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1 Homes by Reardon All American. 2 Introduction We would like to thank you for taking the time to review past projects. At Homes by Reardon we take pride.

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1 1 Homes by Reardon All American

2 2 Introduction We would like to thank you for taking the time to review past projects. At Homes by Reardon we take pride in the work that we accomplish. We employ skilled, trained and licensed professionals. All of our tasks are completed within all applicable building codes. My name is Bill Reardon and I can assure you that the work completed at your home or business will be completed to your satisfaction. We strive to complete work on time and create a safe job sight.

3 3 PAST PROJECTS Beautiful home in Virginia Highlands. Starting to raise a second story.

4 4 Rear View Before The back of the house had an existing master bath that was to be removed and rebuilt to a larger scale.

5 5 Demo Day Now you se it no The demolition is underway both for the bathroom and the roof.

6 6 Master Bath Out with the old and in with the new. All the debris is hauled off and the forms for the new concrete are set. The heated floor system is installed and we are ready for concrete.

7 7 Second Story Floor System The floor system is built and insulated. The tarps are due to rain. We take every precaution when working on someones home or business.

8 8 Master Bath Framing Still raining and we are still working.

9 9 Second Story Framing No one can say we dont get into our work!

10 10 Rear View The framing is complete and the roof has been installed.

11 11 New Roof The shingles were matched up with the lower existing roof. Notice the nice straight lines. They are there because we care.

12 12 Plumbing The plumbing has been installed.

13 13 Electrical The electrical system was updated.

14 14 The Driveway Side The windows were installed and the exterior was treated with stucco (Real Stucco). Thats Bill up there. He really gets into his work!

15 15 The HVAC System The attic was partially untouched to provide space for the HVAC system.

16 16 Fireplace in the new great room The client decided to go with the vent free gas log unit.

17 17 New sheetrock installation The sheetrock was installed instead of plaster which really updated the look.

18 18 Addition of hot water heater The units were installed to create a total of 80 gal of hot water.

19 19 Durock Installation Durock was installed on all surfaces to be tiled.

20 20 Tile Installation All Durock surfaces were treated with waterproofing agents. The tiles were laid with an artisans touch.

21 21 More tile work Rope accents were used.

22 22 Master Shower and steam room Rainfall showerheads and steam units were installed.

23 23 Master shower windows A great accent for lots of natural light.

24 24 Frameless shower door Brushed hardware.

25 25 Porch over new master bath Wonderful textured tile was used.

26 26 New upstairs bathroom Nice Jacuzzi tub and Corianne counter.

27 27 Border in upstairs bath Beautiful accent border.

28 28 Mantel and hardwood floors Custom built oak mantel built the old fashion way. Oak hardwood floors laid with a craftsmen's touch.

29 29 Great room paint and stain Wonderful golden oak

30 30 Great room handrail Custom handrail to downstairs.

31 31 Great room doors to back porch A spectacular view of the pool.

32 32 Master bath Beautiful cabinetry and solid surface counter tops.

33 33 Master bath Second cabinet and French doors to master bedroom.

34 34 Back porch hand rail & stairs installed Attention to detail such as rounded corner sanded surfaces. So smooth to the touch.

35 35 Paint With two coats of primer and two coats of Sherwin Williams Super Paint.

36 36 More Paint All surfaces are sprayed to get that even and uniform look.

37 37 Rear view all painted Spectacular view from the pool house.

38 38 Back porch Now wouldnt you like to sit on this porch!!

39 39 New upstairs bedroom All doors were custom made to match the existing ones.

40 40 The Tree Topper This is a few photos of the damage a tornado can cause and how we go about repairing the damage.

41 41 Tree through the Pie These are actually round houses built on a centered concrete pole in Big Canoe.

42 42 Demo day We removed all the debris and inspected the structure.

43 43 Main structure We had to fabricate and install new beams.

44 44 Piece of the pie replaced Rebuild the walls and install a new glass door.

45 45 Roofing day Cedar shingles installed. Of course its raining, but that gives Bill a chance to wear his hat.

46 46 Insulation installed Insulation installed and sealed properly, always attention to detail.

47 47 Roof Craftsmanship

48 48 Finished putting the pie back together The owner is going to try to do his own handrail. He is a pretty handy guy.

49 49 Commercial Properties The pictures are of a Butler Tire Store in Atlanta. It needed a face lift so we gave it one.

50 50 Shop area The interior was gutted, scraped and pressure washed. Then a new coat of industrial paint was applied.

51 51 Shop A job is not done till all the clean up is finished.

52 52 Rear of Shop The colors were taped off one by one and paint was applied.

53 53 Right side Love that color scheme.

54 54 Front of building Theres those red trucks again.

55 55 A happy customer again! This job may not look that difficult but it was completed in a day and a half. The shop did not miss a penny of income. Our commitment is to our client.

56 56 Build it and they will come …… relax! The following are pictures of a place the homeowner can enjoy. The original deck was only a 10x10, now the home owners have plenty of space to entertain.

57 57 Front View First we painted and put a new roof on.

58 58 Rear View Then we added a bigger door. Constructed a two tier deck system. We then installed a hot tub. We even plumbed a gas line for the grill.

59 59 Big screen room We constructed a nice screen room complete with ceiling fan and drink rail.

60 60 Front view We cleaned up our sight and left the happy homeowner to enjoy the new upgrade.

61 61 The photos that you have seen are but a small part of what we can accomplish for our customers. We work very hard for our customers. The house in Virginia Highlands was completed in less than six months. The tree topper was completed in a week. The relaxation house was completed in 1 ½ weeks.

62 62 If you would like to talk to us about your, new construction, addition, remodel, deck work, basement finishing, Interior or exterior paint work, then please give us a call. We will be more than happy to come out and meet with you, quote and get you on the schedule to make your dreams a reality. Again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to look at us! Homes by Reardon/All American 770-475-2895

63 63 When a customer buys a low-grade article, he feels pleased when he pays for it and displeased every time he uses it. But when he buys a well- made article, he feels extravagant when he pays for it and well pleased every time he uses it. Herbert N. Casson

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