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SharePoint 2013 Preview Sean

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1 SharePoint 2013 Preview Sean Wallbridge @itgroove

2 Who I Am Who I Am : Sean Wallbridge, SharePoint Guy My Experience : 20 Years in Technology IT Consultant/SharePoint Jedi 9 Years as a Business Owner President and Principal Consultant – itgroove – SharePoint MVP, MCSE+i, MCT, CISSP Certified Microsoft Trainer, Developer and Network Engineer & Dad My Blog –

3 itgroove :: Your SharePoint Midwives A SharePoint architect needs to be more of a midwife than a doctor. Its the client who is giving birth to this thing and you are there to create the conditions for them to make that journey as stress free as one can. Who is the one who has to adapt and live with the result anyway? Reference: Who We Are…

4 The State of SharePoint o No signs of slowing down o Web Applications are hotter than ever thanks to mobile devices like the iPad o Cloud … Cloud … Cloud o Microsoft wants it o Microsoft is learning from it o SharePoint is benefitting because of it

5 So whats new daddio? I hope you love boxes I hope you wont miss rounded edges At least we didnt steal it from Apple …

6 o Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview o Released July 16, 2012 (Technical Preview was end of January 30, 2012) o First Public Beta o Office 2013 will be available as part of Windows RT (runtime for ARM processors) and for 32/64 bit Windows o Gold ETA - Unknown What is the Office 2013 Preview? Remember :: This is a BETA Details may change Stuff may crash I may curse Remember :: This is a BETA Details may change Stuff may crash I may curse

7 Interface is new and fresh Called … Metro Modern UI Windows 8 Style UI. As of 4pm today anyways ;) Tiles, Segoe Fonts More mobile friendly HTML 5 Hover Cards and jQuery is Everyhere!

8 o Developer Site (Napa) - A site for developers to build, test and publish apps for Office o Express Hosted Site - A site for people to quickly create a collaboration space with public facing web pages and a members only area o Project Site - A site for managing and collaborating on a project. This site template brings all status, communication, and artifacts relevant to the project into one place o Community Site - A place where community members discuss topics of common interest o Community Portal - A site for discovering communities o Discovery Center - A site to manage the preservation, search, and export of content for legal matters and investigations. New Site Templates

9 Apps Web Parts (Pre 2013) Web Parts List View Web Parts Lists and Libraries Apps o There are lists, libraries and apps – no wait, they are all apps

10 o Site Mailbox - The Site Mailbox app helps you keep email and documents close together by connecting your site to an Exchange mailbox. Allowing access to both Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Preview documents and Exchange 2013 email using the same client interface o Promoted Links - Use this list to display a set of link actions in a tile based visual layout o Access – Embed Access applications directly into your sites (this could be a lot of fun … or a disaster, stay tuned) New Lists and Libraries, er, Apps

11 o Blogs o Blog Archives o Blog Notifications o Blog Tools o Community o About this Community o Join o My Membership o Tools o Whats Happening o Content Rollup o Project Summary o Sites in Category o Term Property o Timeline o Media and Content o Get started with your site o Script Editor o Search o Search Navigation o Taxonomy Refinement Panel o Social o Contact Details o Who can see these posts? New Web Parts

12 o Drag and drop files into libraries in: o Firefox o Chrome o IE with Office 2013 or IE10 o Or SharePoint Designer 2013 (wink) Document Library Drag and Drop

13 o Open with Explorer still an IE thang Still some Office Bits…

14 Sharing and Popularity Trends o Sharing and simplifying access is as simple now as clicking share o Popularity threads from the new search/analytics provides lots of juicy details

15 Search

16 Search Center and Refinements Functionality of FAST added to search engine Web Analytics moved to search One Search Engine for Foundation and Server AJAX User inteface Visual Refinement Preview Pane for Search Results In library/list search box

17 Searching In Line – YA! o On page, in line search

18 Content Search Web Part (CSWP) Not in SharePoint Online (Office 365) and not looking like it is coming anytime soon…

19 o Analytics have been moved into the Search Service application o Richer, better insights (Popularity and Search Reports) for the site or right down to a single document (select Popularity Trends from the Ribbon) o Nintex stopped producing theirs, so this must be good (or destined to be…) Fancier (Better) Search Reporting

20 Office Web Apps Office Web Apps Server Preview is a new Office server product that delivers browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. A single Office Web Apps Server farm can support users who access Office files through SharePoint 2013 Preview, Lync Server 2013 Preview, Exchange Server 2013 Preview, shared folders, and web sites o What does it mean? o OWA is Broken out of SharePoint and gets its own server because several server applications (Exchange, SharePoint and Lync) can now share it

21 Microblogging Every microblog update can now include: #tags (dynamically pulled from or added to MMS) @targets (default pulls from your social colleagues list but you can post the updates to any SharePoint user) Drop the newsfeed webpart onto a page and socialize

22 o Strategy isnt clear yet. But Microsoft paid $1.2 Billion. So expect something… o Perhaps … (more) Facebook for business. For Microsoft, its clear they could not compete in the increasingly social enterprise market without something new. SharePoint is under attack, competes with Microsoft's Dynamics product, and Google competes in the cloud with Office 365 and Skype for business use. All three of these initiatives lack social. The Yammer acquisition was therefore a required move to bolster Microsoft's social strategy and to survive the next innovation leap. Yammer

