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SPIRE Brokerage event December 16th 2013 SUSTAINABLE PROCESS INDUSTRY EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL COMPETTIVENESS TROUGH Resource and energy efficiency Biomass heating for Dryer in the bricks and tiles production

2 today the world's largest producer of bricks and No
today the world's largest producer of bricks and No. 1 on the clay roof tiles market in Europe, with 215 plants in 30 countries EUR 2,355.5 mio revenues and 13,060 employees in 2012 Our project idea applies for: SPIRE 2 – 2014: Adaptable industrial processes allowing the use of renewables as flexible feedstock for chemical and energy applications

3 Standard production process for Bricks & Tiles


5 Substitution of fossil fuel with biomass
up to 30% reduction of CO2 lower specific energy consumption [kWh/to fired product] fossil fuel only used for high temperature processes, where substitution is very difficult bolt on technology – exiting plants remain widely unchanged adaptable for all bricks & tiles plants key technology for further use of low temperature energy sources e.g. solar heating, industrial waste heat, district heating, etc. strengthen local economy building with a clear conscience

6 Looking for partners… in the fields of:
biomass firing and heat generation heat transfer systems energy management systems integrated process control systems dissemination

7 Contact details Josef Birngruber Wienerberger AG Engineering R&D


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