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Second NAFE Workshop Airborne TIR/NDVI data O Merlin and J Walker.

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1 Second NAFE Workshop Airborne TIR/NDVI data O Merlin and J Walker

2 Second NAFE Workshop S60 Thermal Imager Spectral band: 7.5 to 13 m Ground resolution: 1-m data at 150-m height. One snap shot / 1 s = Tile

3 Second NAFE Workshop Status Surface temperature being processed…

4 Second NAFE Workshop Calibration 4°C6°C 29°C31°C 53.5°C56.5°C Thermal sensors

5 Second NAFE Workshop Data Processing Image reconstruction = project data through lens to ground –Correct for distorsion effects due to Lens distorsion (off line) Aircraft attitude Aircraft altitude+terrain –Assemble tiles Aircraft position

6 Second NAFE Workshop Example of reconstruction November 22 2005 Manual correction for changes in aircraft heading ( no correction for roll/pitch, relative altitude, lens distorsion) Every 3 rd -4 th image

7 Second NAFE Workshop Two techniques Manually: tedious and not optimal Automatic process: optimal but requires accurate aircraft attitude/position

8 Second NAFE Workshop Proposed technique Combination of manual and automatic process: Use a software (ENVI?) to estimate the time gap between both computers, + aircraft position at focus locations Correct automatically for distorsion effects with lens characteristics, DEM and aircraft attitude Assemble tiles automatically with GPS position (if position accurate enough)

9 Second NAFE Workshop Perspectives A big effort is needed to obtain good quality aircraft IRT data (programing, manual processing, estimate offset of camera from aircraft attitude datum, etc.) Unique data for investigating scaling issues (very high res, embedded spatial scales, different surface conditions, strong contrast in Tsurf, etc.)

10 Second NAFE Workshop NDVI data NDVI data are being processed Example of data: image obtained during the trial campaign

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