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1 Career in Engineering Brief Overview

2 Engineering Branches Electrical – study of electricity, electrons, energy, electromagnetism Electronics - study of electrons; development of electronic devices, systems and equipments Mechanical – development of wide range of machines like automobile, robots Civil – construction of building and structures Computer Science – design and development of computer systems, microprocessors, operating systems Chemical – study and uses of chemicals to convert or create new products like petrochemicals, detergent products, fertilizers, and explosives Automobile – study all aspects of automobiles like body, engine, gear, fuel efficiency, quality control Aeronautical - engineering of aircrafts Mining – extraction and processing of natural minerals

3 Career in Engineering Marine - design, development and maintenance of systems which control marine ships Bio-technology – use of biology and technology to modify characteristics of living beings; applies to health, pharmaceuticals, agricultural, food and environment Information Technology – use of computers to process and use information; computer software, hardware, information systems, applications Telecommunication – telecommunication equipments and operations Agriculture – study of agriculture related processes and operations Metallurgy & Material Technology – study of metals, alloys and other such materials Ceramic – to make products like tiles, pottery products, sanitary ware, pipes, bearings Textile Technology – study and design of textile processes and products Leather Technology – understanding features, processes, reactions, quality

4 Career in Engineering Plastic – design and manufacturing of plastic products Petroleum – production of crude oil and natural gas Industrial – engineering and other scientific methods to study and develop systems and processes Printing Technology – study of printing techniques & processes; applied in printing & processing companies, publishing houses, advertising agencies Food Technology – safe processing, preservation, packaging, distribution of food Manufacturing – use of scientific principles and techniques for manufacturing; development of processes, technology Production - efficient production processes Architecture – construction of buildings and structures

5 Others Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication, Electronics & Instrumentation Industrial and Production Power Polymer Naval Architecture Packaging Technology Fire & Safety Petrochemical

6 Main branches –Electrical –Electronics –Mechanical –Civil 4 oldest, most popular, evergreen, generic branches Most of other branches are related to these branches visit:

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