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The Big 6 CED505 Jane Knerr.

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1 The Big 6 CED505 Jane Knerr

2 The ‘WH’ of the Big 6 Who: Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz
What: Technology Teaching Approach When: Whenever Information is Needed Where: Thousands of K-12 schools Why: To Find, Process and Use Information Effectively How: Six Stage Process


4 The Big 6 Skills Evaluation Synthesis Use of Information
Judge the Product Judge the Process Synthesis Organize From Multiple Sources Present the Information Use of Information Engage Extract relevant Information Location and Access Locate Sources Find Information Within Sources Information Seeking Strategies Determine all Possible Sources Select the Best Sources Task Definition Define the Information Problem Identify Information Needed

5 Big 6 and Evidence Based Practice
Empirical Evidence Mixed Method 187 sixth graders 18.02 increase for pretest to posttest Dr. Emily S. Harris Middle School Case Study strengthened metacognitive skills Increased problem solving abilities Improved proficiency with knowledge-management tasks Sara Wolf One High Schools Student Achievement Increase in the number of students who passed the American History Regents Exam (53% to 91%) Scott Hopsicker

6 Big 6 Appraisal The scaffolding approach develops metacognitive skills that are beneficial to all learning+ Added benefit is increased performance and test scores A great fit for the Common Core Develops student's ability to apply knowledge

7 Big 6 Lesson Reflection Lesson: Banana Splits
Provided detailed description of each stage and their two sub-stages Provided the specific vocabulary related to Big 6 The suggestion to add unnecessary items fores students to determine what is necessary This simple lesson is a great introduction to Big 6 Provides multiple opportunities for expansion

8 References "Big 6 Resorces." Utah Education Network. Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz. 22 October 2012 <>. Big6 Skills Overview October 2012 <>. Harris, Emily S. The Big6 Works: Empirical Evidence from One Middle School’s Experience, Big6 eNewsletter, October 2012 <>. Hopsicker, Scott. The Big6™ and Student Achievement Author: Kathleen L Spitzer. <>. Little, Tammi. Banana Splits October 2012 <>. Wolf, Sara. The Big Six Information Skills As a Metacognitive Scaffold: A Case Study. June October 2012 <>. LINKS

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