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Cheryl Rentie Art Curator and Art Promoter Dedicated to Promotion, Preservation and  Recognition of Fine Artist with PURPOSE Implement.

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1 Cheryl Rentie Art Curator and Art Promoter Dedicated to Promotion, Preservation and  Recognition of Fine Artist with PURPOSE Implement fine art exhibitions and expos. Gallery installations with museum quality presentation. Registry of artist for specialty art design projects for your architectural needs (windows, murals, sculptures, etc)

2 Exclusive Artist Registrar Artist Sampling and Brief Bio follows
Donna Angers Sharon Louise Barnes Nadine Baurin Marlaya Charleston Harry Davis D.GOTH Julia C R Gray Paul Houzell Alison Howard-Smith Frank Kelley, Jr Kenji (Lauren Kenji Tanner) Duane Paul Synthia Saint-James Stella Singleton-Jones Deborah Amoafo Yeboah

3 Donna Angers Donna Angers (An-Jeers), a recent Otis graduate at 69 years old. She gained immediate popularity and within one year was featured in more galleries and museums than some do in a lifetime. She completed more paintings in the last two years than could be hung in several exhibitions. She is soon to be featured in the California African American Museum

4 Sharon Louise Barnes The art of Sharon Louise Barnes has been represented in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland and The Republic of Panama. Her work has been published in the "International Review of African American Art (Hampton University Museum)" and "El Ruisenor, Especial Edicion de Artes", and was used on the set of The Jamie Fox television show. She studied at Otis College of Art & Design and earned her B.A. in Communications at California State University at Los Angeles.

5 Nadine Baurin A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nadine expressive candor illustrates subtle influences of van Gogh, evident in the use of quick, energetic brushstrokes. She is also influenced by de Kooning's gestural abstraction, characterized by the uninhibited application of paint to canvas, creating images that are charged with boldness, energy and emotion. In 1991 Nadine passed the Cambridge 'O' Levels Art with Distinction and in 1992 she relocated to the U.S. where she received her B.A. in Fine Arts. Nadine is greatly inspired by her travels throughout the U.S., Latin America and Europe. Most recently she traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina where she studied under internationally exhibiting artist Eduardo Cervera

6 Marlaya Charleston Graduate of Parsons School of Design and acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts. Her influences are African art and the works of Matisse, the German expressionist Kokoshka and the sculpture of Giacometti. She has also had a career as a stand up comedianne, performance poet and actress

7 Harry Davis During the past twenty years, Harry L. Davis has emerged as one of America's most accomplished artists. Blessed with natural ability, Davis is a self-taught artist who began drawing and sketching as a child in Wilmington, NC. He turned to oil painting as a means of expression after an accidental shooting in 1970, while serving with the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. The piece is from his African/Ethnic series, He also has a series a Music, Sports, Landscapes/Seascapes and a Religious Series represented below.

8 D. GOTH In 1998 she developed "Hearts of Stone", an art company that incorporates her painting techniques on mosaic style tiles and stone. In 2000 d.goth merged her Hearts of Stone style with other subject matter, introducing her 'contemporary fresco'  work. d.goth works in watercolor, pastel and acrylic on various mediums but is primarily recognized for her contemporary fresco work

9 Julia C R Gray Julia is well represented through the world. She creates spectacular art series such as The Shoe Series, The Red Shoe Series, and the Garden Goddess Series easily enhances an interior designers theme Artist Statement: “The motive for my work remains the same whether the subject is the natural world, the cultural world or a mythical world: to become immersed in the beauty and mystery of the world. And to share the joy I experience bringing these benevolent beings to life through delicious color and rhythmic paint strokes”

10 Paul A. Houzell Paul is one of the greatest Realist Artist of our time. The piece below is a self portrait. He is Degreed in Art and Art History and his art has been shown Internationally, including Brazil and Africa. The florals are a part of a series of oils. Paul has an African Culture Series and a jazz series saluting past and current greats. Artist Statement: My body of work includes paintings of landscapes, plants, and fauna and consistently focuses on figurative art for the reason that the body is the best vehicle for communicating ideas that heal and lift human spirits.

