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Explore the nature and need for and personal and professional social media Explore examples of how it is used in current schools/counselors/organizations.

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2 Explore the nature and need for and personal and professional social media Explore examples of how it is used in current schools/counselors/organizations Develop a professional Facebook, Twitter, or possible blog to help communicate to your audience

3 Please take out your computer or get one from the mobile cart Please turn on and login ESC Computer login is… Please open an internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) ESC Guest Wifi agreement-Accept Should bring up the ESC 17 Homepage

4 Organize your frequently used websites! Create an account Add a Webmix Choose a Webmix from the Gallery Add Tiles Delete Tiles Move Tiles You can access your Symbaloo from any browser…Set it as your homepage or as a favorite for easy access!

5 Facebook Twitter Blogs

6 Here are 7 reasons you should be using social media: 1. Traffic generation 2. Competitive advantage 3. Brand building 4. Cultivating a community 5. Exposure 6. Establish authority 7. Growth of influence

7 cAnwE&feature=related&safety_mode=tru e&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=active cAnwE&feature=related&safety_mode=tru e&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=active Communicating & Connecting With Social Media, William M. Ferriter, Jason T. Ramsden, Eric C. Sheninger, May 19, 2011William M. FerriterJason T. RamsdenEric C. Sheninger

8 media-for-administrators media-for-administrators 140 Characters of Kindness Tweeting for Schools Brand You Twitter Hashtags in the Classroom The Power of Twitter More Mindset than Skill Set ssues/issues423.shtml ssues/issues423.shtml Internet Safety Concerns…

9 What is your current school policy in regards to accessing Facebook and Twitter for professional use/student use?

10 Standardized test scores Teacher and administrator quality Interesting instructional practices Extracurricular activities Communicating & Connecting With Social Media, pgs 6-7

11 Authenticity Bravery Consistency Communicating & Connecting With Social Media, pgs. 9-10

12 Facebook does allow for posting and discussion. It does have features that allow you to control posting from unwanted guests. Allows events to be advertised. Allows for more text and larger messages than Twitter. You can link your Twitter and Facebook so that what you post on Facebook, Tweets… _embedded&v=XKTfCjMsUNc&safety_mode=true &persist_safety_mode=1&safe=active

13 Muleshoe ISD Ralls ISD ESC 17 Instructional Leaders Leaders/204792002878635#!/pages/Region-17-Instructional- Leaders/204792002878635 Leaders/204792002878635#!/pages/Region-17-Instructional- Leaders/204792002878635 Lubbock ISD Professional Development ESC 17 Science

14 Airport High School Guidance Odessa High School!/pages/Odessa- High-School/133283471534!/pages/Odessa- High-School/133283471534 School Counselor Blog!/schcounselor?fr ef=ts!/schcounselor?fr ef=ts Savy School Counselor!/SavvySchoolCou nselor?fref=ts!/SavvySchoolCou nselor?fref=ts School Counselors Rock!/SchoolCounselor sRock?fref=ts!/SchoolCounselor sRock?fref=ts School Counselor Central!/pages/School- Counselor-Central/102489186503748?fref=ts!/pages/School- Counselor-Central/102489186503748?fref=ts

15 To Tweet or Not to Tweet Tweeting is safer than Facebook Tweets become obsolete fast Twitter Stats networks-media-attention_b20919 networks-media-attention_b20919 demographics-2012_b23387 demographics-2012_b23387 Basic Walkthrough of Twitter! twitter/ twitter/

16 Lubbock ISD!/LubbockISD Frenship High School!/FrenshipHS Abernathy Elementary!/AES_Lopes Ralls ISD!/Ralls_ISD Shallowater ISD!/shallowaterisd

17!/PearlCounselor!/RHSWarriorGuide!/ TCHSCounselors!/ TCHSCounselors!/ GarrardGuidance!/ GarrardGuidance!/Counselingviews!/Counselor_SHS Other Examples…

18 #GenTXperts #staartest #STAAR #Txed #Txlege Google….Using Hashtags on Twitter

19 There are an infinite amount of bloggers out there with every point of view. Find blogs that that might be off interest to your position. nalleaders nalleaders BLOG YOURSELF!!!!!!! Your stakeholders value your thoughts!!

20 Follow people with similar interests Share knowledge and resources Monitor educational news sources Gather instant feedback Mentor others Communicating & Connecting With Social Media, pgs. 37-38

21 Questions? Break! Hands on-Getting Started!

22 Create Your Page Ask students, parents, administrators, etc. to LIKE it! Search for others to LIKE! Post statuses and keep it current!

23 Create your Twitter account Start following others with same interests, etc. Get students, parents, administrators, to follow YOU!

24 ESC 17 Counselors!/ESC17Counselors Guidance and Counseling!/ASCAtweets!/!/CWL_Counselor!/ACA_CTOnline!/SPGenTX!/finaidforum!/STAARtest

25 Thank you! Go forth and post and tweet! Evaluations!

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