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Suraj infoSolution (Complete IT Solution Provider)

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1 Suraj infoSolution (Complete IT Solution Provider)

2 Login Screen

3 Select Year to work

4 User Details

5 Set working rights for user

6 Set school settings

7 Set settings for software

8 Take backup of data

9 Restore backup of data

10 Add class and sections

11 Add student in class

12 Add fees structure

13 Set fees structure for class

14 Give Concession to student

15 Add Bus route

16 Add bus stop to bus route

17 Set bus stop for students

18 Set Bus Fees Concession

19 Promote student to next year

20 Change class of a student

21 Make student leaving school

22 Cancel student leaving school

23 Take attendance of student

24 Take fees from student

25 Report : Receipt summary

26 Report : Receipt Details

27 Report : User wise receipt collection

28 Report : Fees Account Register

29 Report : Fees Balance (summary)

30 Add subjects

31 Set subjects for class

32 Select subjects for student

33 Add exam / test

34 Enter marks obtained in a exam

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