Leadership Green Team Chorus Drama Club Safety Patrol Rocky Mount Faculty & Staff Faculty & Staff

5 Rocky Mount Faculty & Staff Faculty & Staff Our School is an active partner in our community: Partners in Education - Omega Learning, Menchies, The Mosquito Authority Local businesses also form partnerships to directly benefit the school - Chick-Fil-A, Boston Market, Paradise Grill, CiCis Pizza, Rosas Pizza, Kid Chess, Hot Wheels

6 Rocky Mount PTA When you join PTA, you are supporting a family – school partnership. Parents and Teachers working together for the betterment of all of our children! Rocky Mount PTA

7 Rocky Mount PTA PTA Sponsored Activities: Book Fairs Breakfast with Dad Classroom Support & Supplies Art Wonders Yearbooks Spirit Store Sneak-A-Peek After School Enrichment Clubs Visual Arts Night Reflections Art Contest Staff Appreciation Week Red Ribbon Week Holiday Shopping Honoring our Heros Teacher of the Year 5 th Grade Graduation Celebration Outdoor Beautification

8 The Foundation What is the Foundation? Our purpose is to raise and spend money on educational enhancements and capital improvements for Rocky Mount. These are projects and programs that are not funded by the School District. Rocky Mount Foundation

9 Rocky Mount PTA Rocky Mount Foundation PTA & Foundation working TOGETHER PTA will take the lead on volunteer efforts, while the Foundation will take the lead on raising funds for educational enhancements.

10 The Foundation This year we have transitioned many items previously funded by our PTA to the responsibility of The Foundation. In all, we need to raise $35,000 to fund our Administrations requests for additional educational programs for our school. Rocky Mount Foundation

11 At least $35,000 is needed to fund: The Foundation Rocky Mount Foundation $2,600 Student Educational Magazines such as Weekly Reader, Time for Kids, Scholastic, etc. $3,000 First in Math Program for entire school $3,000 SMART Program and Training $4,200 Classroom Enrichment $900 Parent University $24,000 to hire a Science Teacher = $37,700 estimated expenses

12 Why a Science Teacher? A Science teacher will benefit every child in the school through hands-on learning opportunities and curriculum based, age-appropriate experiments. Through interactive exposure to science using experiments, students will develop integrated critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies, which will be applicable to other curriculum areas. Studies show the US and Georgia specifically to be behind in science and math. On a scale of 0 to 300, the average score for students in Georgia was 151 in 2011. Other local Elementary schools have used their Foundations to hire Science teachers to give the students hands on learning with much success Shallowford Falls Elementary shows the positive impact of adding a Science Lab

13 And now our Team Needs YOU! Our Parents are the support for ALL our Teams! Rocky Mount Faculty & Staff Rocky Mount PTA Rocky Mount Foundation ROCKY MOUNT PARENTS

14 Parent Support & Involvement What can YOU DO? Donate! Volunteer! Attend!

15 DONATE to the $50 for the Foundation Campaign If every student donates at least $50 we can raise $30,000. Please be generous with your donation towards the education of our future leaders at Rocky Mount Elementary. Last year we had 25% participation in our Annual Giving Drive. Giving Suggestions: Donate $50 for each of your students at Rocky Mount Donate $50 for each grade your student has completed Donate $50 for each of your favorite teachers Donate $500 and show how much you really love Rocky Mount! Double your donation by using your companys gift matching Imagine what we can accomplish if we can raise our percentage of participation this year!

16 DONATE, VOLUNTEER & ATTEND other events and small fundraisers There are many events and small fundraisers throughout the year, and every little bit helps! Handprint Ceiling Tiles Student/Teacher Kickball Games Fall Family Follies Fall Festival Closed Bid Auction Penguin Patch Valentines Carnations Science Day

17 Research Says… Students with involved parents are more likely to: Earn higher grades and test scores Be promoted, pass their classes and earn credits Attend school regularly Have better social skills Show improved behavior Adapt well to school Graduate and go on to postsecondary education VOLUNTEER! Students thrive on the additional attention and parent involvement! According to A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of School, Family and Community Connections on Student Achievement (2002, Henderson and Mapp) All Hands In!

18 Media Center Front Desk Fall Festival Spirit Store Art Wonders Room Parent Lunchroom Assistants Ask your childs teacher if you can help in the classroom or bring a project home Join PTA and/or Foundation! Choose How You Volunteer All Hands In!

19 Volunteering means you are committed to doing your part to make our school and community better! Choose How You Volunteer Every hour counts… and we count on every hour that you can give! Choose whats right for you! We want your children to know you volunteer and that we value you, so we will regularly recognize our outstanding volunteers at our School Assemblies in front of your children! Outstanding Parent Volunteers Recognized! All Hands In!

20 ATTEND! Please plan to volunteer or attend these events! August 22 nd – Menchies Night September 14 th – 2,3,4,5 th Grade Kickball 15 th – East Cobber Parade 18 th – 4 th Grade Family Fun Night 20 th – Parent University 25 th – Breakfast with Dad 27 th – Skate Night 28 th – Fall Family Follies October 5 th – Lassiter Homecoming Parade 13 th – Fall Festival & Scarecrow Raffle Upcoming Events:

21 PTA Officers Co–Presidents: Shannon Frank Keeley Bailey Co-Vice Presidents: Krissi Millinor Brittany Hayes Treasurer: Lesley Disbrow Co-Secretaries: Ellen Octaviano Christine Cooper Foundation Board President: Jennifer Thomson Vice President: Susan Herman Secretary: Stacee Michaud Treasurers: Michelle Brooks Melissa OBrien Committee Chairs: Amy Ryan Jennifer Poellet Alison Lionberger Nicole Quinlan Sara Dilworth Gail May, RM Principal PTA Committee Chairs Jenny Cockrell Heather Babbish Sandi Tompkins Amy Ryan David & Kim Burrow Steve Cutler Lisa Cutler Gigi Berman Lisa Dick Dan Akers Suzy Kale Tracy Stark Sara Dilworth Jacey Verhoef Randoll Baldovin Paula Maier Stacy John Stacee Michaud Joy McClain Sean Martin Heidi Morris Jana Akers Laura Stubbs Jen Hunt Shelley O'Malley Debbie Parson Rob & Cara Baldini

22 We need YOU on the Rocky Mount Team! YOU!

23 Regularly attend PTA meetings so your vote counts And finally… PTA needs YOUR vote!

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