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Building RADNUG8 – the windows 8 app Part 1 Matt

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1 Building RADNUG8 – the windows 8 app Part 1 Matt Serbinski@aquaseal

2 what are we doing? community Learn how to develop metro style windows 8 applications Utilize best practices take advantage of open frameworks Community driven application RADNUG in windows 8 store! application development

3 what is a metro style app? Single, chromeless window that supports various layouts Works great with touch and pen input Apps use tiles instead of icons

4 what is a metro style app? Apps can talk to each other target contracts New controls and UI surfaces app bar navigation, commands and tools charms search, share, connect, settings and start specific to your app

5 getting started visual studio Install Windows 8 (release preview) use a vhd and dual boot vhd Install Visual Studio 2012 Express (release candidate) blend will be installed as well Get a Developer License Get the tools: blend

6 choose our language c# and xaml javascript and html c# (or visual basic) and xaml c++ and xaml c++ and directX

7 Decide what our app is great at focus on user scenarios, choose one scenario Decide what user activities we will support outline a flow, storyboard the flow, prototype Decide what features to include app contracts, various views, touch first, device capabilities Design the UI get the basics right planning our app

8 storyboarding screen mockup powerpoint add-on that comes with VS 2012 sketchflow currently not updated for VS 2012 pen and paper sketchy styles

9 user experience (ux) Windows 8 user experience goals: fast and fluid long battery life grace and power: windows 8 apps live tiles make it personal apps work together to save you time roam and experience between PCs make your PC work like a device, not a computer metro style content

10 make the code available to anyone easy way to contribute ideas and code Options? codeplex sourceforge tfs github source control

11 possible app features map / directions contact calendar twitter feed meeting information sponsor list

12 Product guide for developers Explore the documentation Sample apps resources

13 future work … v2 Windows Phone 8 app common core Xbox Smart Glass connect windows 8 / windows phone 8 applications to xbox 360 seamless integration

14 next time … Digging deeper into metro

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