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Advanced Information Systems Laboratory Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering GI-DAYS MÜNSTER A Java Tool for.

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1 Advanced Information Systems Laboratory Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering GI-DAYS MÜNSTER A Java Tool for Creating ISO/FGDC Geographic Metadata F.J. Zarazaga-Soria, J. Lacasta, J. Nogueras-Iso, M.P. Torres, P.R.Muro-Medrano Münster, 26-27 June 2003

2 2-jun-142 Contents Introduction Basic capabilities Additional capabilities Edition of metadata for collections Conclusions & future lines

3 2-jun-143 Ebro River Basin Organisation Access INTRANET Geographic data catalog Metadata MetadataEditor Metadata Discovery Management Access GeographicDataCatalog GetCapabilities GetMap GetFeatureInfo WebMapServer GetCapabilities GetFeatures WebFeatureServer Geospatial data Services catalog GetCapabilities GetRecords DescribeRecordType ServicesCatalog Metadata describing services Thematic geoprocessing services Spatial geoprocessing services Geoparser Geocoder Gazetteer INTERNET Tajo River OrganisationEnvironment Ministry… Web Applications HTML WMS client HTML Catalog client Applet WMS client Natural Disaster Management Floods Avalanches Fires Sysmology Introduction

4 2-jun-144 Metadata editors Basic prerrequisites: Edition of metadata records according to a metadata standard: CSDGM (FGDC), ISO 19115, DC,... Validate consistency of metadata records Check mandatory constraints, minimum/maximum cardinality Import/Export of metadata records Usually in XML conforming to DTD established by the standard Presentation of metadata records in human readable formats HTML with different styles oFGDC, FAQ, GeographyNetwork, ESRI Text...

5 2-jun-145 Metadata Editors II Additionally: Mechanisms to facilitate classification Provide selected vocabulary to facilitate later searching Mechanisms for the automatic generation of metadata Support for internacionalization Multilingual versions of metadata records Independence of database vendor or storage dispositive plattforms

6 2-jun-146 Revision of tools Tools for CSDGM ( ) MetaLite (developed by FGDC) Only minimum set of elements Exchange in html, txt, sgml (xml) formats Windows (Visual basic), Access, languages ( es, en, fr, pt) Small keywords dictionary Corpsmet95 (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) Storage in text file (.met) Windows MetaMaker (developed by NBII) Windows, Access, MetaManager (Compusult) Provides software to publish metadata records as a Clearinghouse node (Z39.50) Current trend of geographic metadata tools Migration to ISO 19115 (finally released in May 2003)

7 2-jun-147 ArcCatalog Since Arc/Info 8.0, ArcCatalog enables metadata edition and automatic metadata generation for various types of sources (coverage, SDE, …) Standards: CSDGM (ESRI profile), ISO 19115 (as much as possible) Metadata is stored: In XML files together with dataset files Inside the database for SDE Synchronization: Several metadata properties are automatically updated Spatial Representation, Spatial Reference System, Entity and Attribute Information Customized Metadata editors (COM) and presentation styles Publishing of metadata records Metadata can be integrated into ArcIMS

8 2-jun-148 CatMDEdit (our tool) Standards: CSDGM, ISO 19115, Dublin Core Developed in Java (plattform independent) Storage in RDBMS (SQL-92) Access, Oracle, MiSQL,... Language (customizable) english, spanish, catalonian User Control, Licese Control

9 2-jun-149 CatMDEdit Basic capabilities Metadata Edition ISO/FGDC metadata edition,Dublin Core Edition Metadata Validation tool Import/Export tool Contact Tool Additional capabilities Thesaurus Edition Automatic metadata generation Edition of metadata for collections Collection of geographic resources that share 90% of metadata Temporal Series, Spatial Series (tiles 1:50,000, hojas 1:200.000,..., mosaics of images)

10 2-jun-1410 Metadata Edition The level of cataloguing detail is defined by: The election of the standard comprising a bigger or smaller set of elements conditionality of elements oMandatory, mandatory if applicable, optional To be compliant, mandatory elements must be appropriately completed. Profiles of the standard defined by a particular comunity of experts in an application domain Optional elements become mandatory, rules, special codes,...

11 2-jun-1411 Metadata Edition II Cataloguing detail in CatMDEdit Dublin Core Editor Standard Dublin Core. Only 15 metadata elements. oAll optional and repeatable General description of resources with a minimum set of metadata elements Detailed Editor Standards CSDGM (FGDC) and ISO 19115 oMore than 300 elements in both standards Main sections covered Detailed description of geographic resources Metadata records can be viewed/edited with both editors indistinctly Mapping of metadata elements

12 2-jun-1412 Dublin Core Editor Record Selector

13 2-jun-1413 Detailed Metadata Editor

14 2-jun-1414 Metadata validation tool Check whether metadata elements are complete or not Incomplete elements with exclamation marks A section is complete if its mandatory elements are also complete Mandatory if applicable elements considered as optional

15 2-jun-1415 Contact Management Tool Directory of contact information (e.g. name, address, telephone…), reused in several metadata fields. It provides consistency Contact information is only updated in one place and all records receive the modifications.

