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Need Advice – Visit SCORE Counselors to Americas Small Business U.S. Small Business Administration.

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1 Need Advice – Visit SCORE Counselors to Americas Small Business U.S. Small Business Administration

2 About SCORE Offer free and confidential advice for your business Experienced business owners and executives Experts whove seen both economic highs and lows Pros with expertise in professional disciplines SCORE business counselors are unpaid volunteers.

3 SCORE SERVICES Business Counseling Business Plans Loans – Conventional & SBA Free Seminars & Workshops Marketing – Conventional & Internet Cyber Counseling Mentoring

4 SEMINARS AND WORKSHHOPS Seminars and Workshops How to Prepare a Business Plan How to use QuickBooks and other Accounting Software Tax Preparation and Planning Marketing your Small Business Learn to sell on ebay Internet Marketing -Google Ad words and Adsense Writing a Grant Proposal Getting an SBA Loan Bringing a New Product to Market Buying a Franchise - Buying an Existing Business How to do Business with the Government Import/Export.

5 On Line Marketing Three questions a small business owner should ask. 1. What am I trying to accomplish with my online marketing? 2. Where to begin? 3. What resources do I have?

6 Why Bother with Social Media? If someone offered to mention your business to 100 friends absolutely free of charge would you stop them? What if 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 customers and potential customers asked you to send them something of interest. Would you stop them?

7 Facebook

8 A Friend of a Friend of Mine 4 Degrees of Separation

9 Business Goals for Using Facebook : You must first create a personal profile. You must register as a real person. For Business try to connect with people who are searching for your products or services in a social manner. Connect and engage with current and potential customers Later you may create a business fan page – registering with a business name. Promote other content you create, including videos, blog articles, or other resources Video - Register

10 7 Ways to Promote your Business on Facebook 7 Ways to Promote your Business on Facebook Video 3.11 min Killer Profile Page Indexed by Google –Keep Personal Privacy in Mind Add Business Contacts Found on Public – Private Groups Start a Group Study other groups first Buy Ad Space – PPC – PPM- Compare to Google PPC - PPM Promote Your Blog Create a Business Page Advertise Events

11 Advertising on Facebook Pay per Click – PPC Cost per Impression – CPM Demographics – Better than Google Click thru rate – lower than Google Google – Pay Per Click ADVERTISING ON FACEBOOK TUTORIAL – VIDEO 9.5 min TUTORIAL – VIDEO

12 BPLANS.COM/CALCULATORS Link to Calculator A page impressio n is generated every time a user views a page displaying Goo gle ads A conversion occurs when a visitor reaches a goal. Signup or receipt of purchase, etc.

13 Twitter

14 A Few Uses for Twitter A travel agency tweets cruise special offer A restaurant tweets their daily specials A ticket agency tweets about-to-expire tickets A realtor tweets new homes on the market A chamber of commerce tweets local events and promotions.

15 Why Twitter is Good for Your Business – Video Tutorials How to Start and Use Twitter – Video 4 min How to Start and Use Twitter – Video 4 min 2.5 min How to Use for Business – Video 4.5 Min How to Use for Business – Video Twitter on Mobile Phone –Video 2 min Twitter on Mobile Phone –Video

16 Twitter Advice Listen before speaking Don't be boring Offer useful content Update daily Give your customers a reason to follow Embrace Twitter applications Twitter Advanced Search, ChirpCity, Nearby Tweets and Tweepz.


18 Business Oriented Professional Network Jobs All Fortune 500 are represented in LinkedIn. Improves your Google PageRank Ask for advice. Give advise. Check on Company from former employees Find start-ups Great for recruiters 55 Million users – 1.5 Million new users each month High retention rate. VideoVideo 2 min

19 A Friend of a Friend of Mine 4 Degrees of Separation LINKEDIN.COM IF EACH CONTACT HAS 20 TIES, YOU COULD HAVE ACCESS TO 137,000 UNIQUE CONTACTS


21 Benefits of YouTube

22 BENEFITS OF Cost Free Global Audience Viral Effect SEO – Fast Indexing Target Marketing Free to Browse Register to Upload a Video Display on Your Website / Blog YouTube Marketing - 16 Tips to Promote your Business – Video 14 Min

23 Video Marketing Quick Tips Look for creative ways to use video, such as demonstrating products or improving customer service. Embed videos in your Web site so customers can find them without going to YouTube. Use metrics to analyze the effectiveness of your videos.

24 Getting Starting –Getting Starting – YOU Tube - Video 1.2 min Keep it short. Focus on something that people want to share. Best Videos – How To Consider a series. Make your description clear and specific; properly use tags (keywords) separate by space.

25 Video Tiles


27 ADVICE – YOU TUBE Encourage Subscribers Post Periodically Encourage Comments - Viral Send to Video sites - use TubeMogul – Video – 3 minTubeMogul Send it to Blog/Website/ Facebook and other Social Networks

28 Make Your Own CommercialMake Your Own Commercial 30 sec

29 Adwords – Pay per Click Search Results based on Relevance and Page Rank The odds of your website or blog showing up Video – AdwordsVideo – Adwords 1 9 Min Video – Adwords 2Video – Adwords 2 4. 6 Min

30 E-Mail Marketing

31 Email Marketing Video

32 Blog comments generate conversations. Your blog helps you become more interesting on social Media. Share it on Facebook, on Twitter and other networks. Optimize Content – SEO – Inbound Links.. Visit-

33 With Adsense you dont choose your advertisers – but you get PPC

34 Groupon Video Groupon Video 1.5 min- Introduction Set a Sales Limit – Video Set a Sales Limit Groupon – Pro – Video Groupon – Pro Groupon APP iPhone – Video Groupon APP iPhone Groupon – Be Carefull – Video Groupon – Be Carefull Groupon - Calculator

35 Groupon – QUESTIONS TO ASK ? 1. What is your incremental cost of sales? 2. What is the amount of the average sale ? 3. Redemption percentage ? 4. Percentage of your coupon users who are already your customers ? 5. How many coupons does each customer buy? 6. What percentage of coupon customers will turn into regular customers? 7. What is the advertising value. 8. How much does it normally cost you to acquire a customer through advertising?



38 Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Hundt decided to use Groupon Groupon offered local deals for limited time. Groupon ran a 50%-off deal: $45 for five Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp classes. She earned only about $4 per Groupon customer after paying Groupon and covering her expenses. "After they used the five classes, they came back and they just kept buying The key to repeat customers, she said, is good service.


40 P Staten Island, New York SCORESI.ORG Video Counselors to Americas Small Business

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