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2 Who is Hot-Stuff? Hot-Stuff and its subsidiaries, being over its tenth year of operation, are amongst one of the largest suppliers, specializing in the manufacturing, distribution and installation of under floor heating and allied products in Africa. The Hotstuff range of under floor heating compares with the very best available and has been installed in many countries, with the excellent installation and after-sales service record of the company speaking for itself Our long-term goals are to establish Hot-Stuff as a national recognizable brand and South Africas under floor heating manufacturer, installation and maintenance service provider of choice.

3 Why Under floor Heating ? Most Advanced system available in SA and developed after intensive research incorporating the latest technology. Economical to use and uses up to 60% less power than most conventional loose standing electrical appliances. As the system heats most rooms in 40 min to an hour it is not necessary to leave the system on for lengths of time, operated with a thermostat It is a product developed for SA conditions and is fully manufactured and installed by us. It is manufactured to the highest local and international safety standards and complies with SABS regulations Modular Units are individually connected to the power supply therefore in the unlikely event of a faulty unit it is easily repaired without the whole system being dismantled Small pads allow to strategically design the room layout. The system uses a virtually indestructible nickle /chrome element which provides for a drastically improved lifespan in excess of 20 Years Our system is installed using special chemicals and resins which forms a insulative layer between the unit and the floor and prevent heat loss into the concrete floor After sales backup, and carries a dependable and comprehensive 5Year warranty

4 Ten Good Reasons 1. Safe - The element insulation is tough, completely waterproof and resistant to chemical attack. 2. Unobtrusive - Discreetly hidden from view. There are no visible elements or radiators. No summer-time storage problems. 3. Service - We take pride in providing quality products and excellent customer service. 4. Overall-Warmth - This provides even heating with no cold areas (cold spots) 5. Economical - You only heat the area you need, when you need to. 6. Technology - Researched and developed to SA market needs 7. Control - Timers and thermostats are available as for additional control. 8. Comfort - Installed directly beneath virtually any floor covering. Warmth can be felt within an hour. Economical to run 9. Safety – SABS approved 10. Guarantee - 5 Year Warranty

5 Comparison Heating Type Comparison Chart Heating TypeRadiators / Panel Heaters Electric Warm Fan Heaters Oil Filled RadiatorsUnderfloor Heating Method of Heat Transfer Rely on circulating warm air by convection Fan-driven warm air Rely on circulating warm air by convection Mainly radiant heat, warming objects in its path EfficiencyWarm above, cool below means cold floors and uneven heating Ineffective at heating lower areas At best, a temporary heating measure Everything from the floor up is gently warmed, perfect for tiled floors DistributionNeed several radiators for even heating Gives warm areas, but leaves cold spots Several needed to give even heat Gives a very even spread of heat AestheticsTake up significant amount of space Difficult to position for effective heating Require plug socket and leave trailing cables Invisible heating, as virtually entire system is out of sight MaintenanceRequire regular cleaning and maintenance Generate dust and need cleaning Require regular cleaningNothing to clean or paint CostsWith two or more radiators, costs increase significantly Quite inexpensive, but not very effective Low cost Economical to use and uses up to 60% less power than most conventional loose standing electrical appliances.

6 The idea is simple Hot AIR rises and it floats up to the ceiling, which isnt where you are Unlike forced air under floor heating is distributed evenly through out the house. There are no blast of hot air near registers and no cold spots elsewhere. It is perfect for homes and offices with vaulted ceilings or giant windows, which would other wise waste heat. Eliminating the need for heat registers and blowers, under floor heating is also very clean, it does not disperse dust, allergens or pollutants through the air With no motor or fan, its pleasantly quiet in operation As an added Bonus, with a touch of a key pad you can adjust temperatures in a particular zone of the house.

7 INSTALLATIONS InstallationUnder-Tile Mats are installed on top of a smooth floated cement screed before tiling takes place. The surface is waterproofed directly under each unit and mats are simultaneously embedded and saturated in a mix of specially formulated cementitious polymer-based chemicals which chemically bonds the unit to the floor and ensures proper adhesion. The mixture cures within 24 hours to form a thin flexible layer of insulation between the floor and the heating unit to help prevent heat loss into the surrounding sub-strate.Tiles, using normal tile adhesives, are laid directly over the under-tile heating mats and will not de-laminate. The total thickness of heating mats after installation never exceeds 2.5mm so floor levels/heights are not affected. Sizes available: 1800mm x 500mm, 1000mm x 1000mm

8 INSTALLATIONS Under Carpet These smooth thin mats are installed between the underfelt and carpet and usually laid around bulky furniture. Installation is coordinated with your carpet contractor. Light furniture with normal small legs may be placed over heating pads provided there is always sufficient free ventilation between the furniture and the heating mats. Units can be installed either when new carpets are laid or existing carpets can be lifted and immediately re-installed. Although the system is waterproof, a dry chemical carpet cleaning process is recommended which will lengthen the life of both your carpet and your carpet heating system. It makes good sense to never place loose rugs, Persian type carpets or any other type of covering e.g. blankets, newspapers, books, etc. over the installed carpets when the heating system is switched on, as these items may cause heat buildup which could cause damage to the installed carpets. Sizes available: 1800mm x 500mm, 1000mm x 1000mm

