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Research Findings & Monitoring White Board Usage User Type.

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2 Research Findings & Monitoring

3 White Board Usage User Type

4 3-Part Lesson

5 Greatest Area of Need Thinking of the processes listed below, which one is the greatest area of need for your math students?

6 Comfort with Collaborative Inquiry

7 Monitoring Plan Pre-survey ( completed ) Student survey via SMS Session feedback to help tailor future session content to group needs/interests Anonymous professional learning exit ticket towards the end of the initiative Teacher focus group – informed by journaling

8 Monitoring Plan: Journals Educators will be asked to keep a journal of their learning experiences in this initiative Journals can be any format (e.g. written reflections, photographs, video clips, blogs, etc.) Journals will NOT be collected or reviewed, however, participants will be asked to share highlights of their learning (supported by journal material) at a focus group

9 Monitoring Plan: Case Study Additionally, a detailed case study will be undertaken at one school (to be determined) A member of the board research team will participate in back-at-school sessions as a neutral observer to gather information about the local teacher collaborative inquiry process, strategies used, and observations made

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