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PRESENTED BY:- Anwar Hossain Shahin : Md. Tariful Huq Khan : Md. Jahurul Islam : Mainul Islam : Rahmat Ullah : Nirmol Chandra Roy : Ashraful Islam : Monir Uzzaman :

2 Construction materials
Civil Materials:- Aggregate (Bricks chips) Fine Aggregate Filling Sand Local Sand Mymensingh Sand Sylhet Sand Soil Stone Aggregate Greenish Lime Stone Sand Stone Stone Chips Wastage Materials (Bolder) Bricks Bat Bricks Bricks (General, Ceramic) Bricks Hollow Jhama Picket, Shurki

3 Construction materials
Civil Materials:- Cement Cement Gray PCC Cement White Novoban Cement Cementitious Alloy (Chemical) D-Formed DF 10mm 60 Grade DF 12mm 60 Grade etc. Tiles Tiles ATI Modhumoti 8”x12” Tiles Bano White 13”x13” Tiles Black Monailisa 20”x20” Tiles Border 12”x2.5” Tiles Dark Gray 24”x12” Tiles Décor China 12”x24” Tiles Floor 12”x12”, 24”x24”

4 Construction materials
Civil Materials:- Tiles Glass 7.5”x7.5” Tiles Silver Creast 16”x21.5” Tiles Wall 12”x12” Marble Marble (Blue Peorl 17) Marble Burma Teak Marble 12”x24” White or Black Marble Carrara Gold CD Marble Ruby Red 12”x24” Granite Granite 20”x20” Granite Gray Granite Ruby Red Slate Stone Other Tiles Perlato Rosa Wooden Floor

5 Construction materials
Electric & Electromechanical Materials:- Cable Cable Dish RG 06 (Coil) Cable Internet Cable Speaker Cable Telephone (10 Pair) Copper Wire Circuit Breaker MCB 100A SP MCCB 100A TP Cut Out Cut-Out (15A,30A,60A) Fixture & Fittings (Electrical) Basin Light Brighton Tube Set (1’,2’,3’,4’) Bulb (100w,200w,60w)

6 Construction materials
Electric & Electromechanical Materials:- Button Holder Thread Ex-Fan (10”,12”,16”,6”,8”) Cable Socket 400 RM Cable Tie 10” Flexible Pipe (1”,1.25”,1.5”,2”,4”) etc. Calling Bell Floor Light Capacitor Fuse Ceiling Light Halogen Bulb Circuit Box Channel Mirror Light Defuger Parapet Wall Light Ear thing Connector Phase Meter Electrical Board PIB Tape Emergency Light Power Cord Energy Saver Bulb (11w,13w,14w,15w,23w,25w,26w) Saddle Clamp (1”,1.25”,1.5”,2”,2.5”) etc.

7 Construction materials
Electric & Electromechanical Materials:- SDB Box (Telephone, TV) Sensor Light Spot Light (3”,4”,6”) Telephone Cord Telephone Set Torch Light Track Light Transformer 250 KVA Tube Light Under Water Light Wall Light Welding Cable Wire Clamp

8 Construction materials
Electric & Electromechanical Materials:- Plug (Electrical) Plug (2Pin,3Pin) PVC Fittings (Electrical) PVC Bend (1”,1.25”,1.5”,4”) etc. PVC Board (1 Holl,8 Holl) PVC Circular Box (1”,1.25”) etc. PVC Elbow (1”,2”,3”,6”) etc. PVC Socket (1”, 1.25”,1.5”) etc. PVC Tape PVC Tee (1”,3/4”,4”) etc. PVC Pipe PVC Long Trap 4” PVC Mate PVC Pan 4” PVC Pipe (1”,1.25”,1.5”,1/2”,2”,2.5”,3”,3/4”,4”) etc.