9 Why use Modular ? It is the most advanced system available in SA and has been developed after intensive research over a number of years.It incorporates the latest technological developments in this field.Research is ongoing. It is a product developed for SA conditions and is fully manufactured in SA It is manufactured at the highest local and International safety standards and fully complies with SABS regulations It is the only system that uses virtually indestructable nickle / chrome (stainless steel) element, which provides for drastically improved life span.Life expectancy is in excess of 20 years. Advantages – Units are manufactured in small pads, which allows for a more strategic room lay out.Heat cn now be concentrated where it is required most. Modular units are individually connected to the power supply so that in the unlikely event that one unit should ever get damaged, all the other units will still continue working uninterrupted.A faulty unit can be repaired.Conventionally the whole system wouldve needed replacement. We are proud to say that over the last 10 years we have had less than 1% complaints,we will however respond normally to all cases in 72 hours It is economical to use (cheaper than firewood).It uses up to 60% less power than the conventional heaters.It is the cheapest way to heat your home

10 Modular Modular Installation

11 Connections Connetions done – cold ends

12 Professional Installations Installations

13 Continue,,,,,,,,, Finished product – conduit in wall -2x4 box or 4x4 box

14 Franchise Opportunity What is franchising? A franchise is a partnership. One person buys another persons product or service, expertise and business format and is supported in applying these, with the continuing training, marketing support and advertising assistance of the seller. Who is it for? The simple answer is that franchising is for the hard –working entrepreneur who can work within the discipline of a tried and proven system, and thrive on the creative support of others in the franchise family. What do I need to know when buying a franchise? 1. Type. of business. Is the franchise product or service related? Avoid any dimensional, saturated businesses. 2. Demand. Is there a demand for the product / service, and is this demand growing? 3. Profile. Broadly, you need to know what the business is, how long it has been in existence, where it is represented, who runs it and its trading history. 4. Management. You need to know who you are dealing with, his or her background, and what the quality of management is – this will be reflected in financial information about turnover, operating costs, and net profit and projections. 5. What are you getting into? In this category, to make an informed decision, you should find out whether the management has been sued or faced bankruptcy in the past. You will, as importantly, need to know what it will cost to buy the franchise, what that cost represents and over what time. 5. Also talk to existing franchisees, not only those the company recommend. Ask: How many franchisees have failed during the last two or three years? How many quit the business? Investigate any new or unfamiliar franchise system thoroughly. 6. Support. The nature, quality and extend of support should be revealed. Support may include training, product advertising and accounting services. The quality of support matters as much as the nature – who is providing it and where it will be provided? Finally, it is crucial to know for how long the support will continue. Ask: How developed and effective are the systems in use? What do I need to do to buy a franchise? 1. Be sure it is what you want. It is a good idea to check out the franchise with customers and other franchisees. The franchisors bank may be able to provide you with general information through your own bank.

15 Success as a Franchise 7 Habits of Successful Franchisees 1. Hire the right people Successful franchisees place a high priority on their people. This includes hiring talented and enthusiastic staff and helping them further developing their effectiveness through ongoing training. 2. Concentrate on achieving goals Successful franchisees are goal-orientated and focus their teams on big ideas and challenges, by communicating in a clear manner. 3. Maintain a focus on inside and outside sales It is crucial to create a sales-focused environment, by making a high volume of sales calls and understanding what it takes to get business. 4. Follow the systems Each franchise has its own proven system, which is designed to create a high level of customer service. By simple adopting a rule to follow the system, customer service will be both consistent and excellent. 5. Responsible with finances Watching the bottom line and the ability to control costs is just as important as sticking to a budget. Successful franchisees use sound financial principals and judgments. 6. Practice effective time management Being successful means holding yourself accountable for achieving results by practicing effective time management and prioritizing activities. 7. Serve as giving leaders Successful franchisees are generous and sharing people who are active in their communities and contribute regularly and openly to social upliftment.

16 Franchisor FRANCHISE INFORMATION CORE BUSINESS Manufacture, distribution, installation and maintenance of under floor heating and related products. ESTABLISHED 1994 Kya Sands Johannesburg COMPANY OWNED OUTLETS 1 Kya Sands, Jhb 12 NEW STORES Planned for 2007. THE OFFER Rights to operate a turn-key operation using a proven success method. FRANCHISOR SUPPORT AND TRAINING Launch and marketing, administration and pricing, full training (5 days) at the company owned outlet (Kya Sands) and an existing outlet. Ongoing franchisee support.

17 Start up START-UP SUPPLIES AND TURN-KEY OPERATION Computers and software, Point of Sale System, site conversion décor and signage, equipment, furniture and fittings, corporate stationary (invoice books, marketing material etc), stock and toolset, IT and Financial system, training and corporate clothing. BENEFITS Proven success formula, full training, upfront and continuous franchisor support, profitable business, product and service quality, innovation and product guarantees. FEES Price R495, 000 Franchises Operating capital R100, 000 (included in price)

18 Profitability Net Profit: R26, 000pm Royalties MSF 5% of Turnover Advertising Contribution 2% of Turnover. TARGET MARKET Home, office and corporate clients country wide CONTACT DETAILS: Lindie Jordaan (Development Manager – Franchising) Tel: (011) 708 0420 Fax: (011) 708 0430 / (086) 688 2533 Customer Care Line: (086) 110 0272 Cell: 084 390 8028 E-MAIL: Heat Plan t/a/ Hot-Stuff Under Floor Heating, subscribe to the code and ethics set out by the Franchise Association of Southern Africa (FASA).


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