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2 v c c c c

3 xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx

4 1. 4. 2. 5. 3. 6. Name-

5 Make a word. Write a sentence. Insert a picture.

6 Lesson Plan Secret Word: Make: Sort: Transfer:
Tips on How to modify this template for your students: SSave the original template in your grade level folder on the staff directory. DDelete slides you don’t want to students to use by clicking on the slide in the left toolbar and pressing the delete key. DDuplicate slides you may need more than one of (the sorting slide or the writing extension slide). To do this, click on the desired slide on the left toolbar. Go to Insert in the top menu bar, then select Duplicate Slide. OOnce you have modified the template to fit your students’ needs, save the new presentation on the student directory in your grade level folder so the students can access it when they log in! REMEMBER: Teach your students that to move a letter tile, they must have the cross with the four arrows (that is the move tool)!

7 How to Use the Making Words Template
Slide 1: Type the lesson number or Month at the top of the slide. Slide 2: V tiles are for vowels, C tiles are for consonants. Highlight the letter in the tile and type your desired letter. If you need more tiles, copy and then paste the appropriately colored tile as many times as necessary. If you have extra tiles, just click on them and press delete. Slide 3: Click in each box and type the words that are made in the lesson. Copy and paste for more word tiles, delete unnecessary word tiles. (If a word is longer than the box, move your mouse to a side until you get the double arrow. Click and drag to resize the box.) Slide 4 and 5: To get the letter tiles on the top of slide 4 and 5, go back to slide 2 and select all the tiles by holding down the shift key while clicking on each box. Then copy all selected boxes (CTRL-C or click on the 2 pieces of paper next to the scissors on the top menu). Go back to slide 4 and paste (CTRL-V or click on the clipboard), then go to slide 5 and paste. Slide 6: Type in your lesson plan, if you wish. TO SAVE: Go to file save as select the location to save in (your grade level folder on the student server probably) name it press save If you need any help, contact your ITS!!

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