9 Construction materials
Electric & Electromechanical Materials:- Screw S S Screw (1”,1.5”,5/8”) etc. Screw (1”,1/2”,2”,2.5”,3”,3/4”,4”) etc. Screw Machine(1”,1.5”,2”,3”, 4”) etc. Screw Star (1”,1.25”,1.5”,2”,3/4”,5/8”) etc. Socket (Electrical) Socket (2pin, 3pin) Socket ( Culf, Dish, Intercom, Internet, Telephone, Tv ) etc. Switch (Electrical) Control Switch Switch (1 Gang, 2Gang, 3Gang, 4Gang) etc. Switch Magnatic Switchgear 11 KV HT (LBS) Electromechanical Material Actual Valve set (1”,3/4”) etc. Actuator Without Valve

10 Construction materials
Plumbing & Sanitary Materials:- Fixture (Plumbing Sanitary) Bath mixture with Hand shower Grating (2”,3”,4”,5”,6”) etc. Bath Tub Bath tub waste pipe Bathroom accessories Bib cock Connection Pipe Angle stop cock Commode set Basin set Conceal latch (8”,12”) etc. GI Ball Valve (1”,1/2”,2”,2.5”) etc. GI Bend (1”, 1.25”,1.5”,2”,2.5”,3”,3/4”,4”) etc. GI Bend GI Bend (1”,1.25”,1.5”,2”, 2.5”,3”,3/4”,4”) etc.

11 Construction materials
Plumbing & Sanitary Materials:- GI Elbow GI Elbow (1”,2”,3”,4”) etc. GI Fittings GI Non Return Valve (1”,1.5”,2”,3”,3/4”) etc. GI Gate Valve GI Gate Valve (1”,1.5”,2”,3/4”,4”) etc. GI Nipple GI Nipple (1”,1.5”,2”,2.5”,3”,3/4”,4”) etc. GI Pipe GI Pipe (1”,1.5”,2”,2.5”,3”,3/4”,4”) etc. GI Short Pipe (1.25”,1.5”,2”,3”,4”,5”,6”,12”,16”) etc. GI Plug GI Plug (1”,1.5”,2”,2.5”,3”,3/4”,4”,7”) etc. GI R Socket GI Plug (1”x1.25”, 2”x1”, 4”x2”, 3”x2”) etc.

12 Construction materials
Plumbing & Sanitary Materials:- GI Tee GI Tee (1”,2”,3”,4”) etc. GI Tee (1”x1.25”, 2”x1.5”, 3”x2”, 4”x1.5”) etc. GI Union GI Union (1”,1.5”,2”,3”,3/4”) etc. Others Plumbing & Sanitary Gas (Elbow, Pipe, Regulator, Tape, Tee, Burner) etc. GI (Bush, Check Valve, Gas Cock, Hook, Gas Keys) etc. Hose Clamp (2.5”,3”) & Hose Clump (1.5”,2”) etc. Hose Pipe (1”,2”,3”,3/4”) & Magic Pipe (1.25”,1.5”) etc. Manhole Cover Putting Solvent Cement Thread Pipe, Towel Ring, Towel Rail Water Stopper, Waist Basin

13 Construction materials
Plumbing & Sanitary Materials:- PPR Elbow PPR Elbow(1”,1.5”,1/2”,3/4”) etc. PPR Female Elbow, PPR Reducing Elbow PPR Fittings PPR Ball Valve (1.5”,3/4”) etc. PPR Female Coupler 1.5”, PPR Male Coupler (1.5”,1/2”) etc. PPR Pipe (1”,1.5”,1/2”,3/4”) etc. PPR Socket PPR Socket (1”,1.5”,1/2”,3/4”) etc. PPR Reducing Socket (1”x1.5”,1”x3/4”) etc. PPR Tee PPR Tee (1”,1.5”,1/2”,3/4”) etc. PPR Reducing Tee (1”x1.5”,1”x3/4”) etc. UPVC Fittings UPVC Door (Bend4”,Tee4” )etc. UPVC Cap (2”,4”) etc. UPVC Cross Tee (2”,4”), Plain Tee (2”,4”,6”) etc. UPVC Pipe (1”,1.25”,1.5”,2”,3”) etc.