11 Alison Howard-Smith Alison's keen vision, creative drive and modern advances, added extra fuel to the spark and thus begin her dedication to quilting as a means of conveying culture and African-American history. Alison’s quilts have been exhibited at The National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, 626 Art Gallery in downtown Los Angeles and The Forest Lawn Museum’s Martin Luther King Celebration. One of her quilts was even chosen as a presentation to the Mayor of Los Angeles, Major Villagarosa. Alison's quilts are infused with three dimensional texture, unusual fabrics and ethnic themes. She creates a series of quilts for large wall hangings, Masks mounted on stands, and a series of textured vases, in the homes of many art collectors

12 Frank Kelley, Jr Born and raised in North Central Louisiana, Frank’s colors weave their way across trademark rag paper as the master storyteller creates a world in which the observer becomes a participant. The viewer transfixes himself in the story, closely relating to elements both obvious and subtle in each painting.  Frank Kelley, Jr's., paintings interpret real stories motivated by true-life situations. He founded a youth artist initiative program in 2001 to give youth the options to succeed through art by utilizing the life and paintings of my work. He still operates that program today. Shown are pieces that represent his Culture series, Landscape series and his Abstract series.

13 Lauren “KENJI” Tanner Kenji’s professional career spans over two decades. Her work recognizes the natural and spiritual development of an inborn talent. Her paintings illustrate the diversity and development of an artistic vision. She has done numerous commissions, the most recent for BMG music Distribution for Motown's 50th Anniversary Celebration. You are viewing Day Dreamer and featured is her latest piece, Inner Sanctuary

14 Duane Paul Sculptor, abstract painter and graduate of Otis Parsons, 1991, Duane Paul is a sought after artist from New York to California. Artist Statement: My art-making practice attempts to destabilize our cultural assumptions about the male body and its uses as an instrument of sexual pleasure and desire.  My work re-inscribes the male body in ways historically relegated to the female.  In reversing traditional binary oppositions posited as male/female-active/passive, impenetrable/penetrable, hard/soft, giving/receiving-I offer a way into the “gated” male body thereby shifting the psychoanalytic structure and problematizing sexual identity.

15 Synthia Saint James Synthia is one of the most popular African American Artist best known for her simplistic strokes, cluster of figures and bright colors representing family, diversity, culture. Her architectural designs include a 150 foot ceramic tile mural for Ontario international airport, elevator doors for California’s State Capitol’s East End Complex, stained glass windows for the West Tampa Library in Tampa, Florida, and a 4x7 foot ceramic tile mural commissioned by Gibson, Dunn, Crutcher LLP for Cowan Elementary School in Westchester, California. Her Landscape series is exploding on the market and is perfect for hotels and restaurants alike.

16 Stella Singleton-Jones
Stella does electrifying and expressive sculptures. The stunning colors in her stone and marble pieces are bold, bright, strong and powerful. These sculptures are made and built to last a lifetime, establishing the sculptures different and unique from the rest. Artist Statement: I believe my passion, creativity, and strength is fueled by the world’s color, harmony and love, but, the love and support from family and friends allows, me to be confident in my ideas and unlimited in my creativity, all of which I give God the credit and the praise!

17 DeBorah Amoafo Yeboah Yeboah has become an expert at using fabric as her medium to create a masterpiece on her textured canvas. Her most recent piece hangs at the Harvard Law Institute in honor of our 44th President.

18 Cheryl Rentie The experience obtained with 626 Art Gallery while partnering with renowned artist Charles Bibbs, afforded me a wealth of knowledge and experience and provided me confidence to kick off this venture, `a la rentie. I am uniquely qualified. I implement all installations, display and art selection and oversee all projects with expertise and passion. I also offer `a la rentie galleries, a concept that offers incremental revenue to your venue, managed by me personally and replenished from my registrar of artist as needed. I am pleased to consultant within the fine art world, presenting an exclusive registry of elite artist for display, exhibitions and expos to satisfy the art collector's pallet, the set designer’s needs and the heart of anyone that appreciates the beauty of the arts.

19 Cheryl Rentie Fine art consultant
P.O. Box 40011, Long Beach, CA 90804 (213)

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