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Hercules Sizing Tester 2012

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1 Hercules Sizing Tester 2012

2 New Black HST Our Digital unit comes fully equipped with the latest technology. The new black design is quite a change from the classic green look. Each unit has all the updated digital hardware and circuitry with bright vacuum display panels. We carefully calibrate each one, test and retest so that all you have to do is plug it in and go without the aggravation of the setup process. Each new unit comes with: New Calibration Tiles Operators Manual and Service Sheets Certificate of Calibration Naphthol Green B Dye Solution Pak 2% Formic Acid Pak

3 New-Refurbished If you are not in the market for a new unit or it is slightly above your budget, then try one of our newly refurbished Hercules Sizing Testers. This unit features all the same technology as in the new digitals, but in a slightly older casing. Each newly refurbished unit starts as an old analog unit, then stripped, cleaned, treated, painted, then updated with all of the same digital circuitry we use in the new HSTs. Each New Refurbished HST comes with: New Calibration Tiles Operators Manual and Service Sheets Certificate of Calibration

4 Analogs We service, and repair the old analog units as well. Analogs are all tested, retested and calibrated. Each Analog HST comes with: Certificate of Calibration Detailed Work Report

5 Upgrading TAF makes upgrading your HST unit(s) easier. Our inventory is ready to be shipped. Your old machine can be traded in to be fully refurbished and upgraded Digital. Simply ship your old HST to TAF, and we will begin the restoration process. We use all new digital electronic parts. When you upgrade to one of our newer machines you will receive: Certificate of Calibration Operators Manuals and Service Sheets New Calibration Tiles Naphthol Green B Dye Solution Pak 2% Formic Acid Pak

6 Repairs All repairs are made in our laboratory facility by our fully trained technicians and engineers. When you send your unit to TAF, we perform a series of services to keep your machine in working condition. This eliminates any downtime in your operations. Some basic services may involve: Cleaning Repair and Testing Parts Replacement Painting Calibration Etc All of our services and technicians are guaranteed and certified.

7 Testing and Calibration
Each unit is thoroughly tested and retested, then calibrated to make sure it is in pristine working order before shipment. All processes are certified and conform to TAPPI standards. Work is guaranteed. For additional inquiries for our limited warranty please contact: Steve Aderhold or call us at (770) Chief Engineer, Richard, working on a unit at our testing facility.

8 HST Test Paper HST was tested with a ink mixture of 99% ink and 1% formic acid for 5 separate runs on the same sample. Each run result showed hardly any deviation at all in the time it took in seconds to complete each run to the amount of reflectance registered. This demonstrates the accuracy and consistency expected on a calibrated HST.


10 Leased Rental Equipment
Our goal is to keep your lab operational even while your unit(s) are in for service. TAF offers rental equipment. So, you do not fall behind in your schedules. Ask about our details on our rental equipment.

11 Accessories and Supplies
We carry all of your needs in HST Accessories and Testing Supplies Sizing Tester Samples Holders Tiles (Green and White) Len Covers Naphthol Green B Dye Solution Pak 2% Formic Acid Pak Dye Bottles and Test Beakers And much more… The HST sample holders have recently been modified with a new safety feature that prevents accidental lens fracture or lens breakage during handling.

12 Ordering and Shipping Shipping Info:
Mail To: Steve Aderhold The Aderhold Firm, Inc. P.O. Box 1551 Lawrenceville, GA 30046 Office: Fax: Ship To: 2121 Dawn Court Suwanee, GA 30024 Shipping Info: TAF recommends these ground services: Shipping Weight: 24 lbs for new unit 14 lbs for refurbished FOB Shipping: Suwanee, GA Terms are Net 30 Domestic. Wire transfer for International

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