14 Construction materials
Hardware Materials:- Hardware Materials Aica (Fevicol) Angle Frame Appoxy Gum Bamboo Battery Belcha Bitumin (Liquid) Blower Machine Brush Holder Bucket Chain Chair Chak Powder Chalne Charger Clamp Plumbing

15 Construction materials
Hardware Materials:- Hardware Materials Cock Sheet Cutting Disk (4”,7”,14”) etc. Cutting Plaiers Diesel Oil Door ( Chain, Closer ,Gard,Handle Lock ,Hinges) etc. Door (Hinges, Knocker, Stoper, Viwer, Gard ) etc. Drill Bit, Drill Machine Drum, Fischer Chemical & Fischer Gun GI (Nail, Wire, Sheet) etc. Garments Jute, Generator (Rope, Belt) etc. Hair Brush, Hammer, Hand Gloves, Hand Pump Handle Lock, Hanging Door Chaka, Hasco Blade, Helmet, Hinge(2”,2.5”,4”,5”) etc. Holder, Khonti, Lime, Maskin Tape, Metal Net Lock (Normal, Pad, Sliding Door, Drawer, Main Door) etc. Mog (Plastic, Steel), Molasses, Nob SS

16 Construction materials
Hardware Materials:- Hardware Materials Nut-Bolt, Paint, Paint Brush, Tarpin Oil Plastic (Container, Brush, Door Stoper, Sheet) etc. Pointed Chisel, Rope (Cotton, Jute, Sutli) etc. Rubber Gusket 4”, Rupban Sheet, Sand Paper 120 Sand Screening Net, Saw Sharpner, Scissor Scrap Steel, Separator (4”,14”,9”,7”,8”) etc. Solution, Spray Gun, Sprit Level, Super Glue Steel Brush, Steel Clamp (1.5”,2”,3”,4”,5”) etc. Tall Brush, Tape (Cotton, Jute, Steel) etc. Thai Aluminum Box, Thai Channel, Thinner Thermostat, Tower Bolt (10”,12”,4”,6”,8”) etc. Viner Bend (1.25”,3/4”), Washer (GI, Plastic) etc. Water Pipe ¼”, Water Paper, Welding Glass Welding Rod, Wire Brush, Wire Mash

17 Construction materials
Wood Materials:- Board Items Formica SS Board, Melamine Board Partex Board (1/2”, ¾”), Plastic Board, Plastic Ply Board Tempared Glass Unsize Viner Board (Burma Teak,Gorjon) etc. Door Items Burmateak Flush Door, Ply Door Flash Door, Plastic Door Wooden Door, Wooden Shutter 18”x80” Wood Items Eadge Bend, Gorgon Wood, Loha Wood Mango Wood, Plastic Wood 6mm Ply Wood (1/2”,1/4”,3/4”) etc. Shal Bolles, Teak Chamble Wood Teak Wood, Wood Unsize

18 Construction materials
Asset Items:- Asset Items CI Sheet (7’,10’,8’,9’) etc. Steel Cabinet, Ceilling Fan, Charger Light Daly Range, Dao, Fire Extinguisher First Aid Box, Gallon Plastic Gas (Burner, Chulla, Cylinder) etc. Gazi Tank, Grinding Machine, Gum Boot M S Pipe (1.5”,2”,3”,4”,8”) etc. Mattom, Measurement Tape, Mobol Gun Mobile Set, Nose Plairs, Pipe Range Plain Plairs, Nozzle (Vibrator Machine, Mix-Machine) Rain Coat, Safety (Belt, Googles, Net, Shoes) etc. Sany, Saw, Screw Driver, Sly Range Shoe Belt Clamp, Shutter Clip, Soap Case Table, Table Glass, Tagari, Testar, Tool Box Tripol,Water Tank, Welding Holder, Welding Machine

19 Construction materials
Asset Items:- Fixed Assets Joist/H. Beam Mixture Machine Stand Fan Submarsible Pump Table Fan Vertical Blind Vibrator Machine Wall Fan 16” Weighing Scale



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