16 2-jun-1416 Import/Export tool Exchange of metadata records in XML format (tagged plain text files) conforming to the DTDs from CSDGM, ISO 19115, Dublin Core Flexible and customized presentation of metadata in more readable formats HTML FGDC, FAQ, ESRI, Geography Network Labels in different languages

17 2-jun-1417 Additional capabilities. Thesaurus Management Tool In some cases, standards specify that a metadata element must be filled with a contolled vocabulary A small list of codes DC:Type, ISO:SpatialRepresentation,... Values extracted from well defined thesauri ISO:Keywords, DC:Subject CatMDEdit integrates a thesaurus management tool to add those selected values from thesauri Hierarchical, alphabetical browsing of thesaurus terms Search of terms

18 2-jun-1418 Thesaurus Management Tool II

19 2-jun-1419 Additional Capabilities. Metadata generation tool It enables the semi-automatic generation of metadata for several types of resources. ESRI SHAPEFILES files Identification Information (bounding box, browse graphic) Spatial Representation Information (number and type of geometric objects) Content Information (relational structure of the associated attribute information) tabular sources (e.g. Excel, Access, Oracle…) Content Information: tables (names and constraints), columns (name, constraints, and domain type)

20 2-jun-1420 Metadata generation tool II

21 2-jun-1421 Edition of metadata for collections As metadata standards are mainly oriented to the description of individual datasets, catalogs return thousands of metadata records although they describe, for instance, different tiles of the same discoverable series of data Collections that should be considered as a unique resource: Single-type collections: aggregation of multiple data units which were originated in similar conditions e.g. : mosaics of ortho-imagery, temporal data series Multiple-type collections: compilation of data layers or components coming from different sources in order to perform a GIS study e.g. : a study on the effects of El Niño or La Niña events

22 2-jun-1422 Mosaic of ortho-images Landsat Multispectral Images of Uruguay Temporal Data Series Sea Surface Temperature (SST) of Lake Michigan. Examples of single-type collections

23 2-jun-1423 Metadata to give support for collections Catalogs should present to the user an aggregated view ( a unique metadata entry) of what it is available instead of an infinite list of results. Last modifications of metadata standards are oriented to this aim CSDGM: Extensions for Remote Sensing Data Includes metadata elements to describe component and container information ISO 19115 Includes an MD_AggregationInformation entity to reference related datasets Promotes hierarchical levels of metadata oCollection level metadata describes general general features oUnit level Metadata only revise specific element values oMetadata schema includes attributes to identify metadata file and to reference the identifier of collection metadata file

24 2-jun-1424 Example of hierarchical level metadata Mosaic of Ortho-imagery of the Pyrénées region Abstract: This mosaic of ortho-imagery compiles … Place keywords: Europe, Pyrénées Presentation form: imageDigital Spatial representation type: grid Topic category: imageryBaseMapsEarthCover Ortho-imagery of Aragon Region Dataset reference date: 2002/10/01 Place keywords: Northern Spain, Aragon Spatial Reference System:EPSG: 23030 ED50 / UTM ZONE 30 Resolution: 5000 m Bounding box: (-1.5,-1,40,43) Ortho-imagery of Navarra Region … Ortho-imagery of Aquitaine Region Dataset reference date: 2003/01/01 Place keywords: Southern France, Aquitaine Spatial Reference System:EPSG: 2192 ED50 / France EuroLambert Resolution: 10000 m Bounding box: (-0.5,1,43, 44.6) ??

25 2-jun-1425 Implementation for spatial collections 1. Record Selector 4. Editor specific unit metadata 3. GIS Viewer 2. Collection Information Characterization: Collection Pattern: Collection Pattern Layer formed by BBOX of units

26 2-jun-1426

27 2-jun-1427 Conclusions & future lines Tool used in Environmental department of Galicia Region Organisation in charge of Ebro River Basin (CHE, Spanish Geographic Institute (IGN, Evaluated by GSDI as possible ISO 19115 reference implementation. Future lines manage multilingual versions of metadata records Code lists, free text fields Synchronization of multilingual versios of same metadata record Support for other types of collections Temporal series Collections of collections (the units may also be collections)

28 2-jun-1428 Advanced Information Systems Laboratory

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