23 Promoted Links (Tiles) o Styled/rollover links that are easy to implement o Very customizable

24 Embed Video in 10 seconds o Nothing more to splain… o 123 … SharePoint can be used to orient to the job and content…

25 o Edit Links Directly in Quick Launch o Build (multi-level) Navigation through your Term Store! Navigation

26 Tasks o Timelines and the Timeline Web Part o Colour coding in the timeline o Indent/Outdent and add tasks to timeline

27 Datasheet Views o Called Quick Edit and works outside of IE now ;) o No longer part of the exclusive Office club, though Open with Explorer seems stuck in IE o You can still create a Datasheet view

28 Document Sets o Icon appears in search results (Was that so hard?) o Content query web part now understands Document Sets (so you can aggregate)

29 o Jeff Teper – Use SharePoint as an out-of-box application whenever possible - We designed the new SharePoint UI to be clean, simple and fast and work great out-of- box. We encourage you not to modify it which could add complexity, performance and upgradeability and to focus your energy on working with users and groups to understand how to use SharePoint to improve productivity and collaboration and identifying and promoting best practices in your organization - Reference: o Design View removed from SharePoint Designer o Data views, conditional formatting – lets hope this is a preview problem What the ???

30 New for the Graphic Designer o Great starting point: Design Manager Part of Publishing Features. Steps you through the design process Managed Navigation – we covered that… Composed Looks (see ya, Office Themes) Change Colours, Layout, Fonts in seconds New Belltown Layout Background Images!!! Device channels Specify names for different mobile devices and give them custom branding specific to each device WCM (Web Content Management) Content Search Web Part – present content from search in the page Catalogs – create a catalog of products or content (instead of pages for each) Master Page Gallery works over WebDAV – pick your design tool (Designer, Dreamweaver, VS.NET, Notepad++) and connect with a file share and edit away… WebDAV slow?

31 Whats new in InfoPath 2013? o Bupkiss. o Well okay, supports.Net 4.0 framework so development (when needed) should be less painful o …Looks like I can use InfoPath 2010 to modify 2013 lists, for now o And inserting online pictures … Oooohhh, say it aint so…

32 New for the Developer o Cloud App Model o Self-contained pieces of code that extend SharePoint o New delivery model for apps such as the SharePoint store and the App Catalog o Familiar Code Using Web Standards o Makes branding & coding easy for any web developer, even those with little Microsoft experience, to create SharePoint solutions o Based on common web standards like HTML, CSS and JavaScript o New & Improved Development Tools o Napa Office 365 Development Tools provides a web-based development environment o Visual Studio 2012 and SharePoint Designer 2013 geared up for cloud & mobile device development o Business Connectivity Just Got Better o BCS has been improved to include Odata, external data in apps, support for REST and more o Direct integration with amazing data crunching reporting tools like PerformancePoint and PowerPivot Get the full scoop at

33 New for the Developer

34 Developer Dashboard Improved! o Developer Dashboard Enhancements o Runs in a separate window to avoid impacting rendering of actual page being analyzed o Shows all requests since you started the session (not just the page refresh) – competes now with ULSViewer

35 Getting Ready ETA Unknown … but probably sooner than we think … at least in the Cloud

36 Prepping for SharePoint 2013 o Starting Transitioning Web Applications to Claims o Get to IE8 or better (IE 7 is no longer supported, and not supported today with Office 365 … by the way) o Get used to the idea that SharePoint Workspaces are gone… o Document workspaces o Meeting workspaces o And SharePoint Workspace (formerly Groove, we hardly knew ya) o Office 2010 and Office 2013 are the best experience for SharePoint. o Office 2007 is somewhat supported, Office 2003 is right out o Finally, Review my blog post as it evolves: o

37 Upgrades o Database attach for upgrades only o Direct upgrades from SharePoint 2007 and older versions are not supported o Upgrade to 2010 first, then 2013 o Content migration still supported via services and client code o Non-collaborative workloads (e.g. Power Pivot, Social, MMS) require separate migrations o Site Collection Health Checks

38 Buh-Bye o Document Workspaces (or are they … remnants exists in the UI in the preview … ) o IE7 (good riddance) o SharePoint Workspace (replaced by Folder Sync and SkyDrive) o Current Retirement list here:

39 Learn More Microsoft Office Preview - Microsoft SharePoint 2013 - Microsoft Project 2013 - Microsoft Exchange 2013 - Microsoft Lync 2013 - Retirements - Key SharePoint 2013 Training Resources IT Pro SharePoint 2013 TechNet IT Pro SharePoint 2013 training for IT pros (videos)SharePoint 2013 training for IT pros SharePoint 2013 Ignite training pptx Developer SharePoint 2013 MSDN Developer Portal SharePoint 2013 Developer training from MSDNSharePoint 2013 Developer training SharePoint 2013 developer welcome page

40 Give Birth to SharePoint … with Help

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