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Pam Kinnunen died 17 th August 2008 aged 59 at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead Her Funeral was held 20 th August 2008 Edgwarebury Cemetery.

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1 Pam Kinnunen died 17 th August 2008 aged 59 at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead Her Funeral was held 20 th August 2008 Edgwarebury Cemetery.


3 Pam was very sporty. She loved aerobics, running and kick boxing.

4 She fought for animals in peaceful demos. She ran for animals in Flora 5 Km run in the years 2003 and 2004. She cared for the well being of everybody.

5 Pam was full of life, humour, caring and love. She enjoyed clean nature. She was VEGAN. Pam wrote and fought for the animals, nature and people, to make the world a better place.


7 September 2007 Pam was diagnosed as having primary Lung Cancer.. The cancer had also spread to the bones, liver and brain. She was in pain but never felt sorry for her self. She was a real soldier. Pam had several treatments. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy. She was X-rayed, MRI scanned (magnetic resonance imaging), pet scanned and bronchoscopied. She was prescribed morphine tablets, ibuprofen to combat the pains, and dexamethasone (steroids) to fight infections. Finally in summer 2008 she got oxygen machine and bottles. She had even volunteered to go to a drug trial to find a cure for all of us. Pam never gave up hope, but cancer took over, her body was too fragile…. 17 th August 2008 about 5 oclock she was taken to Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, where she died 13.30. Her breathing stopped I miss her and so do the cats……

8 We are ready to go to the Edgwarebury Cemetery

9 Here are some of the friends and relatives at our home after the funeral.


11 Obituary – Muistosanat In front of the God we are naked, without tiles and ranks. Kaikkivaltiaan edessä olemme alastomia, ilman titteleitä ja arvo - asteita Minun vaimo kulta aina ja ikuisesti Antti Pam put up such a fight and was so very brave throughout. Jan Castell Our sweet, gentle Pam. Edward & Anouar She was a remarkable lady and I'm proud to have called her a dear friend for over 40 years. Judy & Alan She was always such a pleasant lady and devoted to the protection of our fellow beings. Adrian Appley She was a special lady. Keith Mann On my God! Pirjo Pellinen How can there be a world without Pam? Penny and Richard Your email has brought us very sad news indeed. Brendan and Marjatta What a sweet and lovely woman she was and so brave, a real fighter. Sheila and Walt I cannot believe what I have just read Arlene Da Cruz What a wonderful angel you have beside you, guiding you towards easier and better times again. Mary Alice and Chris

12 So sad to hear of poor Pam's death. Stephen and Eivor For once words fail me, I simply cannot get over the sad news. Stewart Gough Eliso and I were very sorry to receive this news. Michael and Eliso We were so sorry to hear your very sad news. Kate and Alice Adam gave me the sad news late last night. Elisabeth Leplat I am so very sorry to hear about Pam. Caroline McAleese What a good and kind soul she was. Kett, Angela Y God bless Pam she was a very special person who will be sadly missed. Teresa Regan She was an absolutely wonderful Person. April Stockfleet I am so sorry to hear the sad news. Florence King It's hard to believe that she has gone. Doreen Mann Tears are the only answer for this very sad message. Angelieke Burgers It broke my heart to hear of Pam's passing. Alexandra, Joe and family She was a lovely person and a great campaigner for animals' rights. Max Newton

13 She was always bubbling as she headed out to run, do aerobics or whatever she did at lunchtime (some kind of exercise). Nancy Charles -Parker My memories of Pam go much further back, though and very fond ones they are too. Isabel and family Syvä osanotto Rakkaan vaimosi ja elämän aurinkosi poisnukkumisen johdosta. Ari ja Lucas Nevalainen Pam had a wonderful sense of humour and great warmth which drew many people to her. Helen Baron I was so sorry to hear of Pam's death. Edward Mason Spent almost all day thinking of Pam.. Adam I'm really sorry to learn the sad news of Pam. John Wu I am very saddened to hear this news. Antoine Levesques I am so sorry to hear about Pam's demise. Kush Thakar Hän oli todella ainutlaatuinen ihana ihminen. Liisa Matomäki I have just learned of your very sad Loss. Jack Rockman Luin juuri järkytyksekseni suuresta menetyksestäsi ja surusta. Lahja ja Clive I cannot imagine how difficult it must be. Carne and Karmen Ross Muistamme lämmöllä Pamia. Aarne ja Oili

14 I am so sorry to hear your news. Margaret Foster We thought about Pam & yourself at church. Liam Guinn Pam was one of the special people… Joseph Addeo We were so very shocked and saddened… Julie and Brian Extremely sorry to hear that Pam is no longer with us. Geoff I was extremely saddened to hear from you about Pams passing. Michael Pinner Lämmin osanottomme. Jaakko Laajava ja FinEmb henkilökunta I am so sorry to hear this sad news... Denise Bennett She was a caring and passionate woman who will be missed terrible. C D I will always remember Pam and her bubbly personality, her love for animals and her lovely sense of humor. Naila Jooma We all loved Pam and her memory will always be with us. Anne Syvimmät osanottomme suureen Suruusi. FinInstLon henkilökunta I was so sad to hear about your Pams passing. Jill Russell

15 We were so sorry to hear about the passing away of Pam... Alison (Vegan Campaigns) I am very sad to know of Pams passing away.... Robin Weve lost someone who was really special and irreplaceable but she will always live on in our memories. David and Martyn We will pray for Pam... Frances and Tom With our deepest sympathy. John and Angelika I will never forget some of the times I have had with the lovely, funny potty Pam. Maria Despostic She was a woman who spread peace and love everywhere... Sue Mavos I am so very sorry to hear the dreadful news of Pams death. She showed such bravery and determination during her suffering. Virginia She was a wonderful lady and was very brave enduring the challenge of her illness. Ellen She will stay in all our hearts forever. Mark and Tina Pams lovely smile will stay with us forever... Yvonne I was shocked and terrible saddened to hear of Pams death. Valerie F

16 She is a very special person and we are all honoured to have been touched by her. Steve Copeland I am so sorry for your loss. Florence Lämmin osanottoni. Armi, Kati, Mervi, ja Maija Elämän merkitystä ei mitata sen pituudella. Ossi Kauniit muistot eivät koskaan kuole, eivätkä milloinkaan jää yksin. Heidi Kaikki ne tuhannet, kultaiset muistot auttavat eteenpäin. Minna I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Pam. Jules Syvä osanottomme vaimosi Pamin poismenon johdosta. Kai ja Riitta Varsio I am so very, very sorry to hear of Pams passing. Dawn Gallagher I remember Pam with great fondness. Beryl I will always remember Pams smiling face and the laughter and joy she brought to everyone she met. Margaret I knew what a good woman she was. Pat She was a warm and compassionate person who was a strong suporter of our work to help animals -she will be greatly missed. Dan, Ang and Max at Uncaged Pam was such a caring soul. James L

17 Pam was a very special friend... Arlene We are really sorry to hear about Pam... Ceri, Ian and Rory It is really tragedy... Bernard She always managed to see the bright side of things... Caroline Pam Kinnusen muistoa kunnioittaen. Kirsti, Sari, Ilkka, Kati, Timo, Ida, Atte, Aleksi, Aarne, Oili, Jukka, Jaana, Jenni, Mika,terttu ja Ilmo Pam is such a lovely person. I find it extreamely difficult to believe she has already started her heavenly journey. Bunny

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