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(Student Support and Development Service)

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1 (Student Support and Development Service)
Student Welfare Service (Student Support and Development Service) Julie Boggon

2 Where Are We? 1st Floor Percy Gee Building (Students’ Union)
Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

3 What Do We Do? We offer practical: Information Advice
Guidance and Support CLICK TO NEXT SLIDE

4 Who Are We? Student Welfare Officers:
General welfare Accommodation International Home/EU finance Assisted by team of support staff

5 General Welfare Referral service Appeals/advocacy/mediation
University/ULSU support services External support services E.g. legal advice Appeals/advocacy/mediation Critical incident response

6 Accommodation University Accommodation: Appeals Sub wardens
E.g. room transfers Sub wardens Personal issues/noise/anti-social behaviour Safety/security Mediation AO 1st If unhappy with response OR discuss poss options 1st = to us AO = facts of situation Us = reasons, policies, objective 3rd party/represent student in appeals etc Safe/secure – SW training crime prevention Links to local PC/ students can meet informally Mediation – intervene re informal complaints/harassment

7 Accommodation Private landlords: Pro Bono Clinic Community liaison
Contracts Mediation Noise/anti-social behaviour Pro Bono Clinic School of Law NOT legally qualified!!!

8 International Students
Immigration Current visa queries Immigration options after studies Working during study Regulations Family Families working rules, coming to uk – grad etc Visa Rules for doctors

9 International Students
Cultural adjustment Hospitality Schemes: HOST/FOSSIL Family: Childcare/schooling Chaplaincy ‘Expressions’ ELTU Finance issues Expressions = family activity session, 1 hour a week stu/staff partners and/or children to meet others Host UK/fossil leicester Settling in/area/acclimatisation study methods ELTU

10 Finance (Home Students)
Funding Advice on income maximisation e.g. Loans/grants/bursaries State Benefits/Tax Credits Banking issues Fees Advice re: eligibility for student loan/NHS Bursary

11 Finance (Home Students)
Budgeting/Money Management Hardship Hardship fund applications Emergency loans Charity/Trust Fund information Debt Advice/support negotiating with creditors

12 Other University Support Services: Making Connections
Student Development/Careers AccessAbility Healthy Living Service Counselling Mental Wellbeing

13 Students’ Union Education Unit Elected Officers Clubs/societies
Academic appeals Elected Officers Academic/Welfare/International Clubs/societies Nightline Safety Bus Accommodation

14 Enjoy your studies and don’t forget: We are here to help!!

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