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Montgomery County Fire Rescue Medical Ambulance Bus 20 Patient Capacity.

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1 Montgomery County Fire Rescue Medical Ambulance Bus 20 Patient Capacity

2 Medical Ambulance Bus (MAB726)



5 Removable articulating ramp is stored under the bus bumper

6 Eight removable K Oxygen cylinders located on the right side. All 20 patient positions will flow oxygen at 15 LPM for 3 hours. Additionally a high pressure hose is provided to allow for an outside source of O2. When connected to the bus it will provide oxygen for an undetermined length of time.

7 50 Amp Shoreline Receptacle to power inside lights and AC/Heat. For use when remote power is available Emergency Door Opening Valve Battery Charger Receptacle Receptacle to power remote lighting. One at each corner.

8 Patient Compartment 20 removable stretchers with a weight Capacity of 350 lbs. each. All stretchers Have adjustable heads. Four large storage drawers All stretcher are on a slide out track that allows the stretcher to be easily removed. This will reduce the potential for injury while attempting to remove or load the stretcher. It locks in place with a T type pin.

9 Five attendant seats Three on Drivers side One on Officers side One at rear door that stores out of the way

10 Electric oxygen monitoring system located at desk behind driver Adjustable liter flow valves are located at Each stretcher position.

11 The attendants desk #1 is located behind the driver. Below are the drawers in the desk. There are multiple supply drawers, numbered from the front. Drawer # 2Drawer # 3

12 These drawers are located under the attendant seats. Drawer # 5Drawer # 4 Cabinet #6 is the tall skinny cabinet located next to the 3 attendant seats. Additional supplies are located here also. There are 5 attendants bags that have basic supplies, airways, bag valves and blood pressure cuffs.

13 12,500 KW Generator

14 Battery Switch above driver Remote Generator start switch 12,500 KW generator Located on drivers side




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