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A Guide to Digital Campus

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1 A Guide to Digital Campus
Parent Panel A Guide to Digital Campus Student Panel LMS

2 Parent Panel Highlights Features Student details Attendance report
Report card Teachers list Due fees report News Circulars s Communication Features Windows Metro Style Modern Interface Supported by all the latest versions of web browsers

3 How to Login Click the e-CAMPUS link from the website OR
Enter the URL in Address Bar of Web Browser Type User ID and Password and click on Sign-In Button

4 Dashboard Settings Parent Name Click here for more
Dashboard of parent portal consists of multiple Tiles including the respective information 2. Clicking on the specific Tile will redirect to respective page.




8 Parent –Teacher Communication


10 Student Panel Student Name Number of Wards
Parents can view their wards here Click on specific ward to check detailed information about that student. System will redirect to that student profile.

11 Click on the links given here to see specific information

12 Click on Report Card to view all current and previous report cards.
Directly communicate with teacher by clicking this icon


14 Learning Management System (LMS)
Enable Internet Explorer Cookies to view LMS module. i) Type the Username and Password of LMS, OR ii) Enter the URL in Address Bar of Web Browser

15 Learning Management System (LMS)
check the weekly activity plans for the available subjects

16 Learning Management System (LMS)

17 End of Slide Prepared by Rinith A_Guide_to_Digital_Campus Feb 2014

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