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Knowaste in The United Kingdom. Knowaste The worlds first provider of a recycling solution for absorbent hygiene products (AHPs) Disposable Nappies, Adult.

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1 Knowaste in The United Kingdom

2 Knowaste The worlds first provider of a recycling solution for absorbent hygiene products (AHPs) Disposable Nappies, Adult Incontinence and Feminine Hygiene Products Innovative Innovative Cost Effective Cost Effective Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly

3 Our Mission Divert and recycle disposable absorbent hygiene products Create shareholder value by providing consistent annual growth in revenue and earnings Establish partnerships with organizations that promote recycling

4 Why Recycle Nappies, Adult Incontinence & Feminine Hygiene Products? AHPs do not belong in landfills: 500 years to decompose Contain human waste We can salvage the valuable raw materials Because We Can!

5 In the UK, about 8 million disposable nappies are used every day. –One babys disposable nappies can fill 40 black sacks in a year –A baby will use 6,000 disposable nappies before being potty trained ( average age 2.5 years) Recycling nappies and AHPs helps meet government directives for landfill diversion Recycling nappies reduces trash sent to landfills and therefore increases diversion rates. Because We Should

6 Because AHP Use is Growing The use of nappies has increased over the last 20 years due to convenience –93% of parents feel a bit guilty when throwing nappies out in the trash –9 out of 10 parents would segregate nappies for collection –83% of parents would support a fortnightly collection to recycle nappies –84% of parents preferred nappy recycling over incineration The population in the UK is aging –People are living longer –Baby boomers are retiring –The fastest growing age group is the over 80 group –At least 50% of nursing home residents in the UK suffer from incontinence Sources: Ask-A-Mum Survey, 2008; National Statistics Online, Age and Ageing 2003, British Geriatrics Society

7 Because Now we can ALSO Recycle Feminine Hygiene Products. In the UK about 18 million women use sanitary protection products which generate over 200,000 tonnes/year of waste going to landfill Through the Knowaste process, this waste stream can be recycled and therefore diverted from landfill Sanitary waste is a controlled waste and must be disposed of under strict legislation Workplace Health Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 Source: Feminine Hygiene & Sanitary Protection Products, UK – July 2009, Mintel International Group Ltd

8 The Knowaste solution will allow the UK to put into practice a new approach that focuses on results and measurable improvements.

9 Recycled Products: Green Energy & Plastic AHP Generation AHP Pick-up AHP Sterilisation & Processing

10 Plastic 12 to 15% Plastic 12 to 15% SAP 5 to 7% SAP 5 to 7% Waste 3 to 5% Waste 3 to 5% Water 50% Captured and recycled back into the system Water 50% Captured and recycled back into the system Pulp 20 to 25% Pulp 20 to 25% Green Energy Plastic 100% of components can be either diverted or reclaimed or converted to energy with the Knowaste process. The Knowaste process separates the components.

11 Our technology is patent-protected in all World Trade Organization Countries Research and development have resulted in yearly patent applications being filed.

12 Optimum Plant Size In the UK: 36,000 tonnes Green Energy Pulp Recovery Plastic Recovery Plant Design Determined by local and global economics

13 Organic Residue Green Energy –Utilising the latest gasification technology –Steam turbine will generate power to operate entire facility and sell to the grid –Residual heat will be used to dry the recycled plastic

14 Mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene New technology will increase the quality of the plastic to ensure highest market pricing Benefit: More Knowaste recovered material can be used in value added end products!

15 Sustainable Building Products for Our Small Planet Manufactures exclusive roofing tiles and accessories using Knowaste recycled materials –Created using a composite base covered with a natural stone granulate for the finish –Weather resistant, non-corrosive, maintenance free and durable SmallPlanet Building Products Ltd.

16 Processing Overhead Processing Overhead Costs Plastic Water Gate fees Revenues Green Energy Green Energy Sewer Chemicals Labour Utilities Profit

17 The UK has the highest level of landfill in Europe Each year, every person in the UK generates 441 kilograms of domestic waste 840 kilograms of commercial waste 80% of municipal waste produced goes to landfill Approximately 1million tonnes of AHPs such as nappies, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products are produced per annum Source: Department of Environment, Transportation and Regions (DETR)

18 West Bromwich will process 36,000 tonnes/year will process 36,000 tonnes/year –Will yield both plastic and organic residue –Approximately 3,600 tonnes of mixed low density polyethylene and polypropylene plastic per annum will be recycled –The organic residue will be used in the facility to create green energy –Used to power the plant –Sold to the Grid The First Plant Additional Plants to be built throughout the UK

19 1 Plant will – Divert 36,000 tonnes of nappies from landfill: –Saves 130,464 cubic metres of landfill space –Reduces landfill gases –Diverts untreated human waste from landfill 1 Plant will - Save Valuable Resources: –Reclaimed plastic saves 4 million litres of oil –Reused fibre saves 122,400 trees –Enough natural gas is saved to heat 1,423 homes for a year (5 million cubic metres) 1 Plant will - Create Useful Products: –Green energy – Recycle natural resources that can be used in the production of plastic wood, roof tiles and vinyl wood sidings

20 Knowaste was named by The Times: One of the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies in the UK EU Life Award –Rewards projects that play an important role in developing solutions to specific technological challenges. Presented to Knowaste for: Better waste treatment and management Better way of using resources The Fraunhofer Institute –Conducted an independent environmental study that compared all types of waste disposal and ranked Knowaste as the most environmentally solution overall. The Knowaste LCA is currently being evaluated by an independent British company

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