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Cooperative Art Education at Milford High School BEYOND INCLUSION, WAY BEYOND!

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1 Cooperative Art Education at Milford High School BEYOND INCLUSION, WAY BEYOND!

2 In the Beginning: Coop began as my attempt to include special needs students into our art program…. One word sums up the effort: FRUSTRATION!

3 In the Beginning: The solution was an offshoot of a grant that paired up two groups of students who worked together to create Victorian facades. COOP ART ED was born….

4 The First Three Weeks: More on this later! Empathic Modeling puts the regular ed. students into the shoes of their disabled peers.

5 The First Three Weeks: Maslows Hierarchy of Needs helps us all understand how to help motivate all students – or at least understand their behavior!

6 The First Three Weeks: Research projects help students to identify needs and propose the appropriate modifications or accommodations. Pictures from:,,

7 The First Three Weeks: Lesson Planning: Students become teachers in training… Students run through directions and prep materials prior to starting the actual art project with the whole class.

8 The First Day Together: The Fun Stuff! Getting to know each other….

9 The First Day Together: We start with a one-day project so the kids can get to know each other while doing something simple that doesnt make too much of a mess. Projects may include: Shrink-art name tags Paper Flowers Beaded bracelets or keychains Valentines

10 The First Big Project: Collage Crowd: Digital images are enlarged and collaged using magazine clippings. The groups are arranged in our gallery and added to each semester.

11 Collage Crowd: This project throws everyone together in cooperative units – its a great team builder. It also helps to camouflage disabilities!

12 The COOP Quilt: Batik…. a difficult yet rewarding project that lends itself to various ability levels.

13 In the Studio: Plaster Fantasy Masks, Clay tiles, Dragons, Papier Mache Balloons and Airplanes…

14 In the Studio: Its not often that everyone isnt smiling, laughing, and having a joyful experience!

15 The Artwork: Decorative Arts are always a great choice – since its art with a function!

16 Finale: Coop Theatre Presents Sock Puppets, Paper Dolls and Sing-a-longs Each semester we produce an interactive puppet show for the on-site pre-school.

17 Finale: Coop Theatre Presents Cast Party! This last day is huge fun, but also sad as we say goodbye to our seniors and bring the semester to a close.

18 Other MHS Programs which support and enrich the lives of our special students Bistro pre-vocational training program and self-contained academic classrooms. Circle of Friends After-school activities program Best Buddies National one to one peer mentoring program

19 MORE ON EMPATHIC MODELING Empathic Modeling is the process of simulating various disabilities in order to experience the challenges a disabled person may face. You may feel: FRUSTRATED SILLY or ABSURD EMBARRASSED SCARED or CONFUSED We will be simulating the following disabilities: Blindness Hearing Impairments Reduced Fine Motor Skills Dyslexia Speech Impediments Supplies: Glasses that are darkened Disposable Ear plugs Tape, various beads, string Worksheets and Mirrors Marshmallows

20 Beyond Inclusion, WAY BEYOND! For more information contact: Carolann Tebbetts Milford High School 31 W. Fountain Street Milford, MA 01757 (508)478-1110 x2501

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